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After Dusk – Episode 4

After Dusk – Episode 4

(My fallen angel)

By, Ariel Mirabel



⋇⋆✦⋆⋇ ⋇⋆✦⋆⋇

“Huh? What?” Connor exclaimed.

“Do you have a crush on me? I'll understand if you do coz I'm quite cute” Savannah said and flung her short hair backwards.

Connor laughed loudly, holding her tummy..

“Me? Crushing on you? C'mon!!” Connor laughed.

“Just look at me… A whole handsome me crushing on you. You don't even have @ss or b**bs” Connor laughed.

“Hey!, how dare you!” Savannah hit his chest.

“Ouch…” Connor groaned, still laughing his lungs out.

Savannah frowned and picked a stick lying by. Connor immediately took to his heels.

“Come back here!!” Savannah said.

They began running in the whole market. Well people already knew them like that, with Savannah chasing Connor here and there.

Savannah placed her hand on her knees, breathing heavily when she got tired. She sat down closed to fountain nearby.

Connor gave and sat down next to her…

“Now I remember! I haven't told you of how my evening went!!” Savannah said and turned to Connor.

“So I went to the white house yesterday but the guards didn't want to let me in so I decided to climb the fence but the guards caught me and pushed me off. I almost fell but I got caught by the….most handsome and cutest guy I've ever seen in my life” Savannah said dreamily..


“Yeah!, he was just perfect.. Tall, handsome, cool…gosh!!” Savannah said.

“Who's he?” Connor asked.

“The president's son” She said.

Connor bursted out in another fits of laughter..

“Seriously? You're crushing on the president's son? Do you know how many ladies ate dying behind him? Besides I heard he's in a relationship” Connor said.

“But he was too cute to resist” Savannah pouted.

“I'm cute too” Connor said.

Savannah rolled her eyes.

“Cute like a baboon,,,yeah” She said sarcastically.

“Hey!” Connor frowned.

Savannah's tummy suddenly grumbled. She rubbed it while frowning..

“Connor..” She pouted..

“Good luck on getting yourself what to eat.. I'm a baboon. Baboons don't give” Connor stood and began leaving.

“Connor! Wait!! Okay, I was kidding you're cute… You're cuteness is blinding!! Wait up!!” She ran after him.



“Here's the files dad… I went through it and selected the best deals out of it” Brittany smiled..

“Not only do you excel in modeling but you are blessed with business knowledge.. Are you a genie or something?” Oliver said, going through the files she gave him

Brittany just smiled

“C'mon dad!! Stop hyping me that much..” Brittany said.

“I'm not! Just being honest” Oliver smiled.

“Aww thanks dad” Brittany blew him a kiss..



“Like that?… Yeah! Perfect!!”

“Another pose please? Great!!”

The photographer said as he took uncountable pictures of Valerie. She was advertising a bikini for a company..

Her gorgeous tanned body was revealing in that s*xy bikini, starting from her smooth spotless legs to her huge hips and then her flag tummy with a ring that glittered on her belly button and lastly her full and huge b**bs.

Those present couldn't help but stare at her, wishing they could just spend a night with her,,, just one night.

Valerie stood up and covered her body with a white sheet brought to her when the shooting was over.

From her looks now, one could tell she wasn't in the good mood. Well she doesn't admit it but each time her dad and her will have a fight, his words affect her alot.

She went in the dressing and got changed.

“Maybe i should just take my job serious like that dad said.” Valerie thought as she walked out of the studio.

She brought out her phone and decided to call Ruby since she's the only true friend she has.

“Best..” Ruby's voice came up

“Hey! Can we meet.. I'm feeling not quite good” Valerie said.

“Sorry but right now I'm with my babe… We'll spend the day together” Ruby said.

“Oh okay” Valerie muttered and immediately hung up.

“Guess I'll just hangout alone…” She muttered and boarded her car before driving off..



Ruby got out of the dressing room and turned around.

“How do I look?” Ruby said.

Kenneth who was leaning on the walla and had his face buried in his phone looked up. He smiled when he saw her dressing..

She was putting on a navy blue gown which had some sparkly glitters on it and a long slit on the left thigh.

“Looking s*xy” Kenneth smiled..

“I knew it!” Ruby giggled and pecked his lips.

She gasped when she spotted a milk colored gown which looked so beautiful.

“I need to try that on!” She said and the shop keeper brought the dress to her.

“Let me try this out and after, we can go on our date” Ruby winked and went back in with the dress.

Kenneth smiled and looked back at his phone..

Just then, the door of the shop opened and Savannah came in with a smile on his lips..

She looked back with a frown on her face. Actually, there was a small crowd outside blocking the entrance of the shop. How she entered was a miracle.. They all had their phones, ready to take pics and videos.

“I wonder what's happening?” She thought and looked back front

She actually came to buy some cute dresses for herself and unfortunately, Connor had to go to work so she's all alone.

“What should I get? All the dresses here are beautiful” She pouted.

“Miss, go to the rack there.. I'm sure you'll find your taste” The shop keeper said.

“Thanks” She smiled back and followed the directive of the lady..

“Wow…” She gaped, looking at all the variety of dresses here.

She suddenly felt the urge to steal one of them but she closed her eyes.

“No! No stealing today” She muttered to herself.

With her eyes closed, she accidentally stepped on someone shoes and tripped almost falling but luckily she got caught by the waist

She opened her eyes and the same scenario of yesterday began playing in her again. Her breathing hitched.

“You again? I'll start to think that you are doing this on purpose” Kenneth smiled, and released her.

“Uhh,, hi” She smiled awkwardly.

“Great!, at least you said something today” Kenneth teased her.

She looked down, red in embarrassment.

“Looks like you came to buy some dresses” Kenneth said, dipping his hands in his pocket.

“Yeah.. You what are you doing here? This is where dresses for women are” Savannah said.

“Well I'm,,,”

“Babe?” Ruby's voice came up from behind.

Savannah turned and her gaze locked with Ruby's. Kenneth smiled when he saw Ruby.

“Babe..” Kenneth smiled.

Ruby walked to him and held Kenneth's hand..

“Babe meet a new acquaintance… Uhh,,” Kenneth drawed.

“Savannah! My name is Savannah” Savannah said.

“Okay and Savannah meet my girlfriend,,, Ruby” Kenneth said.

“Nice meeting you” Ruby smiled and stretched her hand.

Savannah accepted the handshake..

“The pleasure is mine”

Ruby turned to Kenneth.

“I'm done… Can we leave now?” Ruby pouted.

“Oh okay. Bye Savannah” Kenneth smiled and walked away with Ruby.

Savannah watched them as they paid for the dresses and exited the shop. She began hearing screams from fans as they took pics of them..

Savannah sighed and sat down on a stool nearby. She placed her hand on her jaw, pouting.



Valerie gulped down all the content of her bottle before placing it down. That was the fifth bottle she was having for today..

She hiccupped drunkenly.

“You know as a lady you shouldn't be drinking this much yunno” A voice said beside her.

She turned to her side and though she was seeing things funnily, she could tell that this was one hell of a hot guy and handsome too.

“Who are you?” She muttered.

“Nick” He muttered and sipped on his drink.

He usually comes there to relax or to f*ck.. Depends on his mood.

“Nick… Funny name” Valerie giggled drunkenly..

“You're here too because you feel abandoned and rejected?” Valerie pouted.

“What do you mean?” Nick asked..

“I just feel like no matter how hard I try to please my father, he doesn't see it.. Ever since I were a kid I did all my best to be the perfect daughter but he never sees it,, all what he sees is my “perfect sister”. At one point I decide to stop trying and then switched to being the bad girl maybe with that he'll notice me but no… It's all about my sister, it has always been” Valerie said and cleaned her tears.

Nick chuckled and took another sip from his drink.

“We're in the same tier… Funny” Nick said.

Valerie giggled too and hiccupped.

“Let's just do what we know best… Being the bad egg” Valerie laughed and raised her cup

Nick clinked glasses with her and they gulped down their drink together..

Valerie's head fell on his shoulder.

“You know, I like you… I like you a lot” Valerie said.

Nick just kept quiet, watching her smile and giggle drunkenly..

She raised her head and looked at him. The next thing he knew, she held his cheek and pressed her lips on his..

Nick gently pulled her away…

“You're drunk” He muttered.

Valerie smiled widely and closed her eyes, dozing off in his arms..

Nick sighed and looked at her…

“What do I do with her now?”


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