Why is the new website link of racksterli so slow? A question that thousands of racksterli members are asking is what makes the site so slow. Another question is why is there null users on racksterli.

At first racksterli introduced different website link after many people think racksterli.com has crashed.

Racksterli crash latest news and updates black gold news


For some days now racksterli platform is not normal.
ISSUES from left to right and members are panicking

Black gold on his Instagram promise to refund racksterlian if they don’t want to participate in the program again.

Now all members want to know if racksterli has crashed or still coming back.

There are rumour everywhere about racksterli being a scam.

Now here is what the ceo said.

New website link of racksterli as follows





Racksterli New website

Goldomc is newest one now


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All this domain belongs to former racksterli.com


Okay to be true with ya’ll reading this post. If a site is slow, it may be due to heavy traffics it receives daily or due to hosting capacity.

It need upgrade in other for the site to run fast.

Some experts are saying racksterli has totally crashed. Why did they said so? The reason is because according to a racksterli member he said when racksterli was launched it was working fine. Until the 6th of March 2021 when they started bugging.


This has proven the member right but we are not certainly sure. During a an interview from racksterli ceo black gold on his Instagram page, he said if users decides not to participate in racksterli they will refund their money.


This convinced alot of racksterli members that racksterli has not crashed yet.

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