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[STORIES] One Night With A Stranger Episode Eleven


(am in love with him)❤❤❤

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💭 Regina POV💭
“you can't say that Regina,not all men are the same,you can't let what happen in the past tarnish you for good”
“they are all the same to me Jennifer and Chris isn't an exception” Regina said
“really Regina you need to come out of your world, can't you see that this guy like you, he is even courting you,can you imagine, no one courts a girl nowaday but to win your heart he is trying to court you” Jennifer said


“point of correction,he is not courting me to win my heart,he is doing it so he can get me into his bed again and that's something am not ready to do” Regina said
“common Reggie maybe he just said that to hide his feeling but when I was watching the both of you outside I could see love in his eyes even at the party,when you came downstairs and was dancing with that guy,he suddenly became furious like he was jealous which he definitely was that night”
“don't try to speak for him Jennifer,he is just like the rest”
“this is the issue your comparing all the men with john,which is not right, tell me something, when you see him don't you feel your heart beating fast and then you feel those little


butterflies in your tummy or don't you feel good when he kisses you and touch you” Jennifer said and Regina thought about it,anytime she sees him she always feel all those things Jennifer mentioned, while dating John, she had never felt it before,which always made her wonder why she felt those things with him, especially when he kisses her,she alway……

“you see your thinking about it,it did happen right,you felt those things anytime he touched you, kissed you,caress yo…..”
“no I don't feel all those things Jennifer” Regina denied
“are you sure”
“” yes I am and please let's close this topic”she said


“well then if that's what you want but little sis take this piece of advice from me,always follow your heart it will lead you to the right path” Jennifer said and she said her goodnight to Regina and then retired to her own room.
Regina sat still thinking about what Jennifer said to her”follow your heart,it will lead you to the right path”
could it really lead her right,could she trust this heart of hers and most especially could she trust Chris.


Regina couldn't sleep and she got to the office early only to be greeted by a new work which was placed on her desk,she had gotten home late last night so she could finish Gracie work now another is placed on her desk,they really wanted her dead before her time.
she began to work on the files when all of them began to walk including Lucy the only person who hadn't arrived yet is Chris.
she was talking to Lucy when suddenly Gracie walked up to them and she angrily threw a file on her
“what rubbish is this” she yelled angrily getting the attention of the rest
“what are you talking about” Regina said as she starred at the paper
“I asked you to do something but you just did rubbish” Gracie yelled
Regina and Lucy both checked the file and saw nothing wrong with it
“but its okay” Lucy said
“just shut up Lucy am not talking to you” Gracie said
“but she is saying the truth,I did it right”
“you didn't and I want you to do it again or else you will be fired” Gracie said
“but nothing regina, you keep on looking for ways to seduce the boss instead of facing your work” gracie said and it finally dawned on her why Gracie was acting like a lunatic and stirring up trouble,it was because of Chris
“look am not going to do this again just to feed that stupid ego of your…….” Regina couldn't finish her word when Gracie slapped her
“are you insane……”
“just shut up Lucy or you'll be next,redo this file and submit it to me again” Gracie said
“what's going on” Chris said behind them and on hearing his voice every one faced their work,Gracie looked shocked
“I just asked a question right? what is going on” he asked starring at Regina
“its nothing sir” Regina said
“thank God youve arrived sir,Regina and Lucy here are stirring up trouble,they both started this” Gracie said
“LIAR!!!your such a big liar,you evil witch!sir Regina and I didn't start a thing,its her who started everything,she even slapped Regina for trying to defend herself” Lucy said
“is this true” Chris asked starring at Regina
“yes sir it is”
“Gracie come with me,you and I need to have a word” he said going to his office and Gracie followed suit.
“you shouldn't have said a thing” Regina said
“I couldn't just sit back and watch that witch win and any thing that happens to her she deserves it” Lucy said angrily
Regina was feeling restless, she had to know what was going on,she continued her work and when Gracie finally emerged from his office she was looking so annoyed
“Regina can I have a minute with you” Chris called for her and she went to meet him,as soon as she got into his office he locked the door and turned her to him
he gently touched her bruised cheek
“you don't have to” she said trying to get out of his hold
“she is such a bitch,just can't stand her anymore so I fired her”he said
” you did what?”
“you heard me and Gracie had that coming” he said
“you shouldn't have fired her”
“don't feel guilty Regina and I didn't call you here to fight,I called to ask you what kind of restaurant you like” he said
“restaurant? for what?”
“to take you there, remember am courting you” Chris said
“I already told you not to”
“but I want to,so just tell me”.
” since you insist so much on courting me,why don't you think about the kind of restaurant that I will like”she said and walk out of the office.
“you think it will last right well you are in for a surprise” Gracie said to her and she walked out of the office
Regina good mood changed when she heard what Gracie said.
was it really going to last
what do you guys think of this episode✌✌✌✌
in the next episode someone from their past will be coming back to cause trouble between them 👌👌👌
who do you think it will be💭💭💭💭

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