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Loving You Is A Losing Game – Episode 23

Loving You Is A Losing Game – Episode 23

(Loving you was never my intention but it became my addiction)




“Maybe perhaps…'re the one I'm waiting for as my other half”



His phone wouldn't stop ringing…he opens his eyes slowly and sat up on the bed. He wipe off the little tear that escaped his eyes.

His eyes darted to his phone and he picked it up.

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“Why?” He asked on picking up.

“Hardin…there's trouble Imelda is asking me what happened two years ago” Jesse said at the other end and Hardin rubbed his eyes.

“Did you tell her?”

“”I dodged it for now but I don't think she's gonna stop but Hardin did something happened between you two? How did she know about two years ago?”

“I don't know Jesse…she just suddenly asked me also”

“So what are you gonna do?”

“Don't tell her anything…I'll sort it out somehow”

“Alright bro…I gotta go” He said and ends the call. Hardin sighs and remembers the cruel dream he just had.

His head hurts. He dialed another number.

“Come over” He said then hung up throwing his phone on the bed. He stood and head to his bathroom.


Kim cat walked into the house looking happy Hardin called her over. She sashay into his room and was surprised to find him unclad. Seems he had been waiting for her.

“Hey babe_” He interrupted her with a hard kiss. Giving her no chance to protest or do anything he yanked off her clothes roughly and pushed her to the bed. This was different from the ones they've been having. He literally pours all his frustrations into it. It wasn't for the pleasure…it was for the pains he was feeling. Even Kim could tell something was wrong as he was going rough on her. His eyes held no emotions she held unto him tightly as he keeps going rough and hard on her. She cries.

Still unclothed, Hardin got a drink and pours it into the glass cup.

Kim was on the bed. She felt sore in between her legs.

“Is something bothering you?” She quizzed.

He walks towards the bed and sat at the end of it backing her.

“Let's stop this” He said flinty

“Stop what?” Kim asked hoping it's not what she's thinking.


“No…we…we have nothing to stop Hardin…I think I've got to go” she stood from the bed taking her scattered clothes from the floor.

“I should have done that a long time ago”

She pretends not to hear him and started wearing her clothes.

“I delayed it too long…that was my mistake…I should do the right thing now”

“STOP HARDIN! PLEASE STOP!!” She was already crying by now. Hardin stood and walked towards her. She moves back shaking her head.

He held both her shoulders.

“It's time to move on Kim”

“Is it that easy for you to move on?” She asked tearfully.

“I…have done you wrong…I should have let you go a long time…but I was selfish” He wipes her tears as more came out.

“I'm sorry Kim ” He said almost inaudible.

“Don't leave me Hardin don't…I don't know what to do without you” She cried more.

“Kim…you'll do just fine without me”

“Tell me…is it because of her? Is it? Are you leaving me because of that girl…Hardin you and I have been together for so long can you really throw me away just like that?”

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“This has nothing to do with her…it's because of me…and you most especially…I don't want to hurt you Kim”

“But you're hurting me right now”

“You have a life to live Kim…it's time you live your life…I won't hold you back anymore…move on from the past and I will too” he said and she hugs him.

“I don't wanna leave you Hardin….I don't want to”

“This is for the best Kim…I'm sorry” He hugs her back while she cries in his arms.


It's been some hours Kim left after crying her eyes out. Hardin discover this is what he should have done a long time ago. He stalled it too long. The house became boring…but he was in no mood to go out or talk to anyone. He walks around the room and eventually lands in Imelda room. He walks into the room and sat on the bed. He remembers the dream he had earlier.

“Will you really do that to me?” He asked no one in particular. He lay on the bed but then his eyes caught something. He picked up the card.

“Reporter Edwin Coker?” He mouthed looking at the business card.


Jesse sips his drink as the ladies beside him rubs his body seductively.

“You're looking dull prince”

“Yeah….play with us” The ladies said to the uninterested Jesse.

Kim walked angrily to the bar to get some drinks. After crying for a long time…she couldn't think of other thing but to come clear her head at the club. She had always known Hardin would do that but never knew it'd be so sudden like this.

“A glass of tequila” She said unfriendly and she was served her drink. After gulping down the glass she decided to dance it off. She sashay to the dance hall sexily but then a lady mistakenly trod on her.

“Argh!” She yelped and land a resonating slap on her cheek before she could even think of apologizing. The lady held her cheek.

“Who do you think you are uh? How dare you dirty thing step on me!” She yelled pushing the lady.

“Don't you have eyes? You must be damn stupid uh!!” She made to slap her again but then a hand held her hand midway.

She looks back with a death glare to the person who turns out to be Jesse.

Her anger grew more.

“And how dare you touch me!!” She slaps him with her other hand. The people who had already gathered gasp.

Jesse did nothing but just dragged her out of there as she continues ranting.

They got to where he parked his car and he let her go. Immediately he did he received another hot slap. Jesse held his cheek. She started marching away but he ran after her holding her back. She made to slap him again but he held her hand midway.

“Stop this Kimberly! Stop already!!!” He howled at her.

“How dare you yell at me?”

“Kim listen…this is unlike you what's happening with you?”

“Don't act like you know me” She glared.

“Let go” She wriggle her wrist from his hold.

“Can you just listen for some minutes…see I know you're damn angry at me…but don't you think it's time to stop all these already? It's been five years now Kim five years! Haven't you punished me enough? Until when are you really gonna torture me for?”

“You wanna know? I wish you suffer forever…I wish you could feel the pain you caused me hundred times….I wish you…could never be happy Jesse…I hate you”

“What if I say I still love you?”

“You won't dare say that”

“Kim please…forgive me already…you've hurt me enough don't you think? Not a day pass by did I not regret that night…please Kim…stop doing this to me…” He leans closer and held her face.

“I really don't know how to continue…I don't know how to keep livinging without you Kim…” He said staring at her affectionately.

“You've hurt me a lot Jesse…I don't think I can ever forgive you” she said with some tears escaping her eyes.

“Forgive me Kim…I'm sorry…I'm really sorry” he cries resting his forehead on hers.

“I'm sorry…” He kept saying as his tears drop on her exposed b**bs.

She held his face now making him look at her.

Their noses touches. She held his face still Jesse had released her hand now so she brought both to his face while he held hers also.

The both keep up their muffle cries till their lips met. The kissed tasted like their tears…they kissed slowly taking their time to savor the taste they had had for the past five years now.

He pulled her closer by the waist her hand keep holding his face as they deepen the kiss affectionately not caring if they're in public.

His hand went to her @ss squeezing it. Their tongues play with each other in their mouth. It was going so well until her mind started going back to that night…five years ago when he saw him…on the bed together with her cousin…having s*x. The pain returned…she couldn't take it she pushes him away giving him a resounding slap before running away in tears.

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She felt hurt….over and over again.

She had loved him so much.

She so much trusted him…but then he betrayed her. He hurt her much more than she can ever imagined. That incident left a scar in her heart. She hated him since then and vowed to get back at him the same way he did. So that's how she got into the relationship she had with Hardin…the other victim of their betrayal. And what she did really works cause since then Jesse had been living in misery even though he doesn't show it. He becomes a playboy…just to find a girl…who can make him feel like he's with Kim but he has never found one. Up to this moment…he still loves her…and he never stopped loving her though she has hurt him…a thousand times. He doesn't stop regretting that particular night…which changed their lives forever.

Jesse dipped his hand in his hair as he watch her ran off.


“Have you thought about well?” Tess asked Imelda who was backing her on the bed.

“About what?”

“Your feelings”

“I told you there's nothing to think about” She murmurs.

“You think so? I'm sure you're probably thinkimg of him right now”

“I'm not!” She snapped sharply.

They went silent for a while.

“Why are you so scared of loving him? What's happening to you?” Tess asked softly.

It took a while for Imelda to reply.

“I'm ain't scared of falling in love Tess…I'm just scared…of falling for the wrong person…again. I think I'm done…getting hurt and being used” she replied.

“Good night” She added closing her eyes.


Imelda walked slouchy to her room. She opens the door and walked in but was surprised to see Hardin on her bed sleeping.

What's he doing here? She thought.

She patted him gently waking him up.


He groaned and open his drowsy eyes.

“Imelda?” He called on seeing her sitting up. He rubs his eyes.

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“You're back”

“Why are you here instead of your room?”

“I was waiting for you” He said and she dropped her bag.

“Why would you be doing that?”

“How was your trip?”

“It went fine” She replied and he nodded.

“How…are you?” She asked awkwardly.

“How do you think?” He asked back.

“Well I'm not you…I don't know”She snorted and he chuckles.

“What's funny?”


She looks away.

“Can you take a sit?” He patted the bed gesturing beside him.

She sighs and sat on the bed but leaving a little space between them.

Hardin moves closer sitting next to her.

“What do you want?” She breath out.

“I'm…just glad to have you back” He said. Imelda stares at him for some moments. She can see an expression of sadness and fear in his eyes.

“Are you going through something?” She asked looking directly at him.

He choose not to response taking his eyes away from her.

“It's okay not to tell me but you know God is the best listener…you don't need to shout or cry out loud because he hears the very silent prayer of a sincere heart” She said and he nods. She find it surprising he accepted what she said without any argument.

“Hardin can you be honest with me?” She said again and now he looks at her.

“Are you hiding something from me?” She asked.

“Must I answer that?”He asked back.

“I won't force you”

“I have my bad days too…this just happens to be one of it” He said. She brought her right palm to his face.

“We all have our bad days…I won't push further just know if you ever changed your mind on telling me what it is…I'm always here to listen” She said softly and he place his palm on her hand on his face closing his eyes.

“Thank you for coming back” He mutters. And for the first time she pulled him into her arms for a warm embrace. He wrapped his arms around her.

“I know you're hiding something Hardin…whatever it is…I hope…none of us gets hurt in the end ” She thought in her mind.

“I had a terrible dream where you left…I was so scared thinking it was real…can you promise me something Imelda? Please promise me that no matter what happens…contract or no contract…you'll never…leave my side. You'll always…be there” he mumbles on his shoulder.

“I can't promise you that Hardin…but I'll try my best”


Hardin's car parked and Imelda looks around her.

“Why are we here again?” She opted but he says nothing only getting out of the car. No matter how much he thinks about it…he's really anxious about the dream he had and he needed to clear his head off. So this was the only option he had. Imelda walked into the club hammering with music awkwardly. She had vowed never to come there again but there she is all thanks to her almighty boyfriend.

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She tried avoiding the people enjoying their night like a plague and walked to where Hardin is already seated. For over an hour she sat there awkwardly glaring at Hardin who wouldn't talk to her but instead play dirty with some girls she presumed as sluts.

They crack jokes among themselves…laughs and drink. She felt really uncomfortable and stuffy she feel like leaving and fortunately Hardin make it easier for her when he stood and went with out of the ladies to the dancing stage. Standing up she dodge Hardin and walk out of the club.

“I'll just wait in the car or out here” Was her thought however on getting outside she was met with a surprised instead.

“You smoke?” She opted in surprise.

He snapped his head to her a d in seeing her he instinctively dropped the cigarette in hid hand.

“I…Imelda?” He asked called shocked.

“Wow…I never expected that from you Alfred?” She said obviously disappointed.

He sighs.

“It's just a thing I do everytime I feel down…like when I feel like I'm not needed” He said in a pitiful manner.

“What do you mean?”

“I was actually rejected…by a woman I love…so right now…I'm heartbroken so can you spare me…your lecture on smoking”

“That…still justify you smoking and drinking”

“If you feel what I feel right now…you wouldn't hesitate to wallow yourself in alcohol Imelda. It's takes the pain away as much as…make you forget your pain…even if it's just for a while. Why don't you come take a sit with me? Seems like you didn't like it Inside” he offered and she reluctantly sat beside him.

“Want some?” He extend the bottle of alcohol to her. She looks at it for some seconds.

“No I don't drink…thanks” He mutters.

“This won't get you drunk though…I drink it just for the taste” He said.

“Cam you tell me something?”

“I'm feeling it isn't something small”

“Alfred…you're my last hope and I feel you surely know the truth. For the sake of our friendship I want you to tell me the truth”

“What happened…two years ago at the hotel?” She blurts out while Alfred's eyes went wide. He looks away drinking the alcohol.

“Where did you hear that Imelda?”


“Why do you wanna know?”

“I just….want to…badly”

“You'll only get hurt”

“I'm ready to hear the truth Alfred…no matter what it is”

“Are you sure?”

“Um” She nodded affirmatively

He maintained silence for a while.

“You know what why don't you take a swig…I don't think you can take it easily. It's something really big you know”

“But…I don't drink”

“Come on…you don't trust me? I'll explain everything that happened that night…in details. So just…take a swig” He extend the bottle to her with a smile. Curiosity got the best of her.

“It's just once…I can handle it” She thought within collecting it. She gulp down a small content of the alcohol.

“Arrgh! It's burns” She said fanning her throat. Alfred chuckles.

“Oh come you didn't took much…take it one more time”

“No…I'm…I'm fine Alfred”

“Don't you wanna know what happened that night?”

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