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Pregnant For The Devil Episode 1

Pregnant For The Devil Episode 1



Written By; Amara Chy 💋

Genre; Dark Romance and Tragedy.

Tags: Brutal s3x, viol3nce, nud!ty, betrayal, tragedy, love.

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“You're going to be living with him from now on”.

Ariel stared at her parents in confusion. She didn't understand what they were saying. They just showed her a picture of some random man and said she's going to live with him.

The man in question looked like a demon from the pit of hell. A scary, scarred face and shady eyes. He was hot quite alright, but fearful.

“Live with him as his maid? Or what? Is it because of our financial situation? I told you I'm going to get a job” she said, looking at their pitiful faces. Her mother was already shedding tears, unable to look Ariel in the eyes.

“No dear. As his mistress” her father stated and she went silent for a while. Then she suddenly burst out laughing.

“This is some sort of joke right? Mistress? This is the twenty first century dad! This is a big joke right?” She continued to laugh.

Her father, Mr Roberto couldn't even look his own daughter in the eye. He shook his head and rubbed his eyes painfully. It pained him to give out his daughter in this manner, her only daughter for that matter!

His son was already in possession of that gruesome beast! It took him a lot of time and strength to arrive to the decision that he has.

“Look dear. Your mother and I haven't been totally honest with you” he sighed.

“Honest about what?” Ariel asked.

Mr Roberto sighed and glanced at his wife before proceeding to tell the story.

“About your brother, Henry. He didn't die in the accident” He said and Ariel gasped, tears filling her eyes. She had no idea what her father was telling her.

Ever since she was eight years old, she was always told that her little brother who she loved so dearly died in an accident and she believed that while growing up. Now she is twenty two and she still believes it.

“Are you saying that my brother is alive?” She asked, her voice was shaky.


“Oh my God!!” Ariel screamed, and covered her mouth with her palms in shock.

“Where's my brother?” She sprang up, glaring at both of them. Her mother could barely speak, she was already crying profusely.

“Answer me! Where is Henry and why have you kept him away from me for so long!!?” Ariel cried.

“I will tell you Ari, please calm down”.

…. Flashback ….
(14 years ago)

“Here, the documents you asked for” Mitchell smiled, handing her husband a file and then she sat next to him.

“You still haven't told me what they're for” she added.

“I told I want to get a loan” Patrick answered.

“But the name on the document is not a bank name” Mitchell argued.

“No it's not. Remember my friend Don? He agreed to give me money for our new home and Henry's treatment. You know we can't afford the treatment, we've sold everything we have and still he's getting worse.

Don agreed to give me the loan” Patrick explained.

Don was a drug lord and a mafia boss, but he also happened to be Patrick's classmate and so agreed to help. Only with the promise that Patrick pays back in a year.

Patrick agreed to the ultimatum because he was desperate.

“How will you pay him back? You know how dangerous that man is. Haven't you heard stories about him?” Mitchell asked.

“What should matter right now is Henry's health only. We will pay back as soon as he is treated because then all the money I make from my little business won't go into drugs anymore.

One year is a lot of time, we will pay back. It's better than borrowing from a bank, they'll be on your neck in a few months” Patrick scoffed. He seemed to have made up his mind and Mitchell couldn't do anything to talk him out of it.

“Alright then” she sighed.

“I'm going to go and check on Ariel, she wanted to have her bath all by herself today” she smiled.

“Of course, my baby girl is growing up. Take care of the kids, let me go and give these signed documents to Don. I'll be back soon” Patrick stood up and kissed his wife before heading out the front door.

Patrick wasn't able to meet directly with Don, instead he met with his right hand man, Ace. He handed the documents to Ace and in return, was given the amount of money he requested for. Patrick was extremely happy that he can finally get his son treated from the chronic disease.

His family had spent a lot on Henry since he was born. The five year old boy has been in and out of hospital all his life, but no money to perform the surgery.

Patrick took Henry to the hospital with the money and he was admitted for his surgery.

The surgery was successful but Patrick's business was going down unlike before and it wasn't what he expected. He couldn't gather up the money as he thought he could and he got scared.

The deadline was approaching and Patrick was extremely anxious and scared. He realized that he made a bad and rash decision by borrowing money from a mafia boss. His desperation led him to it.

“What do we do? Don will come for his money soon” Mitchell pointed out, pacing the room.

“Just calm down. You're getting me scared by pacing around like that” Patrick answered, his palm on his chin.

“I can't calm down! What if he decides to kill..”

“Stop it Mitchell! I won't let that happen! I will protect my family at all costs!” Patrick yelled and got to his feet.

“We have to leave” he said.

“You mean, run away?” Mitchell blinked at him.

“Yes! We have to go far away, at least for the safety of our kids” Patrick answered, unaware that he was making another bad decision.

Mitchell agreed and immediately started to pack their clothes while Patrick made arrangements for the rest of his money. He was going to use it to start a new life for his family in another town far from Mexico.

“Common kids, let's go” Mitchell said, hurrying out of the room with the kids and their bags.

“Mommy, where are we going?” Little Ariel asked.

“We're going to our new home” Mitchell answered calmly.

“Now take your brother's hand and let's go outside” she added. Ariel took Henry's hand and led him to the front door. Just when they were about to open the door, it flew open, revealing Ace, pointing a gun to Patrick's head.

“Oh no!” Mitchell gasped as her bags fell from her hands.

“Take the kids inside” Patrick ordered and Mitchell took away the children immediately. She came back down and met Ace kicking her husband harshly, while he whimpered on the floor.

“Please spare us! Please don't kill my husband” she fell on her face in front of Ace who didn't give a f*ck but kicked her as well, very harshly.

“Mitchell!!” Patrick yelled, he was pained to see his wife bleeding from the mouth.

“You thought you could run huh? You motherf*cker! We have been watching you because my boss didn't trust you, only for you to think you could run!” Ace barked at him and kicked him again in the groin and he groaned.

“Forgive me” Patrick muttered.

“There's no forgiveness” he lifted his gun to shoot Patrick.

Mitchell had a knife with her, she grabbed it when she went to take the kids to their room, just in case anything happens. She dashed at him with her remaining strength and stabbed him in the back severally. Ace groaned out in pain before collapsing as blood gushed out.

“Mitchell! What have you done!?” Patrick yelled, managing to get up.

“I saved your life!” Mitchell yelled back.

“You've put us all in bigger danger! You've killed Don's right hand man!!” Patrick rubbed his head.

“Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t!! This is so f*cked up!” He paced.

“Let's go then! Before he gets here”

But it was already too late for the couple because a group of armed men suddenly rushed in, followed by Don. Patrick almost lost consciousness at his sight.

“You.. you killed him?” Don asked, looking at Ace's dead body. He flashed his pair of deadly brown eyes at Patrick who gulped in fear.

“I'm.. I'm sorry, it wasn't intentional” he shivered.

“No problem” Don answered and made a signal to his men. They immediately rushed to Patrick and made him kneel in front of Don.

“What should I do with you now?” He asked, smirking.

“Woman!” He turned to Mitchell who gasped.

“Go and get me your son” he ordered.

“No! No!” Patrick screamed.

Don didn't hesitate to shoot Patrick in his left leg. Mitchell cried as she watched the blood gush out from her poor husband who was crying on the floor.

“Go and get the child!!!” Don ordered and Mitchell ran off in fear. Don sent a man to go with her.

“Henry, come here darling” Mitchell opened the door and her son ran over to her.

“Mom, where are you taking him?” Ariel questioned.

“Um.. dear, he has to complete his treatment okay?” Mitchell lied, trying hard not to cry in front of her children.

She took Henry out and the man grabbed him immediately and took him to Don.

“I will take him, and I will leave you with the pain of living without him. That way, you will suffer forever” Don said and he left with Henry just like that.

…. Back To Present ….

“After we learnt that Don died, we went to see his son, his successor. He told us that we can have Henry back, if we..”

“If you hand me over” Ariel completed his statement, sniffing. She was already drenched in tears after hearing the story. She didn't know what hurt more, that her brother was still alive and her parents kept it away from her or that they want to exchange her for him.

“Because I'm a girl and a boy would be more useful to you right?” She sprang up, wiping her tears.

“Ariel please!” Patrick said.

“I hate you both! I hate you for doing this to me!!” She ran out of the house in tears. She wished she could run away, but she had no one to run to. No relatives, no friends! Just her!


Miguel puffed out smoke from his cigar and turned to Xander who was standing by his door smirking.

“Ready to go and claim your new mistress?” Xander asked.

“Go and get the boy” Miguel ordered.


Chapters 2 and 3 already posted here👇 you can just search the web address in your browser and read.


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