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Sold To A Cursed King

Sold To A Cursed King – EPISODE 2


2nd December 2023





Written By : Favour Alabuah.

Pen Name : Author SnowIce.

Genre : Fantasy And Dark Romance.

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🌹Chapter 2🌹



A blond hair girl,, descending the squeaking flights of steps,, in an old apartment,, yelled..

“Where the fvcking hell is that dumb and stupid, bitch?”

She questioned no-one in particular,, cursing..

But received no response,, everywhere is as silent as a grave yard..

“Don't tell me that she is still asleep by this time of the day,, when she is supposed to be awake cleaning the house and preparing breakfast..”

The girl soliloquy in furry,, glancing at the watch on her wrist,, which showed 5:40am..

Normally she herself don't wake up by this time,, if isn't her parents that waked her up,, so early in the morning,, telling her their plans,, before journeying to the land of the beast to acquire wealth,, she will still be sleeping,, untill 11:00am..

Clenching her fists and muttering low curses,, she marched towards a room by her left in anger..

She reached the room and kicked the door open with her right foot and walked inside..

Her nostrils flail in anger as her gaze fell on the petite girl,, curled up on her little tattered mattress,, like a ball..

Her beautiful face is hidden,, under her long rich lustrous hair that is scatterd all over her face and she is muttering some gibberish words,, while shivering..

The room is dammn cold,, and she didn't have any blanket to cover and protect herself from the cold..

Her parents seized the sweaters that she have as punishment for not finishing all the house chores in time and buying groceries in a distance shop for them…

They didn't care that she wake up by 4:00am and go to bed by 1:00am in the morning,, with only one square meal in a day,, which is always their leaftovers..

Although she is the person that prepare the food,, her parents forbids her from eating from actuit,, and give her only their leftovers..

She have disobeyed them once,, when she was very hungry and regreted it later,, because they flogged her mercilessly,, with belt,, leaving scars on her back and body..

That day,, she have cried bitterly and asked them to show her,, her real parents or tell her why they are maltreating her,, if they are actually her parents..

Not minding that she is still hurting from the belt wound,, they kicked and punched her to she fainted..

Well she is used to being,, their punching bags whenever they are angry..

Even when she is not at fault..

Her only solace is her voice,, which can melt even a stone..

Whenever she is sad,, she sings and even the birds and wide animals,, gathered around her Windows to listen to her voice..

Her sister,, Sarah,, envy her voice and made their parents not to send her to a music school,, when she got a scholarship to join a popular music college..

Sarah is also jealous of Cheryl beauty,, because no matter how tattered or unkept they make her look,, her beauty is always glaring,, more than she that always apply too much makeup…

And no matter how they starve Cheryl,, she didn't look malnourished,, instead she have killer curves in all the right place,, while she do not have any..


“You bitch!!
How dare you to be sleeping by this time of the day!!”

The blond hair girl now identified as Sarah exclaimed,, kicking Cheryl on the abdomen..

Cheryl grunted but didn't wake up,, rather she have a smile on her face,, which infuriated Sarah the more and she wondered which kind of dream that her younger sister is dreaming that is making her to be smiling happily..

“Will you wake up now!!”

Sarah yelled,, shaking her shoulders..

“Go away!!
I'm speaking with my guardian angel..”

Cheryl mutter unknowingly and continue sleeping peacefully..

“Guardian angel huh!!?”

Sarah asked in confusion but got no replying..

“Aren't you the person that i'm asking?”

She shouted and slap Cheryl hard on her face,, the sound resounded allover the room but it didn't wake her up,, she only groan and close her eyes tightly not willing to wake up from her blissful dream..

In the dream,, Cheryl is talking with a very handsome tall young man with white wings and his body is decorated with tatooes..

Although all his face,, except his blue eyes is covered with a black mask,, she knows that he is dammn handsome..

His husky voice always do wonders to her body whenever he speaks,, making her to shiver in a good way..

And how much she wants to ran her fingers all over his long dark waist lenght hair..

As if sensing her thoughts he smirked and walked towards her and grabbed her waist,, making sparks to erupt and her breath to hitch..

She become captivated by his now grey eyes and for some reasons she couldn't,, avert her gaze from his.

“You can touch me,, all you want..
I'm all your's..”

He mutter bending down to her height,, and licked her earlobe,, making her body to shiver in delight..

“I di-d-n't sa-id th-at lo-ud-ly..”

She sttuterd,, wondering how he knows what she is thinking in her mind..

He raised his head up and stared at her with amusement..

“Why don't you laugh?
I haven't heard you laugh before..”

Cheryl blurted out of the blue and he scoffed..

“That is for weaklings..”

He uttered,, scowling and she gape at him,, in disbelief,, making his facial expression to soften..

“Look we think differently,, you are just a red blossoming rose flower in the midst of wolves..
You don't understand how evil i'm or the world is..
In my world,, you don't have a reason to laugh or be happy because is very dark.”

The Angel guy uttered and she sigh,, reaching out to caress his face suprising him..

“You aren't evil,, you are an angel..”

She mutter,, smiling sweetly at him..

“Looks can be decieving..
Remember,, the devil is also an angel..”

He replied and she shook her head..

“You are different..”

She responded,, positively..

And he stared at her with a mixed emotion..

No-one have ever told him that..

If only she knows that he is the devil incarnate,, she will surely be running away from him now..

His eyes kept changing colours from blue to grey and grey to black,, depending on his mood or emotion,, confusing her..

Then the desire to see his face overcome her and she raised her hand up to yank away the mask from his face but he was quick to catch it mid air..

“Not yet baby..
You aren't ready yet..
Although you will see me very soon..”

He uttered and she gaze at him confused,, wondering what he meant by that..

“Perhaps he is speaking about us meeting in another dream..”

She soliloquy sadly and he sigh,, staring up the dark rumbling sky..

She is sad that,, she won't see him in real life and every moments with him is only in the dream..

He is only in her dream and not real..

She wish that he will come for her in real life and take away all her pains and troubles..

Don't cry..
I will come for you very soon..”

He mutter,, wiping away her tears with his thumb and she nodded,, between hiccups..

“I have to go,, my people needs me..”

The Angel uttered,, turning his back to her..

When will we see again?
What is your name?
Who are you?”

She questioned at once,, making him to smile..

“You will know very soon..
I can't tell you now to avoid endangering your life..”

He mutter and flapp his wings ready to disappear but she rushed to his front,, tiptoeing to her feets she draw his head closer to her height and slammed her lips on his,, shocking him and herself..

He quickly recover from the schock and start reciprocating the kiss..

He smirked as he find out that she is a novice..

Grinning,, his hands started roaming her body while she ran her hands in his silky soft hair and chest,, making him to groan and manage to push her away..

“I think we should stop or else I won't be able to control my beast..
Now is also not the right time or place..”

The Angel guy uttered huskily, , with a baritone, , startling her..

“I'm so-rr-y fo-r do-in-g th-at,, I di-dn't kn-ow wh-at ca-me ov- er m-e..”

Chery stammered blushing crimson red and he grinned..

Only if she knows that he so much loves what she just did now and if it's not that he found out that she is still pure,, he will be fvcking her by now..

“Cheryl!! Will you wake the fvck up now!!”

She heard a distance voice yelled her name again,, making the young man to fly away,, and her eyelids start opeing on their own accord to her horror because she is dreading waking up to reality and facing her sister and parents..


She exclaimed rubbing her eyes and a heavy slap greeted her face..


She questioned her sister that is staring at her with disgust in tears..

“How dare you to kiss me?”
So you are now a lesbian?”

Sarah screamed in anger,, wiping her lips with her fingers vigorously and Cheryl gape at her..

“I didn't..”

She quickly defended herself..

“You did!!”

Sarah yelled..

“I will never do that..
It was my night in shining amour that I kissed not you!!”

Sarah yelled back bodly,, suprising herself and her sister because she have never talk back to her before..

“So you have grew wings in this house..”

Sarah uttered and raised up her hand to slap Cherly again but her mother caught it mid air making her and Cheryl to gasp,, because Eliana have never stopped Sarah from beating Cheryl before,, instead she will join hands to beat her..

“Come on sweet-heart..
You don't have to slap your little sister..”

Eliana uttered smiling and Cheryl stared at her as if she is an alien..

“When did you and daddy come back and why are you suddenly pretending to care for Cheryl?”

Sarah asked flabbergasted..

She and Cheryl were busy arguing and didn't noticed when Thomas and Eliana appeared in Cheryl room..

“We bought you something princess..”

Thomas uttered,, grinning at Cheryly,, holding out a parcel for her,, ignoring Sarah question..

“Dad are you drunk?
Is you and mommy high?
Or do you guys hit your heads on a rock?
Why are you both suddenly acting nice towards me?”

Cheryl asked at once,, because their sudden niceness is scaring her..

The smile on Thomas face wiped off and he slap Cheryl hard on her face making her to fall down,, and her lips start bleeding..

“So much for trying to be nice and changing her impression of us..
I think we will tell her in a cruel way..”

Eliana scoffed,, glaring at Cheryl with hatred..

“Look bitch,, we sold you to the ruthless beast king,, for wealth and he will be here in two days time,, to whisk you away as his s*x slave..”

Thomas spat out smirking and tears started rolling down Cheryl eyes unctroallbly..

“No you both are lieing..”

Cheryl said shaking her head negatively not believing what they just told her..

Wanting all of it to be a dream that she will eventually wake up from,, but suddenly is itsn't as they opened the bags that she just noticed that is beside them,, showing her tons of dollars,, confirming her fears..

She knows that they hated her but not to the extent of selling her to a well known heartless and cruel beast king that kills mercilessly as his s*x toy..

They should have atleast sold him to a born so human that won't kill her..


She screamed in agony,, standing up and rushed out of the house..


Sarah called with remorse and tried to run after her but her mother draw her back..

“Don't worry she will return,, Princess.”

Thomas assured her,, stroking her head lovingly..

“The King will keep her alive right?”

Sarah asked sadly,, although she envy Cheryl for her beauty and voice but she didn't hate her,, to wish her to end up with the heartless king..

Sarah was actually nice to her before,, well that was before her parents poisoned her mind against the poor girl..

“I hope you all don't regret this..”

She mutter to her parents and walked off,, hiding the tears that are threatening to spill out from her eyes when her parents didn't answer the question..

Because they didn't know themselves..

The beast king is unpredictable..

“Baby we did this for you.”

Eliana yelled after Sarah..

By being so cruel to my sister and selling off your own daughter for wealth..”

Sarah uttered angrily..

“We did it so that you and us can live a better life..
We are tired of living in poverty..”

Thomas said..

“And Cheryl become your tool to achieve wealth..
Do you think she will forgive the both of you??
Don't you all have conscious?”

Sarah yelled and ran upstairs to her room,, locking the door..

For a moment Thomas and Eliana looks sad but when they remember the trillions of money in their possesion now they wave it aside and smile..

Truly the king kept to his promise of making them wealth beyond their expectations..

Just within a day,, their life story have change but in the expanse of their young daughter,, that didn't wrong them..


“Life why?
Why are you so cruel and unfair to me??”

Cheryl questioned crying as she runs blindly on the road..

She doesn't cares where she is running to,, as far that she will get away from the monsters that she called her parents for the meantime..

And she knows that she couldn't run away completely from home..

She doesn't have money to travel out of the state..

And even if she run away,, they will find her,, like they did before,, when she ran away from home because of the maltreatments when she was 12 years old..

Then the punishment will be severe,, more than the one that they bestoed on her 9 years ago..

Tears are rolling uncontrollably down her cheeks,, making her unable to see clearly on the dark road..

Well the road isn't that bright yet but their are some vehicles moving about..

The headlight of a car,, flashing directly on her face,, blinding her temporily,, caught her attention..

She gape at the racing vechile,, heading towards her with speed,, unable to move her feets due to shock..

Her heart is thumping in her chest and she knows that death is now inevitable for her because the driver seems to be drunk..

“He or she is probably returning from a night party or club..”

She soliloquy in fear..

It also seems that her feets have become heavy for her to lift them up and they are firmly stuck on the tad road..

She closed her eyes,, accepting her fate as the car zoomed closer to her..

“God please help me!!”

She prayed,, clutching the roasery on her neck as the car wants to hit her..


What will happen next??

Will the car hit her or will she be saved??

If yes..

By whom??

If no..

Will she die??




Artist Name; Sold To A Cursed King

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