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The Broken Alpha Episode 7

💥{ The Light In His Darkness }💥

A dark romance 🖤🖤

By; Amara Chy ✍️

Genres: Dark romance, Tragedy, Thriller.

Warning: Do not read if you can't stand forced s3x and brutality!!❌❌
Strictly 🔞🔞


Damon stood on the balcony, staring down at the fountain in the middle of the compound. But his thoughts were somewhere else, he found himself thinking about Camilla. The beautiful woman who had given him a challenge.

“Don't sleep with a woman for a week” she said. But he scoffed.

“There's no way I'm going to stop what I do best because of her” he tried to convince himself. He had sworn never to have anything to do with love, that was way back when his first elder brother was murdered by his wife. He abhorred love and anything that had to do with.

But now, what was happening to him? Why couldn't he stop thinking about this woman. Has she cast a spell on him? Her beautiful smile had somehow left a mark on him.

He tried, he tried to get rid of her face which has been plastered on his mind, but nothing worked.

“Damon!” Logan had to yell. He has been calling him for a few seconds now and he didn't hear.

“You called me?” He rushed into the room to meet Logan, who was still in his robe.

“I have been calling you. What were you thinking about?” He asked. Damon sighed.

“Oh, it's nothing”

“Are you sure?”

“Yup. So what's up?” Damon quickly changed the topic. He didn't want his friend to think he was weak for thinking about a woman.

“I need you to head over to Ty Co. The software firm, and get the signed copy of our contract” Logan said.

“What contract?”

“I need their newly developed software application. It's a security app, that helps you monitor your home or company in your absence. I want to install it in the warehouse, to see who is trying to plot against me” Logan explained in details.

“Oh, I see” Damon nodded.

“Yes, so please get going. I've already informed them that you'll be coming to pick it up. I want to rest” Logan said, getting into his bed.

“Sure thing boss. I'll get on it” Damon said and left the room.

He drove for almost two hours before arriving at the headquarters of Ty Co. The big software company was owned and managed by Tyson Harper. He is a billionaire and the brains behind the whole company. He was a handsome man, but barely showed interest in ladies.

Damon walked straight to the reception and introduced himself. He was immediately attended to when they learnt that he was Logan's right hand man.

Damon was led to the manager's office where he would get the signed contract. He entered and was very shocked by who he saw.

“Camilla?” He called, shutting the door.

“Well! Look who it is” Camilla exclaimed with a smirk.

“You're the manager? But how?” He asked, taking a seat, directly opposite her.

“My brother is the CEO” Camilla said, straight to the point.

“Unbelievable, so you're the sister to Tyson Harper? You just keep surprising me” Damon said, being flirty. Camilla couldn't deny the fact that Damon was charming.

“Of course. I like to be unpredictable” she smiled at him.

“Now, let's get straight to business. I need your signature here, before I can give you the contract” she said, presenting him with a piece of document. Damon read through it before signing.

“Thank you” Camilla said and gave him the contract file.

“We will send our engineers to install the app by tomorrow morning. Thank you for your patronage” Camilla said and focused her attention on her desktop.

Damon stared at her, unable to fathom why he is so attracted to her, and not just sexually.

“I still would like to get to know you. You know, spend some time with you” he stated. Camilla looked at him and sighed.

“Damon. I know the likes of you. I don't want anything to do with someone who I know will dump me after having me on his bed. You can't stay a day without having some sl*t on your bed!” Camilla said and Damon felt hurt.

“What if I take on your challenge? What if I go one week without sleeping with any girl, will you give me a chance to talk to you?” He asked, almost pleading.

Camilla smiled.

“I doubt you'll be able to do it. But if you succeed, I might give you a chance” she said, her tone was soft and seductive.

“Then it's settled” he said.

“But, how will I know?” She asked.

“I give you my word. I will come back here in a week and you'll see it for yourself” Damon answered, getting to his feet.

“Okay then. Till then” she said. He nodded and left. Camilla laughed, believing that he won't be able to pull it off. He was addicted to girls!

Damon wasn't sure how he was going to abstain, but he couldn't understand why he was doing all this, for a woman!

💢 Logan's Mansion 💢

“Greetings my lady” Delaney turned to see her best friend smiling widely at her. She beamed and ran to hug her.

“Anastasia!! I've missed you so much! I thought you weren't going to come!” She shrieked and they embraced each other again.

Anastasia was Delaney's best friend, they have been friends since childhood. Anastasia was a little chubby, but very sassy. She was a badass girl and extremely cunning.

She had been away for sometime, at her mother's place, but now she's back and she came to stay in Logan's mansion with her friend, for a while.

Logan had approved her visit, because he knew her when he was betrothed to Delaney.

“I missed you so much” she confessed and fell into Delaney's bed.

“Same here bestie” Delaney cooed.

“So.. where's my prince charming?” Anastasia asked.


“Damon of course!”

Anastasia also knew Damon, and she had a huge crush on him. She would go on and on about how she would get married to him one day. Everyone thought it was a silly crush, but nobody knew how far she was willing to go to make her dream come true.

“Oh.. he's fine” Delaney answered.

“Tell me what I've been missing!” Anastasia requested.

“A lot!” Delaney said and the laughed.

💢 Unknown location 💢

“Here, I managed to get some money. Please manage it for now and I'll send more soon” Delaney was talking to the unknown man again, and she handed him a bag filled with money.

The man grinned and took the bag from her.

“Very good. If you continue like this, I won't need to reveal your secret to anyone” he grinned.

“Please don't” she sighed.

“I have to go” she added.

“So soon? My bed has been cold since the last time you came, please come and keep me company” he said, taking her hand. She followed him to the room and he undressed her.

“You're so beautiful Delaney, do you know that?” He asked. She moaned a “yes” and he chuckled.

“I can't wait to feel your insides, and mark my territory on your beautiful body” he continued to turn her on with just words. He kissed her on the lips, very passionately.

Delaney loved the way he kissed her, she loved the way he played with her b0obs, but she hated him for blackmailing her ripping off all her wealth.

He made love to her, slow and steamy, just the way she liked it. Savoring every moment, exploring every bit of her, until they were both satisfied.

💢 Logan's Mansion 💢

It was already nighttime, everyone had gone to sleep. Adena woke up and couldn't find any water in her jug. She was very thirsty and decided to go downstairs to the kitchen.

She wasn't allowed to leave the room but she decided to try. Luckily, there were no guards outside to stop her so she took her jug and went to the kitchen. She got the water and started hurrying back up before anyone could see her. She could have escaped, but the guards outside were too many.

On her way up, she heard sounds coming from the last floor, it sounded intense, like someone struggling. And it was a man's voice. She became curious so she climbed upstairs.

The noise seemed to be coming from Logan's room. Adena carefully tiptoed over and peaked through the keyhole. She saw Logan struggling on the bed, turning from one side to another and saying inaudible things.

She was shocked by the sight, could he be having a nightmare? It was a very intense nightmare, infact she got scared just by watching him twist himself up and heave like he fell from a storey building.

Adena heard footsteps and rushed back down to her room. She didn't want to get caught and punished again. But she couldn't stop wondering what kind of nightmare Logan was having.

“He probably deserves it.. monster!” She said before going back to bed.

⏹️ TBC ⏹️

What kind of nightmare could Logan be having?

Who's the unknown man that Delaney is sleeping with and giving money? What secret are they hiding?

Anastasia is in the picture now, will Damon be able to abstain for Camilla?

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