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The Heart Of A Wicked Queen

The Heart Of A Wicked Queen – Episode 7 & 8


2nd December 2023

The Heart Of A Wicked Queen – Episode 7 & 8


(Her Return, Her Revenge 🥺)

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“You lost” The young man giggled.
“Fuck it” Gigi gritted her teeth and hit her fist on the table. The young man said no word and chuckled instead.

“Cmon drink up” He mouthed and Gigi rolled her eyes. She grabbed the jar containing soju and drank from it.

She gulped a lot before dropping it and glanced at the man deadly.

“Your turn” She mumbled and the man smirked before tossing the dice.

“Six” he muttered. The dice landed on the table and behold it was six.

“Fuck! How did you always win” Gigi tapped her head frustratedly. She has been playing this girl but she kept failing continuously.

The man said no words and stared at Gigi who was gradually becoming drunk due to the amount of soju she had.

“Your turn” The man said and Gigi smirked.
“Two “ She muttered taking the dice.

“Please show two “ She said inwardly.
She tossed the dice and waited for it to land. The dice dropped on the table and show five.

“Arghhhh” She grunted and the man chuckled.

“I aren’t drinking that anymore “ She pointed at the jar of soju. She was already feeling tipsy.

“That’s not the rule pretty. You lose, and drink from it” The man finally spoke. Gigi bite on her lip.

Now she regretted engaging in this game. She only stroll to the capital since Moon was still training aggressively.

Gigi grabbed the jar again and gulped down the soju. She kept drinking and the man furrowed his brows.
“That’s enough!” He said. Gigi shook her head and continue drinking.

“That’s enough. Do you wanna finished it? Do you know how much a jar of soju cost” He yelled and stood up to grab the drink. Gigi stood up too and moved away.
“Come back here!” The young man yelled. Gigi drank everything and dropped it on the nearby table.

“The soju is finished, so the game is over” She muttered. Her vision becoming blurry.

“I got to go now” Gigi said and head towards the exit.
“Come back here. That’s cheating!” He yelled running after her.

“You drank all my soju. You need to pay me!” He growled.

“Oh fuck!”
Gigi took to her heels immediately.

“Come back here! Thief!!”The young man yelled running after her.



“Why is the city so calm today” Leader Levi asked as he takes a stroll with his guards.

“We have no Idea lord Levi” They replied in unison.
“That’s unusual. Let’s head to the capital then” he muttered and the guards lead the way for him.
Leader was also taking a stroll round the capital. He loves walking round the capital of Mombana.

“The sun is burning “ he grunted.
“I’m sorry for that my lord” his guard said and started wiping the sweat off.

They opened the umbrella and cover him with it.

“Gosh” he complained and throw another gum in his mouth.

All of a sudden, they heard a loud scream.

“Thief!!!”Someone screamed.
“Catch the thief! She drank all my jar of soju without paying. She’s a thief! Catch her”The screams became louder this time.

“My lord! Watch out!” The guards shouted at once but unfortunately, Leader Duke wasn’t fast enough. Someone dumped into him causing him to fall to the ground.

“Oh no!” The young man chasing Gigi screamed out.

“It’s lord Duke. There’s no need chasing her. He’s gonna punish her for this” He thought and sadly turned away.

“Fuck…..oh no!” Gigi grunted. She felt herself on top of someone but when she raised her head, she couldn’t see his face clearly.
“This alcohol has got the best of me” She mouthed trying to get up.

“My lord, are….are you okay?”
The guys asked as Gigi got up from him.

“I’m sorry “ She muttered and turned to leave. She staggered and was about falling when someone caught her.

Gigi shut her eyes and open them again. She could see a Demi God but his face wasn’t clear to her.

“Levi….” Leader Duke fumed from where he stood with his guards as he watched him with the unknown girl.

Gigi kept staring into his eyes. Leader Levi wasn’t ready to let go instead as his mighty arms wrapped around her tiny waist.

“You…you’re so handsome “Gigi muttered staring directly into his eyes.
“How can you be this handsome?”She asked and laughed out.

“You’re so tipsy. I will advise you stop drinking “ He said and made her to stand well.

Gigi laughed out but suddenly burst into tears. She hit his forehead making Leader Levi guards gasped.

“You can’t tell me what to do! I’m not drunk “ She said.

“We should leave my lord” Leader Duke guards said as they kept watching the scene. Leader Duke said nothing and walked to them.

“Darn it, Levi” He cursed when he got to him and grabbed Gigi hands.

“You dumped into the leader of Median. You need to be punished” He said and tried walking away with her but Leader Levi grabbed her other hand.

“She’s tipsy”He said staring at Leader Duke.
“ My thought exactly so don’t boot in” Leader Duke muttered.

“Let go of her. She’s not in her state of mind” Leader Levi said pulling Gigi to her side.

“I can’t do that. So fuck off !” Duke replied and they both started pulling Gigi.

The both guards watched in awe as none tried to stop them.

Gigi burst into tears.

“You’re hurting her. Let go!” Leader Levi said.
“You should not me. The last time I check, you care less about others so why interfering in this?” Leader Duke asked angrily.

“This is different. Now let go!” He replied.

Gigi stopped crying and stared from Leader Duke to Leader Levi before passing out.

“What the heck!” Levi and Duke suddenly screamed.

“Stop following me!” Moon retorted and turned to King Julius.

“I spare your life doesn’t mean I’m gonna help you. Look for someone else. I might lose patience and just kill you” She sneered holding her sword firmly.

“I’m not scared so stop threatening me with it” King Julius said and Moon gritted her teeth.

She turned and face him. A wicked smirk appeared on her face.

“You want me to help you right?” She asked and King Julius raised his eyebrow.

“You know I won’t ask for more” he replied quickly.

“I’ll help you only if you help me” Moon muttered.
King Julius stared at her confusingly.

“How may I help you. I’m weak” he said and Moon smirked again.

“Get me into the palace. I’ve an unfinished business there” She said and King Julius gasped.

“You can’t do it?” Moon raised her brows at him.


Moon cut him short.

“How long will you remain so weak and a scaring brat!” She questioned.

“That’s not it. No one knows me as the king. I can’t get into the palace!” He muttered sadly and Moon rolled her eyes.

“Your mother can hide you all she wants but that doesn’t change the fact that you’re a king. “ She said and paused to glanced at him.

King Julius gulped down.

“Get me into the palace and if you survived, I might consider helping you” She said and smirked, confusing him more.


Queen Kimber and Lady Amber kept glancing at each other without saying a word.

She came immediately she heard the Queen sent for her.

“Do you know what you’re asking for, Amber?”
The Queen asked staring directly into her eyes.

“I wouldn’t be more than sure, my Queen” She replied.

“The three family has concluded that they want to see their majesty. The people of Mombana are tired of you ruling. Is time I come in and assist my husband “ She said.

“Are you doing this for my son or yourself “ Queen Kimber asked and Lady Amber chuckled.

“I’m sure you already know the answer to it”She said.

“You’re going to hurt him. I’m protecting him from the cruel people of Mombana “ Queen Kimber said.

“I can never hurt my husband. You’ve protected him enough. I’m strong enough to protect my husband “ She said and dropped the DACHO golden pledge on the table.

“It’s time I say no to the royal home for hiding my husband” Lady Amber said.

“ Bring out my husband, the king in ten days time” she said not missing a word.

“Are you threatening the queen of Mombana?” Queen Kimber and Lady Amber shook her head.

“I’m only using DACHO golden pledge” She said and stood up.

“I will take my leave now. See you in ten days time my Queen” She added and bowed before turning to take her leave.

Queen Kimber balled her fist in anger.

“I will never release him. I can’t. The people of Mombana must not know him for now. He needs to live in silence until I’m ready to introduce him” She said and stood up too.

“I can’t let it happened. I need to do something “ She added and rushed out too.


“Are we even doing the right thing?” King Julius asked as they sneak into the palace.

“What if we get caught?” He asked again and Moon rolled her eyes at her.

She gabbed King Julius hand and headed to the entrance.

“Do you even remember a thing about this place?” Moon asked and King Julius looked around. It was quite familiar to him.

“A bit” he replied.
“What about you?” He asked and Moon frowned.

“You said am your husband right?” He asked and Moon gulped down.

“Shut up and don’t talk about it” She snapped out.

“Did I really hurt my wife very much for her to despise me?” He asked again.

“I said shut up and I’m not your wife!” She growled making King Julius scared.

“Keep your voice low or we’ll get caught “ He said and Moon rolled her eyes.

“We’re supposed to be hiding not walking freely” King Julius said immediately he sighted a guard.

Moon smirked.

“An intruder! An Intruder in the palace!!!”Moon screamed gaining the guards attention.

“What are you doing?” King Julius muttered.

“What should have been done years ago” she replied and soonest, they saw numbers of guards running towards their direction.

“Fuck!” King Julius yelled.

“You deceived me!” He muttered.

“Are you just gonna stand there. Don’t forget no one knows you as the king. You should protect yourself “ Moon said.

“Why should I?. I’m fucking weak. You should be the one since you’re stronger” he said but Moon throw her sword away along side with her arrow.

“Now I’m hopeless” she said and King Julius roughed his hair frustratedly.

The guards were getting closed to them already.
“We need to make it out alive!”He said and grabbed Moon hands. They both turned and start running.

Moon kept looking back and saw the guards after them. They ran pass Lady Amber.

Lady Amber gasped immediately she noticed Moon.

“What! What is she doing in here?” She thought.

“An intruder!” She heard the guards screamed.
“Fuck!” She muttered and immediately brought out her bow and arrow. She target moon and released it.

Fortunately, King Julius saw the arrow on time.
“Oh no!” He muttered and covered Moon. The arrow got stuck on his chest.

“Arghh!” He screamed out.

“Fuck!!” Lady Amber grunted.

“Who the fuck he is to save her” she thought and brought out another arrow. King Julius lifted Moon from the ground and carried her in a bridal style.

“What…what are you doing?” Moon stuttered.

“I wasn’t able to protect you in my past life but I won’t let any thing happen to you again “ He said. Lady Amber released the arrow. It flew towards King Julius and stuck into his stomach.

“Fuck him!!” Lady Amber grunted from where she stood.

King Julius felt tired already and was so weak to run with Moon on his arm.
Massive blood was flowing from his chest and stomach.

“Dying is the best way to pay for your sins” Moon snapped.

“Stop saying spiteful words. I’m already in pains. Be nice cuz I’m granting your wish” He grunted and shut his eyes. He fell on his knees with Moon still on his hands.

Moon gasped out.

The guards got to them and stop as they pointed their sword at them.

“How dare he save her. He deserves to die with her” Lady Amber said In fury and took out another arrow. This time, she pointed it at King Julius.

“Don’t….don’t you dare kill him “ Queen Kimber ran in.

“They’re intruder. They deserve to die !” Lady Amber growled and released the arrow.

Queen Kimber screamed.

Lady Amber took another arrow and Queen Kimber grabbed it immediately.

“Are you crazy!” She yelled.

“Let go! They are intruder!” Lady Amber snapped out as struggled with Queen Kimber over the arrow.

“He’s no intruder! He’s my son, king Julius!!” She screamed without knowing.

“What?. Your…your son?” Lady Amber gasped and all the guards eyes widened as they all dropped their sword.

“ it’s over. Don’t die” Moon muttered but unfortunately, King Julius let go of her and dropped dead.



Did moon did the right thing🥺🥺🥺

Let’s see if our king survived.

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Love you all

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