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The Broken Alpha Episode 10

The Broken Alpha Episode 10

💥{ The Light In His Darkness }💥

A dark romance 🖤🖤

By; Amara Chy ✍️

Genres: Dark romance, Tragedy, Thriller.

Warning: Do not read if you can't stand forced s3x and brutality!!❌❌
Strictly 🔞🔞


“I heard that master's warehouse was burnt last night” Antoinette said to Adena and she scoffed.

“Serves him right.. he deserves every pain he must be feeling right now” Adena answered, she had developed an intense hatred for Logan and wished to see his downfall.

Antoinette sighed.

She had come to give Adena some food and also offered to braid Adena's big red hair.

“You know, he wasn't always this cruel. Back when we were kids, he used to be such a sweet boy, but I don't know what made him to change..” Antoinette said.

“Still doesn't give him the right to treat anyone the way he does” Adena maintained.

“You're right.. it doesn't”. Antoinette continued braiding Adena's hair and they talked about other things.

💢 9:00am 💢

Camilla entered her car with two men, they were assigned to her to guard her by her brother, Tyson. They were heading to the office that morning when they were cornered by a black jeep.

“Get down!!” The men in mask yelled, firing gunshots into the air. Camilla and her unarmed bodyguards got down from their car. The goons beat up the guards mercilessly before forcefully taking Camilla with them.

“Please don't hurt me.. please” she cried, scared for her life. They yelled at her to keep quiet and forced her into the jeep before driving away.

“What?!!” Tyson jerked up from his chair. He stared at the two wounded bodyguards he had assigned to take care of his sister.

“Where is my sister? Where is Camilla?!!” He yelled at them, fuming.

“We are sorry sir.. they were heavily armed, we couldn't stop them from taking miss Camilla” one of the guards answered, lowering his head.

“You fools!!!” Tyson cried out.

Camilla was his only family, she was all he had, ever since the death of his parents. He loved her beyond words, and would give his life for her. Tyson knew exactly who had kidnapped his sister, and he wasted no time before calling him.

📞 “Logan! How dare you? How dare you touch my sister!?”

📞 “You haven't seen anything just yet! I only have your sister, by the time I'm done with you, you'll have absolutely nothing left”

📞 “You'll never get away with this! Release my sister immediately”

📞 “If you surrender everything you own to me, I'll let her go”

📞 “Never”

📞 “Fine then. I think your sister will make a sweet s3x toy”

📞 “Logan!! Don't even think about that! Logan!!”

Logan had already hung up. Tyson threw the phone at the wall in anger and it shattered to pieces. He groaned loudly, feeling intense hatred and anger. He wouldn't let Logan win this time, he wouldn't let that monst*r touch his sister. He was going to retaliate.

“Logan.. I don't think it's a good idea to involve Camilla in this. Tyson is the one who burnt your warehouse” Damon said, he felt sorry for Camilla. He couldn't bear to see her tied up and tortured. He had feelings for her.

“Are you serious Damon?” Logan asked. He was surprised because Damon had never taken the side of his enemy before.

“What has come over you? That woman is the sister to Tyson. Isn't it obvious they're working together? Look Damon, don't upset me, just be ready for anything because that Tyson is stubborn. He'll try to do something stupid” Logan said and left.

Damon was put in charge of looking after Camilla. She had been placed in one of the rooms inside Logan's compound. It wasn't in the main house, just opposite it.

Damon felt bad everytime he looked at her, she was always crying, he wished he could help her, but he didn't want to betray his friend.. and boss.

💢 6:18pm 💢

Logan was in the living room with some of his men, including Damon, discussing their next line of action, when suddenly, gunshots were heard outside. The windows were shot at and the glasses shattered.

“Get down!” Logan screamed and they all scrambled for safety. Logan ran upstairs to his room and went to balcony to see what was causing all the commotion. He saw Tyson with his men, they were many.

They continued to shoot until Tyson sighted Logan.

“Hold your fire!!” He told his men and they stopped shooting.

“Release my sister to me immediately! Or you'll lose your life. I'll set this house ablaze as well!” Tyson yelled.

“I'm ready for you! I will never ever accept defeat!” Logan yelled back and ran downstairs. He already had armed men, he gave the order and a gun fight ensued. Logan's men were shooting and Tyson's men were also shooting.

Bullets were flying into the mansion, Adena, Antoinette and Liliana were lying flat in Adena's room. Liliana had a blood pressure problem, she was so scared and her blood pressure was high. Antoinette was crying, seeing how uneasy her mother had become.

“Adena! What do we do? Mother is dying!” She cried.

“We have to get to a safe place first. The bullets might hit us if we stay here any longer” Adena said. She crawled over to where Liliana was sitting on the floor and held her hand.

“Don't worry, you'll be fine” she said. Liliana only nodded, she was finding it hard to breathe.

“Antoinette, help me, let's take her to the basement” she said.

They were crawling on the floor, to avoid stray bullets, and they managed to pull Liliana along with them. Antoinette pointed the way to the basement and they hurried towards it.

Thankfully, they made it to the basement safely but the gun fight didn't seem to be ending anytime soon.

“We have to stabilize her..” Adena said.

“Her medicines are up in the room” Antoinette replied.

“I remember something.. when I was still at the boarding school, miss Hannah used an orthodox method to stabilize a girl who had high blood pressure. I hope it works” Adena said.

“Lie down ma” she said to Liliana. Adena helped her to lie flat on her back. Antoinette held her hand, crying.

“Mom please be strong” she said.

“Stop crying Antoinette, you'll only make the situation worse” Adena cautioned.

“Now ma, breathe at my pace.. do what I do” she instructed.

“Take one deep breath” Adena took a very long, deep breath and Liliana followed.

“Now breathe out” she breathed out and Liliana did the same.

“Great, now keep doing that..” she said and Liliana continued to breathe in and out.

“Antoinette, you stay with her. I'll go get her drugs and be back as soon as I can” Adena said.

“Please be careful” Antoinette answered.

Adena took off immediately, making sure to stay low to avoid bullets. She entered Liliana's room and dug around for a while before finally finding the medicines. She rushed back to the basement and gave it to Liliana. The blood pressure calmed down a bit.. Adena was relieved.

“You better give up now and give my sister back!!” Tyson yelled, firing a shot at Logan but he dodged it perfectly.

“You should have known better than to burn my warehouse! I won't stop until I ruin you!” Logan yelled and shot at him but missed.

There was no doubt that Logan was winning the gun fight, he had more men and was more powerful, but Tyson was proving stubborn.

Damon was with Camilla, he had rushed to keep her safe when the gun fight ensued.

“Damon, I beg you, please let me go. Please” Camilla cried. Damon couldn't bring himself to look at her.

“You love me right? You said you did. Please don't let your friend do this to me. Would you like it if he turned me into his pleasure toy?” Camilla sniffed. She had heard stories about how Logan treated s3x slaves. She was scared to death.

“Camilla.. if I help you, I'd be betraying my best friend” Damon said. He looked at her and saw her pitiful condition. She was crying and pleading. He couldn't help it.

“Don't do this Camilla. You're going to implicate me” he sighed.

“Please Damon.. help me” she cried.

Damon was unable to figure out what was happening to him. He has never felt the way he felt right at that moment. It was an intense feeling.. could he actually be falling for Camilla?

“Get up..” he said. Camilla rose from the floor and hugged him tight, thanking him. He felt warm.

“Come on” he took her hand and they went through the back gate. The guards that usually stayed at the back gate were helping Logan to fight so it was empty. Damon was the only one who had the key to the gigantic iron gate so he opened it for Camilla.

Camilla thanked Damon again before leaving. She came out through the back gate and ran to the front to meet his brother.

“Camilla!” Tyson exclaimed when he saw her. Logan stopped shooting and stood in awe.

“How did she..?” He paused and fumed. If one could see the heart, his would be flaming..

“No!!” He stormed into the house in anger.

Damon had already fled through the back gate as well, he couldn't stand to see Logan.. he might kill him.

⏹️ TBC ⏹️

Well.. do you think Logan will hurt his only friend?🥺

And how will Logan react to Adena saving Liliana's life?🥺

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