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After Dusk –Episode 5

After Dusk –Episode 5

(My fallen angel)

By, Ariel Mirabel




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“Argh..” Valerie groaned and sat up on her bed.

She sat down on her bed and was surprised to see she was in her room. How come?

Last thing she remember was her talking to a stranger, pouring her mind out and..

“No! How can I kiss a stranger?!” She exclaimed and face slapped herself.

The door to her room opened and Hailey came in with a tray in her hand.

“You're awake” She said and sat down on the edge of the bed.

“Mom.. What happened?” Valerie asked.

“A handsome young man brought you back home last night. Luckily your father was asleep, if not he could be really màd this morning” Hailey said.

“Oh…” Valerie said and smiled.

“I thought he was one of those men chasing after women but guess I was wrong.. Thats cute” She thought while smiling.

“Why are you smiling alone? Come on, I brought some hangover soup for you” Hailey said.

Valerie took the spoon and bowl and began drinking from it..

“Mom, do you know who that man is? I wanna thank him in person” Valerie said.

“Hmm?” Hailey furrowed her brows.



The door to Savannah's room swung open and Audrey came in.

“Babe, wake up! You promised you'll go apply for a job today” Audrey said and tapped Savannah.

“Nooo…” Savannah whined and covered her head with the pillow..

“Annah…” Audrey called.

“I'm not in the mood of going out today… Just wanna stay at home” Savannah whined under the pillow.

“Get up or else I'm going to call your dad. You know how he'll wake you up” Audrey said, standing akimbo.

Savannah groaned and sat up, her hair looked so messy. She sighed and pouted..

“What is wrong?” Audrey sat down next to her.

“How did you and dad meet?” Savannah asked.

“Oh..” Audrey began smiling, reminiscing the good old times.

“Well it was on a bright sunny Monday. I was this nerdy girl in school that no one likes talking to.. Upon arriving at school, I heard there was a new guy in school, a senior and that was your dad. He was this popular cute guy and I was the shy type. I have to admit that I did crush on him. One faithful day, we bumped into each other once an thats how we got acquainted to each other. We'll frequently meet and chat for hours and hours and-”

“It's okay!, that's too romantic for me” Savannah said and sighed.

“I must really be a spoon in this life” Savannah pouted.

Audrey laughed.

“My baby is growing… So who's the guy?” Audrey asked.

“The president's son” Savannah pouted.

“What!!” Audrey exclaimed.

“Yeah!, I know its crázy but I just couldn't help it” Audrey said.

“You two can never be together you know. He has a girlfriend and even if he doesn't have, he's handsome and is really popular. He can get any celebrity he wants” Audrey said.

“Thanks for the encouragement” Savannah said sarcastically and rolled her eyes.

Audrey chuckled and stood up.

“We're waiting for you downstairs” Audrey said and left her room.

Savannah fell back on the bed and sighed..



Nick drove in the huge and magnificent villa. He parked his car and got down.

“Good morning sir” The security guard greeted.

“Morning” He replied and looked at the villa then sighed.

“I wonder what this old man wants from me” Nick muttered and dipped his hands in his pocket before heading to the entrance.

“Hey pretty” He said to a maid who was leaving.

She turned and bowed while blushing.

“Sir” She said.

“Do you know where my dad is?” He asked.

“Master is in the dining room” The maid replied.

“Thanks” He winked and left.

The maid fanned herself with her hand, her face red like a tomato.

“Bro” A voice said.

Nick ignored the person and continued walking but stopped when the person held his shoulder.

“What do you want?” He said without turning back.

“I missed you” Aidan smiled and came to his front.

Nick just stared at him with cold eyes.

“I don't… Can I leave? The earlier I see that old man, the faster I leave this sh*t of a place” Nick said.

Aidan sighed sadly..

“I'm getting married in few days” He said.

“Good luck to your wife to be. She'll really need that” Nick said and made to leave but Aidan grabbed his arm.

“Why do you hàte me?” Aidan asked.

Nick laughed sarcastically and slapped his hand off before entering the dining room.

He met his father, Xavier having his breakfast slowly..

Xavier Hayes is known everywhere in Mexico since he's among the richest in the city. He has two sons, Aidan and Nick.

“Son” Xavier smiled.

“Mind having breakfast with me” Xavier gestured at a seat next to me

“Nah… I'll pass. Why did you call me?” Nick asked.

“You'll never change I see… Well if I called you here is to let you know that you'll be your brother's best man on his wedding day in 6 days” Xavier said.

“You already know my answer so why insist?” Nick said.

“C'mon son… Aidan is your brother. You can do this to him” Xavier said.

“Dad is right bro” Aidan said.

“I ain't attending any marriage on that day. Know this and know peace” Nick said sternly…

“Its an order son” Xavier said, frowning.

Nick smirked at him and turned then began leaving..

“Nick come back here” He said but Nick left the room, slamming the door behind.

“Nick!! Nicholas!!” Xavier yelled.

“Just let him be dad” Aidan sighed.

Nick got to his car and slammed his hand on it's booth, glaring at no one in particular. He closed his eyes and took deep breaths, running his hands through his hair.

He opened them back and got in his car, driving off immediately..


“I hàte everyone!!!” Savanna screamed out in frustration

This is the third time of the day, her file got rejected by a company and right now she feels like the unluckiest girl breathing.

“F*ck it!” Savannah snapped and dumped her documents in the recycle bin nearby.

Savannah sat down on a bench and bent down her head. She raised them back and her gaze landed on a lady who had a scarf on her head. She was buying some hot dog.

The lady paid the vendor and pocketed her wallet
Savannah closed her eyes, trying to control it but it was futile.

She stood up and began following the lady. She looked around and the coast was clear since they were in an alley so she stretched her arm to the ladies pocket.

Immediately she touched the wallet, the lady grabbed her wrist and twisted it to the back then pinned her chest against the wall..

The scarf of the lady ended up falling.

“Thieve” The lady muttered.

“Ouch…” Savannah winced. Her arm was already hurting.

She raised up her free arm as a sign of defeat.

“I'm sorry… I won't do it again” She muttered.

The lady released her and she went down, holding her arm. She looked up and shock took over her when she saw who it was.

“Bri… Brittany Rodriguez?” She muttered.

Brittany frowned at her. She brought out her phone.

“I'm calling the cops” She said..

“No!! No!, please.. I'm sorry. I won't do it again,, I can explain” Savannah got down to her knees.

Brittany looked at her for a while before bringing down her phone.

“You have 2 minutes” She muttered.

“The thing is that I'm addicted to stealing. It's like an obsession, I try controlling it but…I can't” Savannah said in a hurry.

“You're a kleptomaniac?” Brittany said and Savannah nodded sadly.

“I see. I advise you see a psychologist” Brittany said and fixed back her scarf.

“Okay.. Thanks so much ma'am” Savannah said and bowed.

Brittany just smiled and made to leave.

“Uh ma'am, can I… Have a pic of you,,, of us?” Savannah said.

“You tried stealing from me now you want my pic.. You're something else” Brittany chuckled and pulled down her scarf.

Savannah came closer to her and took a selfie of them. She began smiling while staring at it

Second celebrity she's meeting.. All that in a week! Something suddenly rung in her head..

“Why is a celebrity buying hotdog” She blurted out and clamped her mouth tight.

“Living a public life can be sometimes suffocating. Sometimes I just wanna be normal and live like others” Brittany smiled.

“Okay” Savannah nodded.

Brittany took a last look at her.

“You have a slim body. Perfect for modeling” Brittany said and left.

Savannah watched her as she left. She waited till Brittany was out of site.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!” She screamed out her lungs while jumping.

“I just got touched by a star!!! I'm never gonna bath again!!!!” She screamed happily.


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