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The Billionaire Doctor Episode 14

The Billionaire Doctor Episode 14

– Episode 14

🔱The Billionaire's
(He hates women😱)

Episode 14

💕 Kira's pov 💕
I mumbled somethings still asleep. A harsh Ray of light reflected on my closed eyes but I didn't opened them just yet.

This is one hell of a bed. I would have called it heaven on Earth.

Suddenly, I felt drops of water on my eyes…huh?
Is Mr Adam's roof leaking???

More water rested on my face and am forced to sit up wide-eyed.

Mr Adam stood there holding a jug filled with water. He stared at me sardonically.

“Mr Adam…good…” I paused when I realized it was useless greeting him.
“Why did you do this?” I asked wiping my wet face.

“What sort of stupid question is that? I wake up to find you on my bed and you still had the fu-king guts to question me?! Get off my bed!!!” He rasped and I flinched astonished.

“Mr Adam–” He cut me off by raising his hand in front of me.

“Get your butt off my bed first!” He ordered and I jumped out from the bed.

“But Mr Adam…you asked me to sleep beside you last night. You even held me in your sleep” I said overwhelmed with his sudden outburst.

“How can I ask a witch to sleep beside me?? You must have added something to the drug then” He groused and looked away.

I frowned staring at him in anger.

“Am tired Mr Adam. Am tired of you calling me a witch and asking me to shift like am a plague or a demon!.

“Am not a witch, instead you are a mean annoying grumpy man who is heartless and…” I paused the moment the door opened and Brandon walked in.

“Why were you yelling auntie Kira?” He asked coming close to me.

He hugged me and Mr Adam just glared at me.

“Good morning B. How was your night?” I asked and he chuckled.

“It was fine auntie, how about you?” He asked and I smiled.

“My night was lovely, how about you Mr Adam?” I asked as Brandon and I stared at him.

“It was the second worst day of my life” He dead panned dropping the jug on the table.

I rolled my eyes as Brandon ran out of the room.

“Now back to you, what punishment do you think will be good for you?” He asked and I scoffed.

“Oh shut it Mr Adam, am not a child. I've outgrown punishment. Besides, you were holding me so tight last night like you didn't want me to leave” I said pouting my lips.

I felt butterflies in my tummy as I remembered how he pulled me close when I was half asleep.

I felt his di*k behind me poking me and I wonder if it's always hard like this.

Well, since he hates women. Who knows how long it has been since he slept with a lady.

“In your dreams then. Since you don't have an attractive body and is super ugly, you decided to use your witchy powers and made me hold you” He said and I chuckled.

“And to think I saved your life last night. You should have seen the way you kept begging me not to leave…you were all like – ‘Kira… please don't leave me like this. I need you'” I said hysterically trying to copy his voice and he cracked.

That smile of his.
Where did he lock it up all this while??

“Fine… I'll pardon your sin because am in a good mood today”.

He's got to be kidding me.

“Yeah…whatever your holiness” I teased.

I wore my flip flops and walked to the door.


I stopped and turned to him.

“Can you cook the sauce you made on your first day here?…Don't get any ideas. I just want to taste something different” He mumbled grumpily.

“Yeah..sure” I said reaching for the door knob.


I stopped again and turned to him.

“I want it hot and also get those drugs you gave me last night. Bring my breakfast here, I'm tired of Brandon's noise” He emphasized and I glared at him.

I simply nodded and left the room.
Talking to this guy is suicide. he's stubborn and thinks the world revolves around him.

Will it kill him to say ‘please' and admit that he really needs me?

I just don't know why I can't say ‘no' to him. I just have the thought that I can do anything for Mr Adam just to see that killer smile of his…

💕Mr Adam's pov💕
Am glad she didn't tease me about telling her to go and cook.
But God…
Her sauce was simply delicious and I just can't picturing the meal in my dream.

I just couldn't bring myself to tell her.

Why's staying with her so hard…?

Am trying my best to maintain my distance and act like there's no strings attached but no…😭
She's really a witch and I fell for her charms.

I keep thinking about her and I hate myself for that. I have the urge to go to her room scold her to leave me the hell alone but I know she's got nothing to do with it.

It's me…Adam.
Am falling for the witch😭😭

This can't be…

See how Adam is forming👱for Kira to cook for him😂
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