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Pregnant For The Devil Episode 28

Pregnant For The Devil Episode 28



Written By; Amara Chy 💋

Genre; Dark Romance and Tragedy.

Tags: Brutal s3x, viol3nce, nud!ty, betrayal, tragedy, love.

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“Coma?” Xander asked, still in shock. He stepped back and sighed out. How could Miguel be in a coma at a time like this? Everything has been taken away from them, they have lost their clan and the police, even the FBI is after them. How on earth is he supposed to handle all this by himself??

“Sir? Are you okay?” The nurse asked, noticing that he was lost in thought.

“Can I go in and see him?” He requested.

The nurse was about to give him a response when he heard the sound of police sirens. He gasped and quickly left the hospital. He couldn't let the police find him, that'll make things even worse.

Arriving at the safe house, he met Sally making food from the little food items she could find. She served him the food after cooking but he rejected it. He couldn't find the appetite to eat anything.

“What's the matter? Did you get to see master?” Sally questioned. Xander sighed and shook his head.

“The absolute worst has happened. I got there only to find out that Miguel is in a coma. I didn't get to see him because the police arrived” Xander revealed and Sally gasped loudly. She moved backwards, hitting the wall. Tears fell from her eyes, she couldn't believe what terrible fate had befallen them all.

“Look Sally, I want you to go” he said.

“This situation is too dangerous and I can't indulge you in it, please just go back to your family where you can be safe” he added. She shook her head and wiped her tears.

“And you? What are you going to do? Face all this by yourself?” She asked, walking over to his side. She sat next to him and placed her hand on his shoulder.

“I'm not going to leave you alone Xander, I won't let you take all these blows alone. I still love you, even though you don't feel the same way about me. But I will still stay and help in anyway I can” she assured. Xander looked up at her and smiled, the smile wasn't bright at all.

“Are you sure?” He asked.

“I am.. I will stay” she replied. Xander did not know when he put his arms around her and hugged her tightly, weeping over her shoulder. He was contemplating how he was going to face everything by himself but now Sally had given him some sort of hope.

All he had to do now was to find away to get the police attention away from Miguel's empire and find Ariel. Two of those things were going to be extremely hard to do.

“Oh no..” Ariel muttered when she heard footsteps approaching her door. It definitely would be Jerry and he's bad news. Nothing makes her more anxious than having him around because she had no idea what he would do that her. He could abuse her sexually, or harass her physically.. either way she dreaded it and she didn't want to anything to happen to her child.

“Princess..” his scary voice came as the door creaked open.

“There you are” he said, walking in. Ariel sat on the bed with her knees pressed against her chest. She whimpered and prayed for God to save her from this evil man.

“I have something for you” he grinned, pulling out pictures from his pocket. He sat next to her and dropped the three pictures in front of her. It was a picture of Miguel's mansion, raided and his workers being carried away. And then a picture of Miguel lying on a hospital bed. Ariel gasped when she saw them, she picked the pictures up and stared at them with widened eyes.

“What? What is all this?” She asked in fear.

“Don't you recognize him? That's your little boyfriend or should I say baby daddy, Miguel. His mansion was raided by the police and everything he owns has been confiscated. That means he is worth nothing now! Your boyfriend is poorer than a church rat” Jerry explained, and burst out laughing, extremely happy that he had won this life long battle.

“No.. no that's not possible” Ariel sniffed, already shedding tears.

“And the best part is, he's in a coma with no chances of survival!” He laughed again. Ariel's soul almost left her body. She stared at Jerry with tears in her eyes, her thoughts running all over the place.

“No.. what? God..! No!” She screamed.

“Why?!!” She lamented, crying. Jerry watched her for a while and left her in her misery. He enjoyed the fact that she was hurt. His sole purpose was to find new ways to hurt her everyday and this heartbreak was enough for that day so he left.

Ariel stared at the picture of Miguel in a hospital bed and tears rushed down her cheeks. She cried so much that evening, having lost all hope.

Who will save her now? Is this how she will continue to suffer until she dies? What about her baby? And Xander? He was probably taken by the police! Ariel couldn't contain her emotions, she cried so much until all the water in her body had dried up. For her, she had no hope left, she was gone and forgotten.

“From what I managed to gather before the police raid, Jerry is no longer in the country. He left with Ariel” Xander's friend, one of the best technicians Miguel had said. He managed to escape the raid and came down to the safe house to help Xander.

“What? No longer in the country?? That only makes our job more difficult! I can't leave the country because the police have put up search parties at every airport!” Xander groaned, rubbing his forehead in frustration.

“Why don't we try to die down the police investigation first?” The technician asked.


“You know that Miguel has top officials at his beck and call. They would do anything for a couple of dollars. If we can gather up the remaining amount of money left and meet them, I'm sure they'll let us off” the technician explained and Xander nodded.

“Fine then, let's do that quickly. Meanwhile, I'm worried about Miguel, he's in a coma and I have no idea if he's going to wake up” he sighed.

“We can only hope that he wakes up. But first, we need to sort out the issue with the police because if we don't, we will all be arrested. They could be tracking even our phone conversations” the technician sighed, closing his laptop after turning off his internet connection. He didn't want to be tracked.

“I'm going to withdraw the money in my account and Miguel's second account. His main one has been deactivated. Hopefully, the amount of money there will help us” Xander said, putting on his fake moustache. He had to wear it to prevent recognition.

The technician smiled, because Xander looked a lot funny with the moustache on.

“I'll be back in a while” he said and left the house.

In the hospital, Miguel's situation seemed to be getting worse. His wounded leg isn't responding to treatment and is at risk of being amputated. Miguel on the other hand, is not showing any signs of waking up from his coma.

“Have you taken his temperature for today?” The doctor asked.

“Yes I have. It's still the same as yesterday. Everything about him is just at a standstill doc” the plump nurse answered, feeling so much pity for Miguel.

“And he's so cute, he shouldn't be going through this” the nurse cooed, admiring Miguel under the oxygen mask.

“And he's also a wanted national criminal” the doctor scoffed and walked out of the ward. The nurse adjusted a few other things and took some more readings before she started leaving.

Just before she left, she heard muffled noises and ran back to Miguel. She watched him intensely, waiting to confirm if she just heard right.

“Ariel.. Ariel” Miguel muttered, without moving. Only his lips seemed to be moving, he looked disturbed in his sleep.

“Ari.. Ariel” he said again.

“Doctor!! He just spoke!!” The nurse yelled, feeling excited.

The doctor ran back in and started checking Miguel again but found no improvement.

“Are you sure you heard him speak?” The doctor asked.

“Yes, I swear he just spoke. He was calling Ariel” the nurse replied.

“Who is Ariel?”


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