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Loving You Is A Losing Game – Episode 18

Loving You Is A Losing Game – Episode 18

(Loving you was never my intention but it became my addiction)




“Maybe perhaps…'re the one I'm waiting for as my other half”


“Hardin! Hey!!” Imelda ran after Hardin who was just about entering his car. He stopped and looks back.

Loving You Is A Losing Game Episode 12

“What?” He asked dryly avoiding her gaze.

“Since I'm going out also why don't you give your girlfriend a lift?” She grinned.

“Get in” He said simply getting inside the car while Imelda did also.

“But you're awfully quiet today? Is something wrong? Everything looks awkward somehow” she said and Hardin stopped in his attempt of igniting the engine. He suddenly turns to her and in a swift he lean closer their faces only an inch away from each other. She gasped at their sudden proximity as her face grew hot instantly.

“Should I just make things real awkward?” He whispers asked while Imelda shakes her head.

“I….I really have a lot of thinking to do about you…a lot of things is driving me crazy you see…”

“Me? What did I do?”

“I'm still thinking….about what you did” He said then moves away from her.

“Where are you going?”

“Work of course…where will I go?”

“I hope it just remains like that”

“Are you saying I can't meet someone? Or go anywhere else but work?”

“You can…” He faces her.

“But don't you dare meet up with Alfred or any damn guy…I'm gonna become real angry if you do so” he stated igniting the engine. Imelda didn't bother saying anything as he started driving off.

“I'm gonna pick you up later by 5”

“I can always go home myself” She replied and he gave her a glare.

“Whatever…” She snorted.



“Alfred?” Imelda called in surprise as he packed right in front of her.

“Glad I met you Imelda…get in” He said from the car.

“Why? What happened?”

“Just get in Imelda….it's urgent” He said and without thinking Imelda got in the car.

“Hope no problem Alfred?” She asked but he only smiles.


“Where is this place?” She asked as they got down from the car.

“This is the main factory” He replied.

“Why are we here?”

“Cause I need your help”

“My help?”

“Hmm…come” He held her hand and took her somewhere.

“You see that man over there?” He pointed to a man holding a billboard.


“What's that?” Imelda asked.

“It happened some months ago…there was an accident”

“Wait let me guess…his daughter died after using your cosmetic?”

“There was a poison in it”

“What?! And you allowed that!”

“Listen Imelda it was an accident…I wasn't around then an ingredient which was very toxic was used in making the cosmetic…it was the devil handwork”


“We needed a particular ingredient but it wasn't available…it was an essential one without it then everything is rubbish so I told them to disregard it and start from scratch but then I had an urgent business trip and had to leave to Spain. The manager I left in charge however proceeded with the product behind me. After coming back weeks later I discovered it was already on sale. I quickly ordered it all to be brought back but it was too late some already purchased it and unfortunately that man's daughter was among. They were 16 in total. We settled with the other victims but he refuses to settle demanding we go public but believe me that's like bringing this company down.we have to settle with him before the launch coming up Imelda I need your help” He explained and Imelda gave him a look.


“Hello Mr Keene”

“You're here again…you can beat me up or lock me up…threaten me as you want but I still won't give up on you murderers” The man said and Imelda scoffs in disbelief.

“You beat him?” She asked while Alfred shakes his head. Imelda sighs then before they know what's was happening she went on her knees.

“Mr Keene I know words can't justify what happened to you we do accept the blame because of our recklessness you lost a daughter. Many lives were lost but we still can't do anything but shamelessly come to beg you like this” she begged and the man scoffs.

“What's this? Your new strategy? New plan? Uh? Too bad I won't accept!” He pushes Imelda who fell and hurt her knee.

“Imelda!” Alfred held her.

“I know you guys are launching a new product isn't that why you're so bent on getting rid of me? You may have succeeded with others but I won't stop until I get justice for my poor daughter” the man declares and Imelda knelt again.

“Imelda let's leave” Alfred said to her but she ignored him.

“Mr Keene…we have hurt you deeply…is there a a way we can atone for our sins?” The man kept quiet and for some moments they maintain a prim silence. Alfred was getting to get impatient as he tap his foot repeatedly on the ground. They heard a sniff.

“She was getting married to a man she had been dating for seven years…they really loved each other. Her wedding was only in a week. She was so happy…she loved your product. She wanted the best of all. She bought it even though it was still on testing…in the end…she couldn't attend her own wedding. Her face burned and destroyed. Her heart become bittered. She was insulted and condemned…she became sick. She cried out eventually she lost it all…the most valuable thing to her. Her life. She lost it… I lost her just few days to her happiest day. I lost one of my happiness and reasons to smile in life. Tell me…they don't know of my pain…they offered money…can it bring back my poor daughter? Can it undone what has happened? Can it heal the pain they caused in my heart?” He sobbed. Guilt washed over Alfred. Imelda felt bad and was close to tears.

“She only wanted the best for herself…and in the way she lost the best thing she had. Her life” Imelda said and the man nodded as tears flow down freely from his eyes.

“We did you bad…can you ever forgive us?”

“We can't bring back your daughter…nor heal the wounds in your heart…we can't bring back one of the happiest thing in your life nor return one of your reasons to smile. Nevertheless…can you…pardon us?” Imelda said softly and the man wouldn't help the tears gushing out.

“My daughter…my poor daughter…” He cried.


“Alright stop looking…I know you're grateful and all that” Imelda said to the Alfred who wouldn't stop stealing glances at her as he drives.

“I'm really surprised…seems I really made the right decision calling on you.” He smiles.

“I want to appreciate this…dinner?”


“Dinner it is” He smiles.


Alfred smiles at her as they serve them their servings.

“I feel free…like a burden had been lifted off my shoulders”

“How long has he been there?”

“Over three months…he wouldn't budge no matter how we convince him”

“He only needed someone to understand…I bet you only offered money thinking it'll solve everything”

“It did with others…I thought he was been stubborn…thank you Imelda really”

“Stop thanking me already…it's part of my job anyway”

He smiles.


She nodded smiling as she pick up her fork.

Alfred cut his steak then exchange it with hers.

“Thanks” She mutters then look around.

“Are you okay?” He asked

“Sure…” She smiles.

“Oh no! What if Hardin walk in on us? I'm gonna be in serious trouble” She thought within.

“Actually I need another help from you”

“Another protester?”

“Oh no…the upcoming launch…I want you to be my date for that”


“Yeah…you're going to right Imelda?”

“But…you could just ask someone else for that like your girlfriend_”

“I have no girlfriend” He interrupted.

“Oh…maybe your secretary or PA or any friend of yours”

“I'm asking a friend of mine…since you solved the final obstacle I want to take you. Imelda please be my date”

“But…” She signs.

“Hardin is not gonna like that” She said slowly.

“Hardin? Don't worry about him…he'll understand and more so this doesn't concern him. This is your decision to make. It's all in your hands or…you don't want to?” He asked sadly.

“I…I just…”

“Imelda…” He held her hand which she placed on the table.

“I just really wanna take you along…so far I have no other friend I'm close with like you. I just.think…you're the perfect person to take please don't say no”

She sighs.

“Alright Alfred…I'll go with you”

His face lightens up. He grinned and stood leaning forward he kissed her forehead.

“Thanks Imelda…let's eat”

“Uhmm…” She smiles back.

“I hope things go well…” She thought within.


“You're late” Hardin said as she steps into the house.

“Oh…I am…”

“They said you left with a man”

“You came over?”

“I told you I was gonna drop over”

“Oh…sorry” She took in her lower lip.

“Who is he?”

“Just someone…you don't need to bother” She said and he looks at her.

“Nothing is going on between us….okay”

“Is it Alfred?”

“Just why are you so bent on me not interacting with him? I don't see nothing wrong with him”

“I told you he's dangerous”

“How?! That sweet guy?”


“He's a nice guy…you should know better as his brother”

“That's why I'm warning you Imelda”

“I don't think you know better” She mutters rolling her eyes.

“Imelda” He called in a warning tone.

“Not tonight Hardin…I'm worn out” She started walking away but then stopped and looks back to find him watching her.

“The launch….are you attending?”

“I'm busy”

“Oh…okay…imma go up to my room then”

“Have you eaten?”

“It's rare to see you care”

“Just leave it” He looks away sitting.

“What about you? I took something earlier”

“As if you care” He mutters.

“You're seriously being a jerk nowadays”

“Stop meeting Alfred…I don't like that”

“Good night Hardin” She made way to her room while Hardin sighs.

“She's being unnecessary stubborn” He mutters.


“So? He's only saying that because he cares” Tess said to Imelda taking a seat next to her.

“I think he's just tryna get on my neck”

“And why would he do that? I think its better you just listen to him”

“I don't know….he thinks he can just order me anyhow just because he has the authority?”

“You think he's ordering you around? I think he cares”

“Cares? Tess you don't know what you're saying.”

“You are the one being stubborn. Honestly I don't really like that Alfred guy also. He feels eerie…I don't like his vibes”

“You're only saying that because of Hardin. Why? Did he came to see you? Uh?”

“Just listen to him and stay away”

“Alfred is my friend…I met him before Hardin I know him…he's not a bad guy”

“Then keep being stubborn. I'll be here when you come back crying”

“Whatever…” She rolled her eyes.

“But why are you working in a bar? There are many jobs out there”

“Fortunately only the bar wants me out of the numerous jobs out there”

“I don't like this place”

“Don't worry…I'm not someone they can mess with.”

“Just be careful…I've got to visit the ladies”

“Don't be late and be careful not to lose your flower in the toilet”

“Screw you Tess” Imelda made her way to the toilet but on her way she met with two familiar faces arguing. Immediately she went into hiding listening to their conversation.

“Can't you just listen to me at least for once? givebe me chance to explain and stop being a pain!” Jesse said frustrated while Kim gave him a death glare.

“Just f**k off I don't wanna have anything to do with a sick jerk like you!”

“You're so judgemental and I hate that! Give me a chance to make things right too!”

“To hell with you Jess! I HATE YOU!!”

“KIMBERLY!! ” he held her hand.

“I'm already enduring seeing you all the time Jesse don't make me really angry I might really lose it” she fling his hand away.

“And the next damn time you stop me like this I swear you're gonna regret it cheap man whore!” She spat then storm out of there while Jesse hit his leg on the floor angrily.

“She just wouldn't listen!!” He groaned ruffling his hair in exasperation.

He sighs after a while.

“Come out Imelda…the show is over” He said and Imelda sauntered out of her hiding.

“Hi Jesse you look good” She grinned like an idiot.


“Jesse you see_”.

“Don't ask anything about earlier” He cut her off and Imelda only stares at him.

“Don't stare at me that way either….I'm not gonna tell you anything”

“Alright I give up!” She surrendered.

“What are you doing here by the way? Are you cheating on my bro?” His face widened.

“Shut up…my sister works here”

“Really…where is she?”

“Over there!” She pointed to Tess who was serving some customers.

“Oh her! That tiger lady”

“You know her?”

“Of course…I received a slap when I tried to talk to her the other day” He said rubbing his cheek as if it just happened and Imelda giggles.

“I trust Tess”

“By the way is Hardin f**king you well?”

“I find your questions really weird” she replied and he chuckles.

“That's me babe” He winked.

“But just to let you know I'm still interested in f**king you”

“Shut up Jesse” she said and he stiffs a laugh.


“Hey guys…I'm sorry I'm late”

“It's okay at least you get to eat out with someone” Adah Imelda's colleague said.

“Yeah…an handsome guy at that” Sarah chipped in.

“Rich and cute” Adah said again.

“To top it all he's head over heels for her”

“Hmm uhmm you can say that again” Bella chimed as they all giggled.

“What are you guys saying?” Imelda asked dropping her bag.

“I wasn't out with any guy…I went to see my sis” She added.

“Babe I must say you're really lucky…you're in a relationship with Hardin Morrison gosh!” Bella gushed.

“Why don't you hook me up with Alfred? You must be close to him?” Adah held her hand

“Uhmm…guys…let's work uh?” She said uncomfortably taking her seat.

“By the way who do you think Alfred is gonna take to the lunch as his partner?” Adah asked.

“Who knows? But I'm sure it's none of us”Sarah said.

“Right? We're just a branch. I'm sure there is a bunch of pretty girls at the headquarters” Bella pouted.

“I heard is secretary is hot”

“Even his PA is a killer”

“He's surrounded by beautiful ladies I don't understand why he isn't dating” Adah quizzed.

“Waiting for the one I think” Sarah said.

“But I'm right here” Bella grinned.

“In your dreams girl” Sarah said making them all giggle.

“Or is he really gay like rumors said?” Bella asked.

“He's too handsome for that I doubt it”

“What do you think Imelda?” Sarah sale Imelda who hasn't been saying anything.

“Ohh…who knows…but he doesn't look like it” She replied nervously.

“Exactly…” Bella sighs.

“I wonder what the lucky girl is?” She added while Imelda only sighs.


“Are you really sure about what you asked me the other day?” Imelda asked Alfred as he drives her to God's knows where.

“Why? Is there a prob?” He asked not looking at her.

“No…none” She smiles and he looks at her now returning the smile.

“Actually I'm curious about something”


“I think I missing something about Kim and Jesse”

“Kim and Jesse?”

“Can you tell me what it is?”

“Ohh…I don't really know”

“Come on…please…” She pouted and he sighs.

“I won't go into full details” He said and she nodded grinning.

“Jesse is actually Kim's first love”

“First love? Unbelievable”

“Yeah…they started dating since high school but then on their graduation day in college Kim caught Jesse with a very close cousin of hers which was equally Hardin's crush at that moment”


“How is that possible?” Imelda asked wide eyed.

“I told you I won't go into details what I can only say is that Hardin really liked her a lot so he was very disappointed to see her with his brother”

“Unbelievable! Then Kim hates Jesse's guts since then? Now I understand…but why is it that both victims are together now? Their relationship isn't ordinary also”

“You can ask Hardin about that”

“This is fishy…anyways thanks for telling me”

“No probs”

“Where are we going?”

“To get you a pretty dress for tonight” He smiles at her.


“You're coming home late nowadays” Hardin said to Imelda as she came in.

“And you're always home early”

“I went to your workplace….you left early again”

“I went to see Tess” She bit her lower lip as she lied.

“What's that?” Hardin pointed to the bag in her hand.

“Something…I'm gonna go get dressed for the launch” She started walking away.

“I'll drop you off” He said.

“You don't need to….I already have an escort”


“I'll go get dressed” She said ignoring his question as she went to her room.

Minutes later she came out dressed up in the beautiful gown Alfred bought for her.

She saw Hardin sitting probably waiting for her. The sound of her heels made him look up and he stood immediately. For a moment he drooled.

Loving You Is A Losing Game Episode 14

“Have your sit” He said to her but she continued standing. He took her hand then sitting her down then went on his knee.

“What are you doing?” She asked. Hardin ignored her and took her left leg. There was a little wound there. He took the first aid kit and start applying ointment on it. She winced.

“Is it Alfred?” He asked his eyes focused on the wound but she chose to remain silent. There was silent as he put bandaid on the wound. She remembers what Alfred told her about the girl he likes and wonder who she was for a moment.

He stood when he was done and Imelda quickly took her eyes off him. Her phone beeped . She stood up.

“I…I have to leave now.” She took her bag she had dropped on the couch and turns leaving.

“Do you like him?” His question made her stop.

“Not him Imelda…” He said and she looks back to him.

“It can't be him…never” He shakes his head.

“See you later Hardin” Was the only thing she said before exiting the house.

Hardin peeped through the curtain watching Alfred as he took her hand kissing the back of her palm then open the car door for her.

“I hope you won't come regret this later….Imelda” He mutters to herself.

I'm sorry it took long guys.

So Kim and Jesse had a chemistry.

Alfred and Imelda..hmmm

Hardin and Imelda…hmmm

Happy new month guys 💜

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