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Loving You Is A Losing Game Episode 4

Loving You Is A Losing Game Episode 4

( Loving you was never my intention but it became my addiction )


The beginning of us….began by fate…


“He really said that?” Genesis (Hardin's friend) asked wide eyed as Hardin explains what his Grandpa said to him.

“I don't know what's going on in that Old man's head. I really can't figure it out”

“So what're you gonna do? Marry her?”

“Am I crazy? Look I'm not interested in his wealth and I don't care what he does with it ”

“But you could also benefit from this…your company isn't doing so well isn't it?”

“Says who?”

“I heard the goods kept being delayed from arriving”

“I'll sort it out”

“Why could your Grandpa be doing that? You think he's sick or something?”

“It'll be strange if he isn't…at that age of his…I can't believe he's still alive…is he competing with Methuselah or what?”.

“But this could be a really good chance…see I know you aren't interested in his money but you could get a wife from it and boost your business”

“Did I ever complain?”

“Hey! Why don't you drop your ego and just get the girl”

“I'm outta here…” He stood leaving immediately.

“Hey! Hey!! …is he in the angry mode again? That punk…”


“He's handsome isn't he? Wow he's a hunk” Tess gushed looking at the guy who had came in earlier.

Imelda looks at him.

“I'm not sure…he looks like a womanizer just with a glance”

“What the hell are you saying? Not all men are like that…hey the real womanizer is that jerk you called your boyfriend”

“Don't start Tess…”

“Hey…today is your birthday but where is he? Let me guess busy again? He's always busy to know what's going on in his girlfriend's life…”

“I didn't inform him so…”

“Do you have to tell him before he remembers its his girlfriend's birthday? He just doesn't care girl…wake up”

“What are you girls chatting about? Won't you get back to work?!' Mrs Clinton scolded with an angry face interrupting them.

Ever since the incident of Mr Clinton been fired she has been acting grouchy and complaining over little things.

” I'm gonna go answer that handsome dude” Tess was about leaving while Mrs Clinton drag her back.

“Imelda go answer him…you follow me!” Mrs Clinton ordered dragging Tess by her ear.

“Hey! Mom let go its hurts!!”

Imelda sighs before walking towards the so called handsome guy.

“Hello customer what would you like to order?” She asked politely offering him a warm smile.

“Hello there beauty…you're prettier in person” Jesse replied.


“A cup of espresso please” he smiles while Imelda nodded.

“On it…” She eyed him before leaving to get his order.

“What's with him?” Imelda mutters as she gets to the counter.

“Hey what did he say?” Tess asked immediately Imelda got to the counter.

“He ordered for an espresso”

“That isn't what I'm asking…but he looks kinda familiar…where have I seen him?”

“Where could you have probably seen him? Just a glance at him you'll know he's a money bag”

“Exactly maybe I could get hooked up with him”

“Just get me the damn espresso”

“Ohhh what a perfect attitude for a so called Christian…” Tess shakes her head.

Imelda walked carefully with the tray of espresso to Jesse.

“Here is your espresso sir” she was about dropping the coffee but tripped on Jesse's leg.

Thee coffee poured on him.

“Oh my!” She shrieked.

“I'm sooo sorry…I'm really sorry” she apologize immediately.

“It's okay…I should be the one apologizing for my long legs” he gave her that charming smile .

She took some tissues and wipe off the stains.

“What to do…your pant is wet…I'm not usually this clumsy but…” Jesse grab her hand and she looks up at him worried.

“Even if you manage to wipe of the stains on my pants…it won't make any difference because my heart has already been stained by your beauty”

“Pardon?” She raised a brow.

“If you really feel guilty about this then pay be back later”


“I'm having a birthday party later you know…I'd like if you could attend”

“What?…excuse I don't…”

“You may not know me but this could be your first step into knowing me. I would like to know you more than this” he smiles and brought out his business card.

“You can rest assured I'm not a bad guy” he gave her the card while she just collected not saying anything.

“You'll come right?”

“No…I won't” she replied bluntly.

“I figured out you won't”

Imelda nodded.

“You do delivery right?” He asked and she nodded again.

“I'll like to order for a cake…a birthday cake”

“Birthday cake?”

“Hmm…I want it delivered by you” He brought out a pen and wrote something on a sheet of paper extending it to her.

“Bring it to this address by 7 ”

Imelda looks at the address.

” I'd be expecting you…make sure to dress prettily” he winks at her smiling incessantly as he left the shop.

“Who's that?” Tess asked rushing to her.

“A weirdo” she replied.

“What did he say?”

“Some nonsense”

Tess eyed her before snatching the card from her.

She gasps.

“OMIGOD! No wonder he looks familiar…hey you've hit the jackpot girl!” Tess smack her shoulder.




Imelda sighs for the umpteenth time. She looks up to the gigantic building in front of her.

“Some people really gets it easy don't they?” She mutters to herself then look at the cake on her hand.

“Today is my birthday too…” She murmurs before bringing out her phone.

💬hey love its my b-day I'm sure you must be busy but can we still meet up later? I'll be waiting 💬 she texts.

“Let's get this over with” she kept her phone back in her bag before ringing the doorbell.

The door opened immediately as if it has been waiting for her arrival. She steps into the compond.

There seems to be a party going on…the place was colorful and blasting with music.

Different folks well dressed around

Some dancing

Some smoking

Some making out.

Nobody seems to even have her time. She felt uncomfortable and couldn't wait getting out of there.

Placing her hand on the doorknob in attempt to open the door to go inside the house, she was however met with something surprising.

“Miguel?!” She called in surprise.

Miguel seems more surprised.

What was she doing there?

She wasn't supposed to be there?

Imelda face lit up in smiles.


“Are you stalking me?”

Her smile faded immediately.

“Seriously Imelda?? Is this really what you amount to?”

“Miguel listen I…” He grabbed her arm.

“Do you really plan on disgracing me? Why can't you just let me have some peace? Why must you appear here uh?” He gruffed silently.

Imelda was beyond shocked.

She couldn't understand what was happening.

“Babe who is that?” A lady quizzed behind them locking hands with Miguel.

“She's nobody…don't mind her…” Miguel smiled at the lady.

Imelda's heart shattered immediately she heard that from the guy who has been her best friend for almost five years and has been in a relationship with for almost two years now.

Tears Cascades her eyes instantly.

“Oww…she looks shabby what's she doing here? Send her out already” the lady grimace.

“About to…” The lady stepped back while Miguel turns to the teary eyed Imelda.

“Go back for now we'll talk later” he tries to pull her outside.

Jesse who had been in one corner watching them smiled to himself.

“I guess it's time for me to step in…” He smirk then walked towards them.

“Beauty you're here” Jesse approach them with a smile. He collected the cake from her.

“You should have called” he said again giving her a hug.

Miguel seems obviously taken aback.

Imelda was still in a shock to know what was even happening.

Disengaging from the hug, he placed the cake in a nearby table and brought out a lighter.

While doing this, Miguel grabbed Imelda again.

“What's happening? How do you know Jesse?” He whisper asked.

Imelda looks at him. She was about talking but interrupted by Jesse.

“Excuse me but I have to take her now” he smiles at Miguel who released Imelda.

Jesse took her to the cake.

“Attention everyone! Yeah we all know the sole purpose of being here tonight is to celebrate the birthday of someone dear to me. You must be wondering who that is…I'm sure you all have a lot of questions” he began talking when murmuring arouse.

“Yeah that's right…she's the one…the lady I organized this for” he turns to Imelda smiling non stop.

“Beauty…happy birthday…thank you for coming to this world” he gave her a hug.

Miguel literally went berserk.

Imelda wasn't left out.

“Just go along for now…I'll explain the details later” Jesse whisper to her.

“Could you guys do me a honour of singing a birthday song to her.

They sang.

“Make a wish” Jesse said to her.

“I don't have a wish” she replied and blow off the candles.

“Happy birthday once again” Jesse smiles while Imelda just stared at him in wonder.

Who is he?

Why is he doing this?

Is he playing her? She thought.

“Let's go…I'm sure you have a tons of questions flowing through your head…I'll answer them all so just follow me” Jesse interrupted her thoughts locking their hands together they left.

Some look at her with hatred….some envy.

Some jealousy…while some with contempt.

Miguel just stood there watching them leave without being able to do anything.

Jesse closed the door gently as they entered his room.

“Have your sit”

“What's happening? Who are you and…how did you know…”

“Imelda Timbers…I have had my eyes on you for a while now” Jesse cut her off.


“I've known you for a while now I mean”

“But I don't know you”

“Sure you don't….don't fret I'm not a bad guy” he smiles pouring a drink.

“Have some”

“I don't drink”

Jesse nodded.

“You must be surprised by tonight…how I knew it's your birthday…meeting Miguel..”

“How did you know about him?”

“I told you I've known you for a while…it'll be strange if I don't know about him”

“Who are you?”

“Someone who have a crush on you”


“I couldn't come closer…because you had him…but then I realized…he doesn't deserve you. You saw it yourself tonight…what he did to you”

“Excuse me but…”

“Jesse…that's the name”

“I think I've to go now” she head for the door but Jesse stops her. He took her hand rubbing her palms softly.

“Not yet…I still have much to say” he smiles and took her to the bed sitting her down there. He crouched in front of her and held her hand softly.

“I know you must be confused right now but listen…you may not know me now but as time goes by don't you think you will…ever since I've set my eyes on you…I couldn't let go…I knew you aren't an ordinary lady. I couldn't continue watching you been deceived by that jerk. I'm ready to do anything for you Imelda…to you right now I may probably seems like a creepy stranger but rather than wasting your time on a guy who keeps hurting you how about betting your time on a stranger who is ready to go extra lengths for you? How about taking that reckless decision of holding onto me? I promise not to make you regret it” he said lofty looking affectionately at her.

She was on the edge.

Miguel is indeed hurting her and she doesn't wanna keep hurting herself by clinging onto him.

This stranger is offering himself willingly to make her free from the bandage of love she's in.

But is she that confident to take a stranger's hand.

What if she's just being deceived again?

What if…he's lying to her also.

Her best friend for five years called her nobody.

Her boyfriend for two years now disregarded her.

Is it really possible for this stranger to truly love her?

Is she falling for the same trap again?

She looks at him.



“Why aren't you passing the normal route?” Hardin asked the driver who had branched to the workers lane.

“I was told by your PA to pass here sir…he said he'll be waiting” the driver replied as he drove to the car parking lot.

“Morning Sir” Emma (His PA) greeted as he got out of the car.

“Save your greetings what's the matter?” Hardin asked rudely.

“The reporters are here to confirm the news Sir”

“What news?” He arch his brows while Emma showed him the article of Imelda running out of his hotel room with a tag.




“What?! No shit Sherlock!”

“An emergency meeting was called also…they're waiting for you”

“Those idiots!” He gritted leaving.


“Is this how you take care of the company? What with all the rumors going around?!” Mr Adams one of the shareholders asked angrily.

“We thought you've stopped this? Do you realize how you're damaging the company's image?” Another lambasted.

“You should all calm down…I'm gonna take take of it” Hardin said calmly.

“How will you do that? The media is all crazy about it?! If this continues then it's gonna affect the anniversary”

“You should have controlled it even if it's an urge. We don't want the situation that happened two years ago to repeat itself. You promised!” Another yelled at him. Now he was at his limit. How dare him bring up what happened two years ago.

He hit the table angrily making them all flinched.

“I said I'll take care of it…I'm gonna deal with it so come off it already uhh” he gritted and they all keep silent.

Hardin clasped his fist in anger before dashing out of the room.

“Are you okay Sir?” His PA asked following him while Hardin only glower at him.

“Those old geezers! They're really getting on my nerves…what did you get about her?”

“Not…nothing yet”

“Are you stupid or just plainly dense? I want you to find out everything about her. EVERYTHING without leaving one out” he ordered strictly and Emma nodded immediately.

“yes…yes Sir”

“Fool…who is behind this article?”

“The same reporter Sir”

“That darn reporter!” He gritted.

“The goods? Has it not arrived yet?” He asked.

“Sir…it has been sized”


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