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Ulinma (My Village Wife) Episode 13

My village wife
My pretty lunatic

Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter
A Nigerian story…

Episode 13

Nneka's Pov

Next morning……
It has been fun ever since my twin sister nnenna joined me to frustrate chioma.

She thinks I didn't know she took ulinma's number from my phone, but am aware.

I know you guys maybe surprised, how I got to know about it so let me gist you.

Flash back……💨💨
Chioma nnenna and I sleeps in one big room that is very beautified.

Only ulinma then.
sleeps at the old hut near our main building.

That day I and nnenna was eating outside when she decided to get a cup of water from the kitchen.

But to my surprise she ran back to me and gave me a sign to come with her.

We snicked inside slowly and to my surprise I saw my stupid good for nothing elder sister with my phone.

I just left her to take what she wants to take.

So after eating.
I and nnenna went inside and when I went threw my phone.

I noticed she took ulinma's number but who cares.

Ulinma is married and she can do nothing about it.

Later that night I pretended to be sleeping when she called ulinma.

And to my surprise her husband picked up the call.

Can you imagine that my sister that wanted to threaten ulinma changed her voice immediately.

And I felt like laughing when ulinma's husband gave her the insult of her life.

Presently I and nnenna is in the kitchen and am teaching her how to cook.

When people say learning how to cook is better when you're still a child I believe it.

Me teaching nnenna how to cook is just like teaching a dumb kid how to read and write.

But am just happy doing it because she's willing to learn.

At first I didn't want to teach her but then I remembered ulinma thought me how to cook even though we maltreated her.

If she could teach me how to cook in her current state then why wouldn't I teach my twin sister.

Seeing the pictures of ulinma yesterday made me very happy.

This morning after doing my morning chores, I login to my IG account and search for ulinma.

Surprisingly she already has 4 million followers and following five people only.

I checked the people she was following and they were five cute guys including her husband.

One of them cut my attention and his name was Tobi.

I followed him and to my surprise he followed me back and I must say I nearly ran mad.

Do you know what it means?
For a celebrity to follow you on Instagram.

I sent him a message hoping he will reply when he comes online.

Not only that I also followed my lovely cousin sister ulinma and almost immediately she followed me back.

My followers are already getting to 500k maybe it because ulinma commented on my pictures yesterday.

I felt so happy not only for ulinma but also because a celebrity followed me.

Who would have believed that dirty ulinma will one day become a celebrity.

This is what shows that “what comes around goes around…”

If papa didn't treat ulinma badly maybe she would have still been at home.

❣️Fred's Pov❣️
I woke up this morning only to see my pretty wife wrapped around my arms.

And then the event of yesterday came flashing back into my memory making a smile escaped my lips.

I wanted to stay this way forever until I remembered that today is Monday morning.

That means I have to get my lazy ass out of the bed and started preparing for work.

I didn't want to wake her up so I slowly unwrapped my hands from her body and went to the bathroom.

When I got to the bathroom.
I took my toothbrush and applied toothpaste on it and started brushing my mouth while looking at the mirror.

After i was done brushing my toothbrush I dropped the toothbrush after washing it and washing my mouth too.

I stepped into the shower enjoying the feeling of the cold water running down my body.

After the refreshing bath i cleaned up my wet body with a towel and wrapped a towel around my waist and came out of the bathroom.

And to my surprise ulinma wasn't on the bed because the bed was neatly organized.

I smiled and went to my dressing table and took my body lotion.

After applying my body lotion.
I went to my wardrobe to get a cloth to wear.

After a while of searching i settled for a white shirt, black trouser and a wine colour suit with a matching black leather shoes.

And less than few minutes I was already done dressing up so I combed my hair took my briefcase and went downstairs.

When I got downstairs I saw ulinma setting the table still on my clothes from last night.

I hope she prepared something light because I don't eat hard food to work and yes it's just a part of me.

I walked up to her at the dinning area, I guess she hasn't noticed me yet.

‘Good morning beauty…' I greeted giving her a kiss on the cheek.

‘Morning… your food is ready…' she said.

I looked at the table only to see fried egg bread and coffee.

After enjoying the delicious breakfast prepared by my wife, I took my briefcase kissed her good bye and left the house.

I unlocked my sport car and drove out of the compound to my company.

After few hours drive I finally arrived.
immediately i got out of the car I handed my car keys to the security and started walking inside.

My employees where greetings me but I just ignored them all.

Immediately i got to my office I unlocked it and went inside.

I'm sure there's gonna be lot of work for me to do today.

After a little while i heard a light knock at the door.

‘Come in…'

And immediately Linda my secretary walked in dressed like a slut as she always do.

Linda has been my secretary for like six months now and I have had sex with her once.

‘Good morning sir…' she greeted seductively making me feel disgusted by her bitchy behavior.

‘Linda what are my schedule for today?…' I asked ignoring her greetings.

‘Ehhh sir you have a meeting by 10:00 with the Gideon's empire.
And a dinner date with Miss Temi of Temi's designs by 2:00…'

‘Cancel the dinner date with Miss Temi…'

‘Okay sir less I forget remember the conference dinner party for all the companies in Lagos is tomorrow by 3pm…'


‘And sir the rules is that you have to come with a date and since you're single I don't mind being your date…' she said smiling like a fool.

‘Did you see the news that has been going viral since yesterday?…' I asked coldly.

‘Yes sir the one you were cut on camera with a lady…'

‘Exactly that my wife and am going to the dinner party with her…' I said and her face expression changed.

I can pay a million dollars to see the look on her ugly face right now.

‘Oka…okay sir is…ther…there anything I will get for you…' she stuttered.

‘No you may leave…' I replied and she turned to live but she dropped her pen on the floor purposely.

And then bent down to pick it up exposing her pants.


‘Yes sir…' she responded immediately with a seductively smirk.

‘Please do wash your pants when you get home because it stinks…' I said and her face flashed red in embracement.

‘Ehhh ye…Yes…si…Sir…' she replied and left in a hurry and I nearly busted out laughing.

Stupid bitch!

👱‍♀️ Linda's Pov👱‍♀️
I have never been disgraced like this in my life.

How can sir Fred tell me my pants stinks or does it.

immediately i got to my office I removed my pants to check if it's dirty but it wasn't.

Then why did he say that to me.
I have been crushing on sir Fred ever since I started working for him as his secretary.

Yes I have been working as his secretary for the past six months now.

And yes he has had sex with me but just once.

Yesterday when I saw the news I though it was all this good for nothing blogger that wants to trend.

But hearing it from his mouth broke my heart.

I know you guys may not know me so let me introduce myself.

My name is Linda adekunle and I am 24 years old and a graduate of business administration.

I have a boyfriend but am not taking him that serious because his not rich.

I login into my IG account and search for his so called wife's account and in no time I found it.

Her account is already verified and she has 4 million followers.

And I most say Mr Fred has a great thirst for women because his wife is extremely beautiful.

I will keep trying my luck at least for one more sex with him.



End of Ulinma (My Village Wife) Episode 13
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