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Sold To A Cursed King

Sold To A Cursed King – EPISODE 1


2nd December 2023



Written By : Favour Alabuah.

Pen Name : Author SnowIce.

Genre : Fantasy And Erotica.

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🌹Chapter 1🌹


Two humans,, a man and a woman,, appeared in the king of the beast,, throne room,, where his second in command and officials are discussing about an important issue,, disrupting them..

Earlier,, the humans have went to a magician,, for help to teleport them to the beasts kingdom,, also known as “The Land Of Wealth.”

To make a deal with the king and acquire wealth..

The magician helped them,, after they have paid him some money and wish them,, well,, on their mission,, because is not everyone that embarked on a mission to the beast kingdom,, that returns alive..

Alot of people have perished,, while going to the hidden kingdom..

The road to the kingdom is dangerous and evil and no-one that have followed the road,, ever returns alive to tell the story,, but it didn’t stop the greddy people that wants wealth,, from going there..

Instead they follow a shortcut which is,, meeting a magician and paying him to teleport them to the kingdom..

But it still didn’t guarantee them that the king will accept their deal or request..

But if he do,, the person will have wealth in abudance, , and if he doesn’t accept the deal,, the human will be throne into his dungeon,, where some beasts will devour him or her alive..

For that,, the king is greatly feared and respected..

And he is known for being,, powerful,, ruthless,, heartless and cruel..

His beauty is also known in all over the world,, because the devilish king,, is a handsome greek god..

And according to people,, he came to the world to intimidate them with his beauty and powers..

One more thing that makes both humans and other supernatural beings to fear him,, is because he is ferious and always wins any war that he commit himself into..

That is why alot of kingdoms always seek for his help,, whenever they are attacked by their enemies..

And ofcourse they must make a deal with him,, a trade by barter system..

And the deal won’t be simple but something that will cost them what they love most..

No-one dares disobey him or refuse him of his request,, for fear of death,, after all he is the King,, rulling all supernatural beasts..


“Who dares disrupt our meeting?
State your reason for doing so??”

The King,, second in command,, Leander,, growled..

He is a very handsome man,, that have quick temper,, he is furious like the king but shows kindness to people that he cares about…

“We are humans,, that journed from our world to meet the king and make a deal with him..”

The man,, uttered,, treambling before the man..

“Which kind of deal??
Do you both really knows what you are getting yourself into?”

Leander asked,, hissing,, while the other officials glare at the humans like predators wanting to devour their preys..

He already knows,, why the humans are there for..

“They are all the same,, greddy set of people..
Wanting wealth,, fame and power..
They are not contentent with what they have,, that is why the die like fowls..”

Leander mutter,, glaring at the humans,, impatiently..

Their silence is getting on his nerves,, and he have far more importance things to do than listen to their gibberish…

“We are here for wealth and we know what we are getting ourselves into,, should the king refuse our request..”

The woman,, uttered,, finally in fear..

Then you both,, should leave,, now you have the chance..
The King is busy and did not want to be disturbed..”

Leander uttered,, smirking at them..

“With all do respect,, we can’t leave,, without seeing the king..
We have came too far to go back home empty handed..
So you can’t tell us what to do..
Please summon him for us..
We want to make a deal with him or no-one else and we won’t leave here,, untill we have seen him..”

The man and woman chorused in unison as if they were waiting for him to tell them to leave and recited the words together..

The other beasts officials growled in anger and rushed to,, tear them into pieces for their words,, but Leander raised his hand to his front and commanded “Stop!!” Making them to halt their movement..

I can see that you have grown wings,, just thank your stars that i’m in a good mood..
Lemme see if you both will be as bold as this in the king prescence..”

The King second in command,, spat out in anger and left the two shivering humans,, to avoid his beast tearing them apart,, bit by bit,, for their disrespect towards him..



While Leander and the humans where speaking,, the beasts king is busy enjoying himself in his chambers,, with a pretty brunnete girl..

You got it right!!”

A female brunnete screamed in pleasure as King Ariston hit her g spot..

Her back is on the wall and her legs are wrapped around his waist as he pound her p***y furiously..

His balls are hitting her buttocks as he thrust his d**k into her p***y powerfully..

“I’m c**********g!!”

She yelled,, feeling the knot in her stomach tightened..

Her hips buckled,, her eyeballs rolled back,, and her body start convulsing as her o***sm came but the beast king did not reduce his pace nor give her time to recover..

Instead he increased his pace,, infurated by the noise that she is making..

“Hell woman can’t you shut your f*****g mouth up!!”

He barked,, cursing loudly..

Within a blink of an eye,, he brought her down and made her kneel infront of him,, with her a*s positioned towards him..

Her legs shake,, barely recovering from her or**m..

He could see the lips of her wet wide shining p***y..

He did not need to rub any lu*******on on his d**k,, to give him free passage into her p***y,, because it’s already dripping wet from her orgasm..

Although even if it’s not,, he won’t bother rubbing lu*******on on his d**k because He loves infliting pains and pleasure at the same time to his f**k toys..

He smirked and quickly insert four of his long slender fingers inside her v****a hole and it swallowed his fingers..

“What do I expect from a wh**e..”

He soliloquy,, hissing and start finger f*****g her,, pushing his fingers in and out,, while she mo**ed shamelessly..

He rubbed her cl******s with his other hand fingers and quickly increased the slow pace of his fingers that is f*****g her p***y ho*e to a faster one and her m**ns filled his chamber..

After a few minutes,, he brought his fingers out impatiently and positioned his large,, huge throbbing d**k at the mouth of her v****a,, rubbing it with his c**k head..

And she parted her legs wide open,, in anticipation,, giving him more acess to her p***y..

Without wasting time,, he slammed his d**k into her p***y and start thr*****g in with force,, while she yelp in suprise and pain..

Although her p***y is wide but still it couldn’t accommodate the full lenght and size of his d**k..

She have been one of his f**k toy for years but she couldn’t still adjust to his brutal ways but she loves it,, especially when he as***lt her body..

To her,, pain is pleasure..

But the pain is immediately replaced by pleasure,, in a few minutes as his thr*****g increased..


She screamed in pl****re as his d**k hit her w**b..

Her body is on fire as he spanked her bu****ks and squeezed her b***s,, hard..

“Pleaseeee morrrrrrre!!”

She screamed as another or***m hit her hard and she started sq*****ng more than she did earlier..

Her juices flowed all over his hard d**k and started dripping down her legs..

Yet he isn’t near to his own or***m yet..

F**k!! He is far from it..

“Your Majesty..”

A dark hair man called,, entering inside the room..

“Oh!! No!!”

He quickly exclaimed and turned his back towards them blushing,, although there is a hidden smirk on his face..

“What Leander?”

King Ariston growled,, impatiently..

“I’m sorry for disturbing you, your majesty,, but their are some humans in your throne room,, who wants to make a deal with you..”

Leander,, the king second in command quickly uttered,, kneeling on one kneel and bowing his head..

He is the only person that can disrupt the king or barge into his chambers without permission,, and not lose his head..

Can’t you make the deal with them..”

Ariston uttered sternly,, glaring at him and Leander quickly avert his gaze from his..

“They refused..
Saying that they wants you or no-one else..”

Leander said,, quickly,, gulping down his saliva..

“Then throw them out,, or have them killed,, i’m busy..”

Ariston spat out and resume thr*****g into Hannah the brunnete girl,, not minding his second in command presence..

“But sir,, I think the issue is important or else they won’t demand to see you urgently,, even when they know the implications of disturbing you..”

Leander uttered,, hoping that the king will change his mind and see the humans for once even if it’s for a brief second..

“Are you questioning my order?”

Ariston asked,, calmly..

“No your highness.
But I think you should see them for a minute,, then you can decide whether to honour their deal or kill them..”

Leander said,, and a cruel smile appeared on Ariston face,, at the thought of killing them and seeing their blood flowing on the floor and their body mutilated..

But your head and theirs will be on a silver platter if their deal is not a reasonable one..”

The king spat out,, and retreat his hard throbbing d*ck from Hannah pussy and she sigh at the lost of it inside her..

“Can’t you stay with me and ignore those useless mortals..”

She whined,, pouting her lips at the feeling of emptiness in her vagina..

“Have you forgotten your place?
Should I remind it for you?”

The king snarled,, arrogantly,, glaring at her,, and she quickly shut her mouth up..

She have propably forgotten who he is,, and what he could do,, in the short moment of their intimacy..

I’m so-rr-y m-y ki-ng..”

She sttuterd in fear as she saw the dangerous glint in his eyes..

“Good,, little doll..”

He uttered patting her cheeks and grinning falsely..

The smile did not reach his eyes,, because they are cold and cruel..

And his face is unreadable,, he is also not predictable..

King Ariston quickly brought out a new set of kings garments from his wadrobe and wore it quickly..

Then he packed his long flowing black hair into a half pony tail and left the half of his hair to flow..

And left his chambers,, heading for the throne room,, with Leander slamming his room door and trailing after him..

“Your majesty..
We greet you..”

The two petite humans chorus,, bowing down on their kneels,, to the tall handsome, giant king,, as he entered inside the beautiful throne room and went and sat down on his exotic throne..

“What brought you low humans to my prescence and how dare you to disturb me?”

His thundered,, not acknowledging their greetings..

The man and woman nearly pee on their pants in fear as their body treambled..

“We are sorry for disturbing you,, your highness..
Please have mercy on us..
Me and my wife,, Elisa,, only wanted to make a deal with you..”

The man,, with the woman,, quickly said to avoid him losing patience and killing them..

“Hmm do you have an idea that if the deal is not meaningful,, you both will be dead..”

King Ariston spat out and they shivered,, praying to the universe that he will be interested in their deal and not kill them..

“Yes,, your majesty..”

They managed to chorused..

“Good what is the deal?”

Ariston asked,, resting his hand on his chin,, smirking deadly..

“We want to offer you out daughter in exchange for wealth..”

Elisa uttered,, taken leander aback but the king just burst into hysterical laughter..

He did not look to be suprised at all and Leander wondered how they can be so inhumane to sell their daughter to the heartless and ruthless beast king..

He couldn’t help but wonder if they haven’t heard of the terrors he caused and if they really know the implications of what they are saying..

“They really must hate their daughter to wish her a cruel fate..
Such evil souls..”

Leander soliloquies,, regretting why he covinced the king to see them and wishing that he will kill them..

“And why do you think that i will accept such stupid offer?
What will I do with her?”

King Ariston asked, his eyes twinkling with amusement..

“She can be your sex slave..”

The man known as Thomas blurted..

“Do you think that i don’t have those..
I have a lot of ladies that are willing to satisfy my sex urges..
So I will ask you this once and you two better have a reasonable response or lose your heads instantly..
What is special about her that will make me accept her?”

He asked,, glaring dangerously at them..

The amusement in his eyes have been replaced by furry..

“She is pure..
A virgin..”

The two humans glanced at each other and responded and the king eyes soften and an emotion flashed in his eyes as he heard that,, but it quickly disappeared immediately as it came and his stone face become unreadable once more..

“I can get billions of female virgins,, if i want to..
So why should I honour your request?”

King Ariston questioned,, smirking..

“We know your highness..
But please help us become wealthy..
We will surely be indebted to you forever..”

Thomas and Elisa both chorused in desperation and Ariston stared at them calmly,, calculating his next action,, while they dread his next words,, because it will decide their fates..

His instincts is telling him to accept their offer and grant them their heart desires..

After thinking for a moment he decided to follow his instincts because is always right..

“What is your daughter name?”

The king questioned,, with curiousity..


Elisa stuttered,, treambling..


He repeated,, loving the sound of her name on his lips and his sleeping beast stir,, confusing him..

Because his thousands years old beast always wake up whenever their is war and their is no war..

“Why do the sound of the human girl name made him to stir?
I must find out the reason..”

He soliloquies,, sighing..

“Okay your deal is accepted,, I will make you both wealthy beyond your imaginations..”

The king uttered,, flickering his hands,, billions of money started descending on them and they leap in joy,, gathering them greedly,, making him smirk..

“This is just quarter of the money that i will give to y’all..
More is waiting in your home and bank accounts..
I will come for her in two days time..
She must be prepared or you all face the consequences..”

King Ariston uttered,, smirking and left the throne room to finish his unfinish business in his room..

“Yes she will be prepared for you..
Thanks for honouring our wish,, your highness..”

Thomas and his wife voice chorused,, signing their daughter fate and selling her soul to the handome devil..




Artist Name; Sold To A Cursed King

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