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Pregnant For The Devil Episode 30


DEVIL πŸ’”πŸ€°

Written By; Amara Chy πŸ’‹

Genre; Dark Romance and Tragedy.

Tags: Brutal s3x, viol3nce, nud!ty, betrayal, tragedy, love.

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“Alright, I’ve gotten information about where Jerry must be keeping Ariel and I drafted a plan” Xander said in the van with his men and soldiers surrounding him. It was a very large spy van which he hired immediately they entered Switzerland. Since all Miguel’s wealth had been returned to him, it wasn’t difficult to go to Switzerland.

“Here’s the plan. We’re going to invade the mansion by sundown, from all angles. I’ll take the entrance with Jack, Claw and Manny. The rest of you will be in groups of five and take the back entrance, and the two fences” Xander explained, staring at each of them. They nodded in agreement to the plan.

“Make sure you gun down every man in sight. As soon as we gain entrance, my group will go for Jerry and the others will find Ariel. She must be returned safely.. I repeat! Must!” Xander sounded and they all chorus a “yes sir!”

“Go and get ready” he said and they all jumped out of the van, disappearing into the hideout where all their weapons were kept.

Xander called his technician, to find out about any new developments but there weren’t any. He sighed and fell back into the swivel chair.

“Don’t worry Ariel, I’m going to find you, I don’t care how long it takes but I’m never going to give up until I find you” he soliloquized before shutting his eyes. He had missed her so much, he couldn’t wait to set eyes on her and embrace her again. The only thing that bothered him was how Miguel would react to him loving Ariel when he wakes up.


Later that evening, as soon as the sun went down, Xander and his men got ready and left for the address. The mansion was indeed a big one. And just as they had suspected, there were guards everywhere, littered both outside and inside the mansion.

“Boss, there are so many guards on patrol. There will be a big gun fight if we attack. What if the police are triggered?” One of the men asked and Xander shook his head.

“That’s why I got this” Xander smirked, pulling out a bomb. It was a gas bomb, filled with a special kind of gas that makes anyone that sniffs it in pass out instantly. The effects lasts up to two hours. Xander wore his gas mask and his men did the same. He boldly stepped down from the van and approached the guards.

“Hey! Who are you?!” One of them yelled, attracting the attention of the others. They all pointed their guns to him at the same time. Xander scoffed and threw the bomb. It immediately exploded and the gas spread across the vicinity. The guards started dropping like flies, falling into deep slumber.

“Goodnight suckers” Xander chuckled and made his way into the mansion. How men followed and they finished off the remaining guards inside. They ran into the mansion from all angles, breaking every door and pulling out every window, looking for Ariel and Jerry. To their surprise and unfortunately for them, not a single soul was found inside. Apart from the guards outside, the place was empty.

“F*ck!!” Xander screamed, removing his gas mask and slamming it on the floor in anger. He was afraid that all his efforts had been wasted.

“What the f*ck happened!? Where is Ariel!?” He asked in frustration and scratched his head.

“Boss, I have reasons to believe that they knew we were coming” one of the men said, presenting Xander with Ariel’s hair pin. Xander knew it was hers because it was one of a kind, a butterfly clip that has been on her hair since Miguel brought her into the clan. For some reason, she never takes it off, maybe it’s sentimental.

“Ariel’s hairpin” Xander gasped, taking it.

“This means..” his eyes widened when he came to a realization.

“That b*tch Laura! She still has some of the passwords to our security systems. Maybe she got to know that we were coming and informed Jerry!! Argghhhh!” He groaned and stormed out of the house.


Jerry untied Ariel and made her sit on a wooden chair. She was crying throughout the whole journey. All of a sudden she was bundled and thrown into a car that brought them here. She looked around, the place was unfamiliar, it was less luxurious compared to the mansion she was kept before. It was a totally different house.

“That was a close one, what have you done to these men to make them run after you like this? Did you hypnotize them? I wonder how important you are to them!” Jerry scoffed and left the room, locking it from outside. Ariel suddenly recalled that she heard Jerry and a woman talking.. Xander must have come to look for her!! The thought of that made her burst out crying.


Jerry was in his study, going through some files when Laura burst in, looking worried. Ariel was cleaning the corridor then, she saw Laura entering but didn’t see her face very well so she had no idea that it was Laura.

“Who’s chasing you? Why did you come in here like that?” Jerry questioned, looking outside in case anyone followed her.

“Jerry, if I were you I’d start running too” Laura said, breathing heavily.

“I logged in to Miguel’s private computer and saw some activity going on. They are planning an attack here! Infact, they have already landed in Switzerland as we speak!” Laura broke the news and Jerry gasped, flaring up.

“What!? I thought Miguel was in a coma?” He asked, looking confused.

“He is, but his right hand man isn’t! If you don’t act now, you might as well kiss all your hard work goodbye!” Laura warned. Jerry was already panicking, he knew he’d be in trouble, not only of losing all he has gained, but also with the police. Since Miguel had been acquitted, he’s now in the list of wanted criminals.

“Oh f*ck! This isn’t good! We have to get out of here immediately” he said and ran out of the study. He ran into Ariel in the corridor and ordered the guards around to bundle her to the car. Ariel tried to scream and struggle and that was when her hairpin fell out. She was tied up and taken to the car. Jerry left for a different location, leaving his guards there for Xander to find.

β˜… BACK TO PRESENT~ Two weeks later q β˜…


Xander left a large number of his men in Switzerland and came back to Mexico to check on Miguel. He sat next to him in silence, watching him intensely. Xander was frustrated that he didn’t find Ariel in time but he wasn’t giving up yet. He was tired though and wished Miguel would wake up and assist him.

“Ari..” he heard all of a sudden and gasped.

“Miguel?” He called, shocked. Miguel moved his head to the left and groaned, breathing heavily.

“Ari.. Ariel please stay with me” he muttered. Xander dashed out of the ward and called the doctors. The doctors told Xander to wait outside while they try and stabilize Miguel.

Xander prayed and hoped that he would wake up, it has been long, too long. The coma has been the worst thing to ever happen to the clan.

“How is he?” Xander rushed at the doctor who just came out from the ward.

“Finally! He’s awake and well!” The doctor chuckled happily. Xander smiled widely and entered the ward. Miguel was already sitting up, looking very weak.

“Miguel!” Xander immediately hugged him but Miguel didn’t hug him back. He never forgot the last thing Xander said to him before he went into coma.

“I’m in love with her as well”

“Oh my gosh Miguel. You don’t know how happy I am to have you back! We’ve all missed you terribly and we need you” Xander confessed, breaking the hug. Miguel stared at him blankly before turning his head to the window.

“Did you find her? Did you find MY Ariel?” Was the first thing Miguel said, glaring at Xander.

Xander immediately realized, that the both of them were after the same woman’s heart! Miguel on the other hand, started to develop hate for Xander. So he has been the one all this time? The reason he killed a hundred of his guards? So he’s the man Ariel has been going around with? He got angrier as e thought about it.

“I.. I haven’t” Xander replied.

“Don’t bother looking for her anymore. I will find the mother of my child by myself” Miguel scoffed and looked away.

“It doesn’t have to be this way Miguel. I’m willing to compromise..” Xander stated.

“I’m not interested, just stay out of my way” Miguel retorted.

“We’re friends Miguel” Xander reminded.

“Are we? You confirmed that we are not when you decided to love my woman!” Miguel fired.


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