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Debbie Episode 4




Debbie Epilogue

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Meenah writes ✍️

Debbie Episode 4

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Henry’s POV

“Hello.. Where are you?” I asked walking to the car park
“I’m at home why?” He replied
“I’m on my way” I state simply and stepped into my Car.. Dropping my phone on the passenger seat.. I drove out of the company grounds heading straight for Luke’s house..
I couldn’t help but reel back to my discussion with Sharon..

Am I really a monster?.. But I was just trying to contain my wife, I admit I still love her or I think I do anyway, I’ve tried to get over everything for the past three years.. But every time I see Debbie, everything comes flashing back, the idea that she slept with another man alone drives me crazy that I can’t stop myself for hating her.
What do I do now? Thank goodness I’m just few minutes away from Luke’s house, we’ll have to think of something else..
The sound of my phone ringing snapped me from my thoughts and I glanced at the phone, reaching for it with my right hand with my gaze fixed back on the road.
I answered without looking at the ID
“Hello” I answered slowing down for the red light
“Henry!.. Where are you?!, you have to come fast.. ” I furrowed my brows as I recognized the voice as kiki’s.
“Hey hold on.. What’s wrong? What happened?” I asked as calmly as I could
“Debbie is in the hospital, she’s unconscious and the doctors are saying…”
“Give me the address”I half yelled cutting her crying voice off..
She gave me the address and I took a U turn stepping on the gas.
I rushed into the room a nurse directed me to..
” oh my God!” I gasped out when I saw my wife laying unconscious on the bed. I moved closer ignoring kiki as she stood up.

I stood beside Debbie and frowned angrily at the multi coloured scars on her bare hands and shoulders, her skin was pale and a pink hand mark was on her cheek.. That is my hand print.
I can’t believe I never noticed these scars and bruises, not that I didn’t see them every now and then especially when I have sex with her, I just didn’t pay close attention.. but now that I do, I can’t bring myself to believe I did this.. I almost couldn’t recognise her once, fair smooth and spotless skin, she looked almost lifeless, if the marks were this evident, then I can only imagine the kind of pain she’s in.

And I’m certain the marks on her thighs would be worse.. The black gown she wore revealed every single mark, pink, red, black, brown or purple, a white sheet was used to covered her waist I couldn’t see her legs.
“I’m talking to you beast!!” I turned to see kiki glaring at me, if looks could kill I’d be fifty five ft, under.
“W-what happened?” I stuttered and she stared at me like I had grown two heads
“You’re asking me?!, this is all your fault Henry.. This Is the result of your handiwork!” She screamed with so much hatred
“Look, kiki I know you hate me so much, but please can you put that hatred aside and tell me what happened to my wife?” I pleaded
“Oh now she’s your wife?!.. In case I haven’t told you, you are a demon, a demented beast and you deserve to rot in jail if not hell!” She screamed as tears fell down her eyes..
“I know, okay!.. ” I screamed back and she opened her mouth to speak but was cut off by the door swinging open
We both turned to see a female doctor looking at us skeptically.
She turned to look at me and I noticed the scowl forming on her face.. She glared at me briefly before facing kiki
“I believe he’s her husband right?” She asked and kiki nodded
“Doctor please …how is my wife doing, is she okay?” I asked hoping for a positive reply
She glanced at me and look away with what looked like disgust on her face
“I haven’t met you before Mr Henry, but your wife has been my patient for a while now.. Her situation is really bad, she’s up with a high fever and the pains from the ..’bruises’ aren’t helping either, some are minor bruises but most of them are really serious especially the ones on her thighs and backs, she fractured a few ribs, and I’m afraid it might take sometime for her to heal ‘physically’, we’ve given her all the help we can and sedated her, she should be up by evening.” She said and I didn’t miss her emphasis on the physically and bruises.. I completely understand, I bet she feels like stabbing me with one of her surgery knifes, and I honestly don’t blame her, she’s right to feel that way, I sighed palming my face

“And another thing, she almost lost her womb, I believe that if she becomes pregnant again and losses the baby the same way she lost this one and the previous ones, her womb would be totally damaged” she said and I froze..
“W-what?” I asked almost inaudibly.. Pregnancy, previous ones? What is she talking about?!

PAY ATTENTION  Debbie prologue

“You didn’t know your wife was pregnant?” The doctor asked sharply
“Debbie was pregnant?, how? when?” I stuttered and she glanced at kiki before looking back at me
“Well.. Mr henry your wife was a month pregnant, she lost the baby just like she lost the three others” she stated
“This is the fourth miscarriage she’s had, well her vitals appear to be okay, I have to check on my other patients now, I’ll be in my office if you need me.. And Mr henry, there are some papers I’ll like you to sign” she said professionally and walked out.
“Just pray nothing happens to her henry or I swear to God I’ll kill you myself.. I wonder why Debbie thought you’d change, I can’t even look at you” kiki hissed and walked back to her seat beside Debbie..
While I stared straight at the ground.
She was pregnant, four good times and I punched, kicked and slapped the babies ,-our babies- out.. Why didn’t she tell me?.. How could she even tell me when i always shun her with a slap whenever she tries to talk to me?What have I done, not only have I abused my wife but I’ve also killed my children!..
Slowly I walked out of the room, I couldn’t bring myself to even glance at debbie before leaving..
I met the nurse at the front desk and signed everything they asked me to, before paying for her treatments..
I walked briskly to my car and drove out with one place on my mind.

“Hey man!” Luke greeted as he opened the door to let me in..
He moved in for a handshake and I side stepped him and walked into his sitting room..
I saw Daniel sitting on the couch and if it was on normal days I’d give him a hug or a handshake, I thought he was in port Harcourt for some contract, when did he even get back to Lagos.
“Henry henry!” He hailed standing up to hug me.

I pulled away from the hug and started pacing the room
“Bro what’s wrong, you didn’t even respond to my greeting” Luke said sitting on the couch where Daniel was seated previously
“Hey.. Sorry if I didn’t call you, I came into lagos last night.. I called Luke to meet up and he said you were coming over, so I decided to surprise you, but from what I’m seeing you don’t look elated to see me like I had expected” Daniel said confused as he took his seat as well..
They both watched as I paced about scratching my hair in frustration and self hatred.
“Luke you said it would work!.. You said it would help me tame and contain her, and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing for the past three years, but look where it landed me.. Not only is she at the hospital suffering in pains but she has lost four pregnancies four!.. And it’s all because of your stupid advise!” I yelled and he swallowed glancing at Daniel who looked genuinely confused
“What are you talking about?” Daniel asked glancing at Luke before facing me
“Uhm.. Henry, let’s talk privately” Luke muttered standing up
“So it has gotten to the point where you hide things from me right?” Daniel asked looking at me
“Henry let’s go upstairs” Luke said trying to drag me out, I snapped my hands from his grip and faced Daniel.
“Daniel has every right to know okay, and I’m going to tell him everything” I said
“No na, you’ll only confuse him besides the story is very long, how will you explain?” Luke asked irritated.
“Daniel for the past three years I’ve hitting and abusing Debbie”
“What?!” He yelled standing up with shock written all over him. Then I told him everything right from when Samson came to the house to how Luke interrogated him to Luke’s advice and finally what the doctor told me at the hospital.
All the while I ignored Luke who was pacing around angrily.

Daniel stared at me quietly for almost a minute before raising his hand, and I was honestly not surprised when he slapped me across the face.
“How can you be so stupid?!” He barked grabbing my collar..
“A man advised you to manhandle your wife and you did!.. You are a bigger fool than I thought” he said pushing me away,
“I’m highly disappointed in you Henry, I thought you were smart!.. But it turns out i was wrong, because Luke has been using you to get his revenge on your wife!” He stated glaring at Luke who stood nervously by the side
“What are you talking about?” I asked confused.. Noting how Luke begged Daniel to stay silent with his eyes.
“Well I’m honestly still surprised by the fact that you don’t know Luke has been having feelings for Debbie.. Right from the very day you introduced her to us as your girlfriend, and that’s why she has always despised him. At first I thought it was just fondness and nothing more but I was proved wrong when I caught him hitting on your wife two years after your marriage, don’t you remember that day we had dinner together?, after eating kiki and debbie left to take care of the dishes, luke had said he was going to get a glass of water in the kitchen whilst we were watching match, do you remember when I said I was going to check on him since he was taking too long?” He asked and I nodded since I couldn’t form any word.
“Let me announce to you that I found him holding your wife’s waist after saying he was going to take her by force!, I was going to step in for Debbie, but I stopped when she slapped him and threatened to smash his head with the pestle if he dared touch her again,then this foolish monkey promised to have his revenge on her” he said pointing to Luke and I almost fell from the Revelation

“Now you’ve done exactly what he wanted, he manipulated you and you let him use you like a pawn, you have damaged your home and your wife. For your information I think.. What am I even saying? I know that it was Luke who sent this so called Samson to frame Debbie up.. And as for that evidence of sex position.. I still remember how he asked you during one of our night out together, and you spilled it out drunkily, i strongly believe debbie never cheated on you, she was framed and instead of you to trust her you fell for this madman’s trick..what I don’t understand is why you didn’t tell me about this for the past three years!, to be honest I am highly disappointed in you!” He stated glaring at me..
“So it was you?!” I pointed at Luke surprised..
He frowned and rolled his eyes
“Yes it was me! Okay?.. The deed has been done already, let’s just forget about all this ” he muttered walking towards the bar. I felt rage seeping through every pore on my skin and I charged at him, knocking him to the ground. I was going to kill him for everything he caused.

To Be Continued….. . . .

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