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Pregnant For The Devil Episode 26


DEVIL πŸ’”πŸ€°

Written By; Amara Chy πŸ’‹

Genre; Dark Romance and Tragedy.

Tags: Brutal s3x, viol3nce, nud!ty, betrayal, tragedy, love.

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“What are you doing Miguel? You can’t go to meet Jerry in this condition, please!” Xander said, blocking the door. Miguel was in no condition to move around but he insisted on going to see Jerry. He has been rendered helpless, Ariel’s safety was all that mattered to him. He managed to walk on the new clutches he got.

“Xander just leave my way, do you want that b@stard to kill Ariel? If I don’t go to meet him, he might end her life” Miguel argued.

Xander stared at him speechlessly, Miguel was really in love with Ariel. The old Miguel he knew would never obey an enemy no matter what was at stake, he would fight back and not be gentle at all. But now, he’s willing to walk straight into his enemy’s trap.

“Listen Miguel, it’s obvious that Jerry is using Ariel to lure you into his trap. He wants to take you down. Are you going to let him?” Xander questioned, glaring at him. Miguel scoffed.

“I know, I’m not going alone. My men will be outside, ready to protect and defend me” Miguel assured and moved Xander gently out of the way. He opened the door and sighed.

“I will be fine” he said to Xander before walking out. Xander feared for his best friend, he knew how dangerous and cunning Jerry could be. He was sure Jerry would be very prepared for this particular meeting.


Miguel entered the booming club and all eyes fell on him. Despite his clutches and bandaged foot, he still seemed to take the hearts of every lady with his presence. He ignored the stares he was getting and limped over to the VIP area where Jerry was waiting.

Jerry smirked and dropped the cigar in his hand when he noticed Miguel coming his way. He made some signals to the men sitting with him and they left one after the other. Miguel entered and glared at Jerry. Jerry was a way older than Miguel, if anything, he was almost Don, Miguel’s father’s age mate.

“Where is she? Where is Ariel!?” Miguel fired, trying to charge at him.

“With one leg you’re still trying to put up a fight” Jerry laughed, throwing his head back. He stopped laughing and stood up to face Miguel.

“You make me sick Miguel. Your father thought he could steal what belongs to me and get away with it. Well, now I’m going to take everything you have and everything he ever worked for. I can’t believe a brat like you thought he could challenge me” Jerry scoffed.

“You haven’t answered me, where is Ariel? Who told you that we would be going to the hospital? Who is helping you?!!” Miguel screamed, getting angry.

“Shut the f*ck up! You don’t question me when your life is in my hands” Jerry grinned again.

“Let’s make a deal. You give me what I want, I give you back your mistress” Jerry stated but before Miguel could say anything, one of Jerry’s men rushed in.

“Sir, he’s with backup!” The man announced and immediately Jerry pulled out his gun and pointed it at Miguel.

“So you thought you could attack me? You actually thought I wouldn’t be prepared? I knew you’d come with your men so I had my guys placed in and out of the club” Jerry bragged and laughed. Miguel was nervous now, for the first time he was actually scared.

“Just don’t hurt Ariel, I’ll give you anything you want just leave her alone” he said, standing still because of the gun on his head.

“I won’t make it so easy for you anymore” Jerry whispered in his ear before pushing him to his men. Jerry’s men grabbed Miguel and started throwing punches at him. They injured his already wounded leg again, making him yelp out in pain. The attention of the entire club was turned to the VIP section and when they saw what was going on, they started to panic.

Gunshots were heard outside the club, Miguel’s men and Jerry’s men were in a gun fight but Miguel’s men were outnumbered and killed mercilessly. There was panic in the club, everyone ran helter skelter, trying to get to safety. Miguel was still on the floor, receiving blows from different angles. He was already bleeding and his vision was getting blur.

Suddenly, sirens were heard and everyone ran, leaving Miguel on the floor, half dead. The only thing he remembered before his eyes closed was Jerry’s face grinning at him.


“Miguel! Miguel open your eyes! Look at me!” Xander yelled, slapping Miguel on the cheek as he was being rushed into the ICU. Miguel groaned and his eyes fluttered open. Xander’s face lit up when he opened his eyes, he thought he had lost his best friend for good. The thought of that happening scared him to death, he even had tears in his eyes.

“Are you crying?” Miguel asked weakly, struggling to smile. Xander shook his head and forced back his tears.

“You like to do what you want, I told you not to go but you insisted, now look at you. Stop trying to smile! I know you’re in pain” Xander sniffed, still following the doctor and nurses to rush him into the ICU.

“I’m going to be fine” Miguel groaned again.

“Sir, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait out here” the doctor informed when they got to the ICU entrance.

“Let..let me talk to him for a minute” Miguel requested.

“Your health..” the doctor tried to speak.

“..I said I want to speak to him!” Miguel fired and the doctor stepped back.

“Xander, I want you to make me a promise, I don’t know how long I’m going to be in here, but please promise me that you’ll find Ariel” he said and Xander nodded.

“I promise” he said.

“I need you to make sure of it. Ariel is very important to me, I’d never recover if anything happens to her. She’s very important” Miguel continued, Xander couldn’t hold back anymore. It was hurting him so much that his best friend was in love with the same girl that he loved.

“I will try my best to find her Miguel, because she’s also very important to me. I know you may think I’m betraying you but the truth is, I’m in love with her” Xander said and Miguel’s eyes widened, he couldn’t believe it. He wasn’t able to say anything else. The doctor and nurses took him into the ICU and Xander walked away, feeling nothing but pain.

Miguel was busy thinking about what Xander just said to him. He didn’t know how to feel about his best friend loving his mistress. He was still in deep thought when a mask was placed over his nose and he slowly drifted off to sleep.


“Here are all the information you requested for”. Jerry turned and nodded at the slim man. The man dropped the files on the table and walked away. Jerry let out a grunt and walked over to his bed, he stared at the little bodied girl on it and smirked. He was happy, happy to have taken everything away from Miguel, including his life. After what happened at the club the previous night, he was sure that Miguel would not survive.

His next step was to raid his clan and take everything. He felt like a weight has been lifted off him. After several years of living in the shadows of Don and Miguel, he’s finally the top dog!

“What.. what happened?” Ariel opened her eyes and it landed on Jerry. She jerked and moved back, fear gripped her again. She was surprised to still be alive, she touched her stomach and her little baby bump was still there. She was relieved.

Looking around the room, she noticed that she wasn’t in the cottage anymore. She was on a king sized bed, in an exquisite looking room. From the view through the window, she was in a high building.

“You’re finally awake” Jerry chuckled. He made to touch her but she withdrew her leg and watched him in fear.

“Let me go please! If you don’t, Miguel will deal with you when he comes to get me” she whimpered. Jerry laughed for a good few seconds before he caught his breath.

“No one will find you princess” he smirked and stood up. He walked to the window with Ariel watching his every move.

“Welcome to Switzerland” Jerry announced and Ariel gasped in shock.


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