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Loving You Is A Losing Game Episode 6

Loving You Is A Losing Game Episode 6

(Loving you was never my intention but it became my addiction)




The beginning of us…began by Fate.



“I didn't expect to see you here” Grandpa Morrison said taking his seat.

“I didn't come here to play with you don't worry” Hardin replied nonchalantly.

“You must know about the company… since you have eyes everywhere” he added.

“Ohh…I heard…what to do? Are you gonna sell it? You can still make some cash out of that ”

“I'm not selling it so chill instead I need a favor from you”

“Favor you say?” He took his herbal tea which was on the table.

“Help me get over this crises … Grandpa”

“Hmm…” Grandpa hummed bringing the rim of the glass cup to his mouth.

“That's one huge favor…what do I get as quid pro quo?”

“What do you want?” He signs and Grandpa dropped some pictures on the table.

He took it and peer at it.


This is short pretender? He thought.

It was pictures of her and Jesse…then a picture of her and Alfred together.

“Your brothers are really doing some hard job trying to win her heart out there… that's such a pity” Grandpa shakes his head.

“Honestly…I would like her for you and not any of those two” Grandpa added simply and Hardin sighs going on his knees.

“Even if I do this?”

“Oh… grandson… you know that doesn't work on me”

“If you like her that much why don't you just marry her yourself?” Hardin said on the verge of anger.

“I'd love to but you know…am already weak like this and I can't afford to turn such a young lady into a widow.. can I?”



“How could you do this to your own blood?”

“Hmm… want some tea?”

Hardin stood up frustrated.

“Alright… I'll let you win this time… I'll date her the marriage can't do. I need to win her heart first don't I?”

“Date her for a year …if it doesn't work out …then I'll back off”

“A year? That's too long. 2 months”Hardin bargain.

“12 months” Grandpa countered.

“3 months”Was Hardin rebuttal.

“52 weeks”Grandpa retorts.

“5 months”

“365 days”

“GRABDPA!!” He snapped.

“GRANDSON!!!” He shot back.

Hardin sighs exasperatedly rubbing his temple.

“6 months…no more no less… that's the least I can do ”

Grandpa thought for a while.

“Alright…6 months. Be with her for six months” He said.

“If it doesn't work out then it's over” Hardin warned.

“You'll surely like her “Grandpa assured.

“I don't know what this lady did but…she really got you good”

Grandpa grins.

“She's extraordinary…but why don't you wanna get married? You're old enough to”

“You got what you want so I'll be expecting you to solve the problems on ground”

“It problem not problems…I only created one you created the remaining ones yourself… don't try to push it on me”

“Whatever” He rolled his eyes.

“Bring her to my birthday party…then I'll do as promised”

“What? That's only in two DAYS!”

Grandpa shrugged.

“You better go and get get her… I'll be expecting you guys in two days time” He replied nonchalantly sipping his tea”

“You…are really a handful” Hardin groaned walking out of the house.

“That brat…rude just like his father Grandpa shakes his head”

“That witty old man…damn crafty isn't he?” He brought out his phone and dialed a number.

“Hello Sir” A manly voice came at the other end.

“Get me that short pretender's address…NOW!”


Hardin walks into the shop. He looks forward and saw Imelda with a lady.

He looks at the two ladies, looks around the shop then return his gaze to them.

“You…” He points to Imelda who was holding the fuming Tess.

“You've won a lottery….let's get married” he said with a lopsided smile tucking his hands back to his pockets.

“HARDIN…I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!” Tess growl set free from Imelda's hold and charge towards him.

“TESS NOO!!!” Imelda hollered after her.

“What the…Aaarghhhh!!!” Came a shout from him as Tess jumped on him like a hungry lion. Together they went down.

Without wasting any second, Tess sat straddled on Hardin she pull his hair hard earning a moan of pain from Hardin.

“Arghh! What the hell…get off!” He keeps screaming trying to get angry Tess off him.

“You despicable jerk! How dare you!! You…I'm gonna skin you alive you animal!!!”

“Tess stop!” Imelda tried to get her off but Tess only pushed her away. She seems determined.

However Hardin succeeded in pushing her away. He stood instantly while the fuming Tess did also.

But before he could make an utterance Tess marched forward and gave him a resonating slap.

The place went silent.

Imelda gasp bringing her palm to her mouth.

“How dare you b**ch” Hardin now fully angered march forward to hit her but imelda got in the way by wrapping her arms around him.

She stops him.

Hardin breath grew harder as he chest went up and down rapidly.

Tess hissed and marched out of the shop while Imelda and Hardin just remained like that .


Imelda took some tissues trying to wipe away the little drop of blood dripping down Hardin's nose but he slap her hand away.

“What do you want me President? Why did you come here?” She asked .

“Let's date short pre_no imelda” He blurts out and imelda squeeze her face.

“Look I know it sounds crazy and all that but it's something inevitable and a rare opportunity to you as well. Imelda I'm gonna give the the opportunity you'll never dream of getting in your life to date me…what do you say?”

“Freak” Imelda mumbles.


“Look young lady I'm sure you know who I am …I'm a busy man and have no time for nonsense me sitting here and saying this does it looks like a joke? You need to be my girlfriend to solve the problems on ground and strangely that old man chose you” He asked annoyed.

“I guess there are educated freaks too…I have no foggiest idea of what you're saying”

Hardin face palmed.

“I'm sure you've seen the news” He asked and imelds clears her throat

“Now listen… because of what you did the other night my company is on the verge of going down and my reputation is totally ruined so to prevent this… you need to tell the public the article isn't true …we need to F**king date you understand!”

“Look automobile guy_”

“Automobile…what? It's Hardin! Hardin Morrison!”

“What? Morrison?”


“Look me coming to your room that night was a mistake you could easily tell the press that who do you think you are to come here and blabber rubbish?”


“I have no interest in dating you or whatsoever so I wish you wouldn't come here and cause a scene anymore. I think we've had enough from you already… please leave”

She stood up. Hardin looks at her not believing it.

“Alright… there's no rushing..take your time but you only have till tomorrow… I'll be back” He stood also.

“Ah! As for that crazy wild cat…she shall definitely pay for what she did today” he smirk then excuse her.

Imelda scoffs.

“What a freak” She folded her arms.


“Ding!” The door opened and a young handsome guy in sunglasses walked in.

“Welc-“Imelda halted in her speech when he removed his sunglasses.

“Jesse?” She mumbles and he waves at her smiling.

Minutes later.

Mrs Clinton eyes scrutinized both Jesse and Imelda as they chat from the counter wondering what they could be talking about.

“You ignored my calls… didn't reply my messages and avoided me…why?”Jesse asked.

“I'm trying not to have anything to do with you.. shouldn't you have gotten the hint?”Imelda replied.

“Imel_”He tries to hold her hand but Imelda pulled away.

Is she playing hard to get? Jesse thought within.

“Why are you hurting me? I thought I made my feelings clear that night?”

“I thought I made my intention clear too..I don't wanna have anything to do with you Jesse”

“I can't let you go imelda…I really need you in my Life… just why are you pushing me away?”

“I made my findings…it turned out you are a classic Playboy. Ok enough Jesse I think you've done enough why don't you leave me alone now? I don't wanna be a victim of yours” She said seriously while Jesse snorted.

Seems there's no way after all.

“I'm not gonna break you I promise”

“Yeah I'm sure you will after getting what you're after …I'm sorry Jesse but no matter what you do I'm not gonna fall in your trap it's better you back off now.”


“Don't call me anymore and I would like if you don't show up unannounced like this anymore…I don't wanna create unnecessary scandal”

Jesse rubs his temple exasperatedly.

“I have somethings to do can you please excuse me now…” She stood up showing him the way out.

“Imelda please just_”

She ushered him out without letting him finish his statement.

“Good day Mr Jesse” She shot the door and went back to her work.

The curious Mrs Clinton rushed to her immediately.

“Who was that guy? What did you talk about?” She quizzed.

“Don't mind him…. it's nothing” She replied dryly and Mrs Clinton eyed her suspiciously. She didn't bother to press further as she knew it'll results in nothing.

Her phone rings…she looks at the caller ID

‘Soulmate' it says.

She hissed and ignored it.

“By the way mom…I'm already looking for an apartment and by next week I'll start submitting my flies to companies as well… just letting you know” She announced.

“That's good… it'll be good if Tess could get a job also” Mrs Clinton replied.

Her phone rings again which she continues ignoring.

“Your phone keeps ringing won't you pick it up?” Mrs Clinton frowned at the incessantly ringing phone which was placed on the table.

“Don't mind it… it's nothing” she put down the ringing volume of the phone.

Mrs Clinton snorted.

“But why haven't I seen Tess? She should be here by now”

“You can't see her… she's probably hiding after what she did”

“What did she do?”

“Something really disgracing…that wild cat”

M sowwy it took long my phone is really giving me some serious probs.

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