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Pregnant For The Devil Episode 15

Pregnant For The Devil Episode 15



Written By; Amara Chy 💋

Genre; Dark Romance and Tragedy.

Tags: Brutal s3x, viol3nce, nud!ty, betrayal, tragedy, love.

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“Because she's carrying your child” Xander broke the news and Miguel gasped, his face went pale with shock or fear? Laura was also shocked, her mouth was open and she was hoping that her ears were deceiving her.

“What!?” Miguel asked. Ariel had already fallen asleep, she couldn't stop herself, the sedative had taken it's toll on her body.

“Yes, she is” Xander replied.

“Doctor, how true is this?” Laura asked the frightened doctor standing by the bed. The doctor nodded, adjusting his glasses.

“She is, almost a month gone” he revealed and Miguel gasped again. Laura stormed out in anger.

“How? Why?” Miguel scratched his head. He has had many s3x slaves and mistresses in the past, none of them had ever fallen pregnant, so why Ariel? Why now? How come!?

“What do you mean? You've been sleeping with her everyday since she got here and you never bothered to use protection. She was scared to tell you because you might harm her baby” Xander explained.

“But the other ladies..”

“.. you killed them all in just one week of being with them Miguel. I'm just surprised that Ariel is alive until now” Xander sighed, rubbing his head.

Miguel stood there, many thoughts running through his head. He never planned on becoming a father so soon, he never expected something like this to happen. If he was ever going to have a child, it would have probably been from Laura, not his mistress! He was confused and bitter.

“I'm going to see the doctor off” Xander informed and left with the doctor while Miguel went closer to Ariel's bed. She was in a deep sleep, and looked very cute and innocent. Miguel tilted his head to a corner and stared at her. He had never noticed how innocent she looked.

“Why? How dare you put me in this situation?” He asked and sighed. His eyes went to her belly, he reached out to touch it but withdrew his hand.

“F*ck” he groaned.

He simply left the room, informing Farouk to bring her to him once she was awake. In the meantime, he was going to work on how to bring Jerry down. He barely concentrated on that, all he could think about was his child that Ariel was carrying.

Laura was in her room, crying and breaking most of the vases. She was heartbroken, bitter and angry. She has been trying for so many years to get pregnant for Miguel but that didn't happen. And now all of a sudden, an ordinary slave came from nowhere and got pregnant!

“No!!!” She cried, passing her fingers through her long hair.

“I won't let this happen! I won't! She will not have that child! She won't take Miguel from me! She will never have peace!!” Laura screamed, sweating. She entered the bathroom immediately and locked herself in.

Later that day, Xander was coming into the mansion when he met Sally cleaning. He was just coming back from an errand, Miguel had sent him to carry out some investigations about Jerry.

“Good evening master” she greeted, focusing on her work.

“Sally, did you take food to Ariel?” He asked.

“Not yet, she's not awake yet” Sally replied, looking angry.

“Please make sure she eats when she wakes up” he said and tried walking away but Sally spoke up, stopping him.

“I find it hard to believe that you still care so much about her even though she's carrying someone else's child. Why don't you forget about her and understand that she can never be yours” Sally rolled her eyes.

“So you expect me to like you instead? You have such a rotten character and I can never have anything to do with you. If you hadn't been so evil to report Ariel to Miguel, maybe I would have considered being with you” Xander returned and she fumed.

“I will never let her have peace” Sally said. Xander grabbed her neck and pinned her to the wall in anger. She kicked her legs and tried to get free.

“If you even think of hurting a single hair on her head, I'll make sure you never see the light of day again” he whispered.

“I'll tell Miguel that you kissed her” she continued to threaten him.

“I'm in charge of you, I can kill you right here and now” he tightened his grip on her neck and she struggled for breath.

“I'm sorry.. I'm.. sorry” she coughed and he released her. He glared at her and walked away while she coughed and breathed heavily.

“I won't let you be with her.. I won't” she said.

Xander went straight to Miguel's room and met him shirtless, smoking. Miguel turned to him when he heard the door open.

“Any news?”

“I managed to find out that he has an underground warehouse, where his expensive loot is kept” he explained.

“Good. We attack it, tomorrow night. We'll take everything, including his life. Make preparations for that” Miguel ordered and sighed, scratching his head. Xander noticed his foul mood and decided to ask.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

“I'm just confused” Miguel replied.

“Ariel is pregnant for me, and I don't know what to do about it” he added.

“Are you planning to get rid of the child? Don't tell me that's what you're thinking–”

“It's not. I can't kill my own child. The problem is Ariel” Miguel answered

“There's no problem there Miguel, you're just overthinking the whole thing. It's very simple, just look after her till she delivers” Xander suggested.

“And what happens after that? I can't marry her! What if she wants to keep the child? I won't let her have my child” Miguel puffed out smoke and sighed.

“I know exactly what to do Xander. Just leave it to me, I'll make sure I keep my child” he added and Xander shrugged.

He was hoping that Miguel doesn't do anything to hurt Ariel. Miguel on the other hand, planned to get rid of Ariel as soon as the child was born, he despised Ariel, and would never want his child to know her as it's mother.

Hours later, Ariel woke up and Farouk immediately sent her to Miguel's room. She was scared, Miguel had found out about her pregnancy and she had no idea what he would do to her.

“Master you sent for me” she bowed as soon as entered.

“Yes Ariel” he replied and walked towards her. Ariel stood still as he circled her again.

“You're pregnant huh?” He asked, she remained silent.

“You know I have every reason to doubt that it's mine” he said and Ariel looked up at him in shock.

“Yes! You had something to do with a guard when I was away” he scoffed.

“That was a week ago master. I'm a month pregnant” Ariel replied, clearing his doubts.

“Fine. Let's say it's mine, it doesn't change anything”

“You're still my slave, you'll still pleasure me whenever I demand. But, you'll be staying in my room from now on and be well taken care of” he glared at her and Ariel couldn't stop the tears from rushing down. She wondered how a man could be so callous and evil. Even after being pregnant with his child, he's still insisting on torturing her??

“What if I lose the child?” She asked, her voice was shaky.

“You won't. We Coopers are very strong and we don't give up so easily. My child will be fine” he smirked and went closer to her.

“I'll have Farouk prepare you a bed opposite mine, to keep an eye on you” he added and she nodded, still shedding tears.

“You look enticing” he lowered his head and kissed her neck and shoulders, then trailed his hands to her breasts. He tore off her clothes and made her lie on the bed, spreading her legs open for him. Ariel tried to plead with him to spare her but he didn't listen, he had his way with her forcefully. But thankfully, he didn't whip her this time around. He released into her before climbing down and entering the bathroom.

Ariel curled herself up and wept bitterly. This devil really has no repentance. She thought that the pregnancy would stop him from taking advantage of her like he did but that didn't happen. Her hatred for him increased.

“He probably wants to kill me and take my child..” she sniffed. Ariel wiped her tears and her eyes were suddenly filled with rage.

“I have been naive and submissive all my life. I have allowed people to use me as they please but not anymore. This child, is mine and I won't let anyone take it from me. Miguel, I will make sure this child is the end of you.. I will make you fall so hard for me, and crush you in the end.. you'll be in pain for the rest of your life” she declared and lowered her head.


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