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[STORIES] The Sexy Vampire Next Door Prologue



❣️❣️ PROLOGUE❣️❣️

“Don’t fall in love with me Evan,I am something else, something dark, something dangerous,I am a vampire”.

She whispered in his ears as she ran off in inhuman speed living Evan as startled as ever.

Carolina James is a young beautiful,sexy,hot and a runaway vampire who has been living with humans and hiding her true identities for some decades now.
And then one day she meets her handsome neighbor,Evan Justin and discovers his blood attracts vampires into the city.

Meet Evan Justin,a young handsome rich guy whose heart has been broken many times by the women he loved and was at the edge of giving up on love.

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And then one day he meets his sexy neighbor and notices there was something strange about her.

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