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CRAZY MAIDS | Crazy Love – Episode 6


By πŸ’—AuthoressπŸ’™ Beauty πŸ’š Ets

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Episode 6️⃣


Anthony's heart began to race as he saw the ladies taking the glass of wine to their mouth. He couldn't wait. How happy he felt……..

” What the hell are you guys doing here?” Julian deep voice rang in their ears, no matter the music playing.

The glass of wine slipped out of Catalina and Eliana's hand. While Aaliyah and Quinn carefully dropped it on the table.

” Sir…..I….we.” Catalina stuttered.

” Actually sir, we were just……” Eliana glanced at others, she didn't know what to say.

” Let's leave here. follow me.” He ordered, and they obeyed.

Anthony quickly stood up and followed them. but unfortunately, he lost them cause they got mix up in the crowd.

” Where are they?” He muttered as he kept searching.

meanwhile, Julian took the ladies outside. He brought out his cell phone and reach out to his brother, Harrison.

” I'm outside, come quickly. The maids are here.” Julian said and hung up.

” We can explain this sir. We only…….” Catalina couldn't conclude her words because her eyes landed on Colton, who was discussing with someone. ” Colton!” she called, making the others to turn to the direction.

” Oh my……” Aaliyah gasped.

” Sir please can we…….” Quinn was interrupted.

” Hi guys, long time.” Colton said as he approached them. Turning to Julian, he said” Watup bro, leaving already?”

” Nay.” Julian replied and glanced at the girls who were smiling.

” Happy birthday Colton.” Eliana said and hand over the package to him.

” Is this for me?” Colton widened his eyes in shock as he took the gift from her.

” No, it's for me.” Catalina said and they chuckled. ” Here is mine, happy birthday Colton.” she handed hers.

” Thank you. I really appreciate.” Colton said.

” it's not enough for what you did for us Colton. Happy birthday.” Aaliyah said as she gave hers.

” You guys are amazing.” Colton said with a smile and took the gift, making Julian to roll his eyes.

” I wish you many good things Colton, happy birthday.” Quinn said and gave hers.

” Thank you.” Colton said. ” Why are you guys outside? Let's go i……”

” What are you guys doing here?” Harrison emerged, followed by his two brothers, Kayden and Xavier.

β€œSame question I asked.” Julian said, releasing the breath he didn't know he's holding.

The girls countenance changed instantly.
Colton was surprised. ” Any problem?” He asked.

Harrison turned to his brothers. β€œTake them to the car.” He ordered, and they walked away.

” Didn't I warn you.” Harrison said angrily.

” I……. don't understand.” said Colton.

” What were you doing with them, huh?” Harrison asked.

” They brought me gift, and you don't expect me to reject it, do you?” Colton asked.

” Listen to me Colton. I don't know what your intentions are, but I'm warning you for the last time as a good friend. Stay away from them.” Harrison said.

” I don't know what you're talking about Harrison. But whatsoever you have on your mind, I'll advise you to let it out before it drives you crazy. Thanks for coming, and for spoiling my mode on my Bday.” Colton said and walked away angrily.

” Whatever.” Harrison muttered and walked to the car. ” Where are they?” He asked as he approached.

” They're in. Let's go home, I'm feeling sleepy.” Kayden said.

” That's right.” Julian said, and got into the car.

” Did you ask them what brought them here?” Harrison asked.

” We will do that when we get home.” Kayden replied.

” It's risky if we spend another minute here with them. What I saw in there, baffled me.” Julian said.

” What did you see?” Harrison asked curiously.

” What if I tell you everything when we reach home?” Said Julian.

” Alright then.” Harrison said and entered the car, likewise Xavier.

Speedily, the driver zoomed off……..

βœ“βœ“Few minutes later, they arrived.βœ“βœ“

Theodore quickly opened the gate and the driver drove in.

They alighted from the car and went inside.

β€œNow tell us, what brought you to the party?” Kayden asked as they sat down, while the girls remained standing.

” We went to appreciate him for what he did for us, nothing more.” Catalina said.

” We didn't mean to get you angry sir.” Eliana added.

” Should we really believe that ?” Harrison asked, staring at Catalina.

β€œWe are telling you the truth sir.” Catalina replied, avoiding his gaze.

” Nothing but the truth, we can't lie to you.” Quinn added.

” How did you know about the party?” Harrison asked.

” We didn't know anything about the party sir, we only went there to show our appreciation.” Eliana said.

” That's right sir.” Aaliyah concord.

” You went to appreciate him, and you decided to go at this time of the night?” Xavier said. ” come on!”

” Why do I feel like there's more to this.” said Harrison. ” Who is dating Colton among you?”

” huh!” The gasped in shock.

” Wh…..I mean…..sir”. Quinn stuttered.

” None of us sir.” Aaliyah said.

” We can't do such a thing.” Eliana added.

” What did he do for you that you risk your life for him.” Said Julian. ” Do you know what would've happen if I didn't show up?”

” That reminds me. What did you saw?” Harrison asked.

β€œwell.” Julian sighed and continued. ” When I left you guys to the restroom. I saw a man strangling one of the wait……”

” You mean you saw a man strangling one of the…… what?” Eliana interrupt.

” I can't believe it. Why would he do that?” Aaliyah asked.

” He's a devil.” Catalina added.

” It's……” Quinn wanted to say something, but Harrison interrupt.

” Enough!” He yelled angrily. ” If you utter any words again, you won't believe what I'll do.”

Turning to Julian he said, ” Continue.”

” After killing the man……” Julian was interrupted again.

” kill…….” Quinn lock her lips with her fingers as Harrison glared at her.

” He carried his corpse to one of the rooms.” Julian continued. β€œSurprisingly, he came out, putting on the waiter's dress.

I was surprised and curious at the same time. I knew that he's up to something, and I was eager to find out.

Silently without his notice, I followed him.

He poured some wines into four glasses, add something to it and took it to their table.” Julian pointed a finger at them.

” Our table?” Catalina raised her brow and glanced at the other girls.

” Can't you be quiet for a minute?” Kayden asked.

” I'm sorry sir, but it's really surprising.” Catalina said.

” What happened next?” Harrison asked.

” They took the drink and he walked away.” Julian replied. Harrison glanced at the ladies.

” I was surprise when I saw them,” Julian continued. ” I decided to stop them from drinking that wine. And I'm happy that I succeeded.” He concluded.

” Who is this guy, do you know him?” Xavier asked, but Julian shook his head negatively.

” Did any guy approach you while you were there?” Kayden said, staring at the ladies.

” No sir.” Catalina replied.

” We didn't spend much time there sir.” Aaliyah added.

” It wasn't even up to five minutes.” Quinn said.

” Then who would've done that?” Xavier asked.

” it's a good thing that they're rescued. That's the most important thing.” Julian said.

” But we still have to look for the person.” Kayden said.

” it's obvious their lives is in danger.” Xavier said.

” That's why I restricted them from going out, cause I knew how risky it is if they're allowed to be out there.” Harrison said.

” You restricted them from going out?” Xavier raised his brow. ” Then why did they go out?”

” We didn't mean to sir, we sincerely apologize.” Catalina said.

” Temper justice with mercy sir.” Quinn said.

” We won't repeat it again, we promise.” Eliana said and turned to others. ” Right?

” of course.” said Catalina.

” absolutely.” replied Aaliyah.

” I cross my heart.” Quinn added.

β€œI think they should be punish.” Kayden said.

” For disobeying your order.” Xavier added.

” You're right. Let's teach them some lessons.” Julian said and bite his lips as he stared at them.

” But sir……” Eliana was about to intervene, but Harrison interrupt her.

” You can go to your room. Tomorrow, you'll receive your punishment.” He said.

Sadly, they ladies thanked him and walked to their room with lots of thoughts on their minds.

” What kind of punishment do you think they'll give us?” Aaliyah asked.

” How do you expect me to know that?” Eliana asked.

” Mine is worse than yours. Two punishment.” Catalina said with a frown. ” if only I knew.” She muttered.

” Good night guys.” Quinn said and slumped on the bed.

” Are you sleeping with those clothes on?” Eliana asked, but got no reply. She'd already doze off…….

” Hey! get up. Go take a shower.” Eliana said as she shook her to wake up.

” holy shit! what's wrong with you girl.” Quinn said and roll her eyes, about to sleep again.

” Get up Quinn!” Aaliyah yelled and shook her profusely.

” o……Kay.” she drawled and stood up. She took off her dress and walked to the bathroom sluggishly.

The girls took their shower, put on their pyjamas and head to bed.


After doing their chores, Julian ordered them to pick some bowls and head outside. They did as he instructed.

Few minutes later, Kayden came out with soaps and some white coloured shirt.

” This is your punishment. make sure that these stains are out.” He pointed to the stains, which were on the clothes.

” If it doesn't disappear, don't stop washing. Get some water and set to work.” Kayden said and picked a chair and sat down.

” What an easy task.” Catalina said as they went to fetch the water.

” It isn't punishment.” Eliana said.

” It's easy, and I'm happy about that.” Aaliyah said smiling.

” yeah.” Quinn replied.

The four girls sat to work. But unfortunately, the more they wash the clothes, the more the stain persist.

For more than three hours, the stains refused to disappear, and their hands were hurts. What should they do?

” Sir please we need some detergent.” Catalina said, staring at Kayden.

” Use your hands to remove the stain.” Kayden said.

” But it's refused to disappear.” Eliana added with a frown.

” And we've been washing for close to four hours now.” Aaliyah said.

” my hand is hurt.” Quinn added.

” me too.” said Aaliyah.

” To get fired and to wash the clothes, which one do you prefer?” Kayden asked.

” To wash the clothes.” Aaliyah replied after a minute of silence.

” Better.” Kayden said and brought out his cell phone. He began to operate.

” I think I know what to do.” Quinn whispered.

β€œWhat?” Aaliyah asked.

β€œshh!” Eliana cautioned.

*There's silence for some minutes*

Quinn stood up and asked to excuse herself.

” I want to use the restroom sir.” She said.

” Go, but come back quickly.” Kayden said.

” Thank you sir.” Quinn said and walked away.

When she got to their room, she couldn't see the detergent she hope to find. ” Where's it?” she said as she kept searching for it.

But still, she couldn't find it. She was disappointed. Sadly, she returned.

” Did you succeed?” Catalina asked.

β€œNo.” she replied.

” How will we come out of this? my hands hurts.” Aaliyah said.

” I have an idea.” Eliana said.

” Will it work?” Quinn asked.

” I think so.” Eliana replied.

One hour later, Eliana stood up and asked to excuse herself. Kayden watched her closely, before he obliged to her request.

She came back some minutes later and sat down.

pretending to scratch her hair, she brought out a razor blade.

Careful, she cut out the stained part and passed the blade to Catalina, who was sitting next to her.

Catalina did the same, and passed it to another.

They hide the pieces in their hair, and continued washing.

” oh my…….” Eliana exclaimed and widen her eyes.

” What?” Aaliyah said.

” The shirt, it's torn.” Eliana replied.

” mine too….oh my gosh!” Catalina said.

” goodness!” Aaliyah exclaimed.

” What is it?” Kayden asked and look at them.

” The shirt sir.” Eliana said.

” it's torn.” Catalina added.

Kayden stood up from the chair and moved forward to have a look.

” What did you do?” He asked.

” nothing sir. We only wash it.” Replied Quinn.

” That's right.” Said Aaliyah.

” That's what happens when you wash a clothe for a long time.” Catalina said.

” It's not a soft clothes. it can't be easily torn…..oh look! my goodness! ” He exclaimed as he looked again.

” What is it?” Julian asked as he came out.

” The shirt. look.” Kayden hand it to Julian.

” Holy mother f***r. What did you do?” Julian asked.

” it's not our fault sir. we've been washing for more than four hours now, the clothes are weak.” Eliana said.

” Didn't you know that it will tear?” Julian asked.

” No sir……” Catalina was interrupted.

” Yes sir.” Replied Eliana. ” Sir Kayden gave us an instruction. He said we can only stop, when the stains disappear.”

” We had no other choice sir than to continue, then it turns out this way.” Catalina added.

” Let me see it.” Harrison said, everyone turned to him.

” here.” Julian handed it to him.

” Terrible.” Harrison said.

” absolutely.” Replied Kayden.

” Who did this?” He asked.

” No one did anything sir. it torn by itself. ” Eliana said.

” Sir Kayden is our witness, we didn't do anything.” Catalina added.

Harrison looked at the shirt in his hand closely. It didn't look as if it's cut by someone.

” Don't bother. You can go to your room.” He ordered.

” Huh!” Eliana said in shock.

” You all can leave.” Harrison said.

” Thank you sir.” They chorused, ” Thank you very much.” Catalina added and they walked away.

” Oh look at my beautiful hands. All swollen.” Quinn muttered.

” Everyone is hurt, you're not alone in this.” Eliana said.

” Look at mine, they've turned red.” Said Catalina, staring at her hands.


Who do you blame???πŸ™„

Good morning guys β™₯️πŸ₯°
I love you all πŸ’•πŸ’‹

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