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2nd December 2023

πŸ’– Married By Force πŸ’–

{couple Madness}
Episode 3 & 4

Naijalanded writer βœοΈβœοΈπŸ’«

πŸ’“ Jaylen πŸ’“
I went upstairs and freshen up before walking outta the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my waist.
Kim was already in my room.
β€œBaby ? When did you get here” I asked.
” Few minutes ago . I missed you so much I can't afford to wait any longer” she pouts like a child.
I crawled into bed and moved closer to her.
β€œYou know I miss you even more right?” I took my button lip in sexily.
” Yeah I do but am scared they might try to take you away from me ” she said sadly.
” Trust me love no one is taking me away from you. Don't worry am gonna make life unbearable for her , she's gonna run away . I'm just getting married to her because of my parents not that I love her tho ” I ran my fingers through her smooth skin.
β€œPromise ?”
β€œI promise now come to daddy ” I said in a husky voice.
I took her lips in mine and kissed her passionately.
She encircled her arms around my neck.
I planted soft kisses all over her body .
He moaned softly as I bit her tits through the fabric she wore.
I slide it down her shoulder using my teeth .
I took one of her tits into my mouth and suck on it before taking the other into my mouth.
She pulled off my towel revealing my harden d*ck.
She used her hands and strolled it pretty good.
I moan as she did that .
Damn it feels so good.
I grabbed the edges of her pants and ripped it off aggressively .
She gasps as i did that , it only got me even horny.
Marriage can never stop me from having fun .
I fingered f*ck her a bit before inserting my c*ck into her honey pot.
At first I was being steady but later added more tempo as I increasingly moved in and outta her..
She's more of a screamer than a moaner.
Her screams filled the place sending sweet feelings down my body.
We reached climax together and collapsed on the bed trying to catch my breath.
” That was the best sex ever” she said trying to catch her breath.
” Yeah I know right” I smiled at her.
πŸ’ Skyler's POV πŸ’
And it finally my wedding .
A wedding I never agreed to , I tried all my best to ruin this but nothing worked.
Dad even got me locked up in my room till this day.
Can you believe that ?.
” You look beautiful ” the stylist complemented.
” ThAnk you ” I muttered.
My bride's train were busy cheering me but I was not in the mood for all that even though I faked being happy.
” Always smile My dear you look beautiful that way ” mom moved closer and hugged me tightly.
I could hear faint sobs .
Wait !! She's actually crying.
β€œPlease mom I don't like it when you do this” I cautioned.
” I know dear am sorry but I just can't help shed tears of joy. Have always dreamed of my baby girl getting married to a prince charming and here she's ” she wiped off her tears.
Her words set my heart on fire . But at the same time this alliance won't be in my favor.
You see that stupid groom of mine ?
We hate each other , the feeling is definitely mutual.
Is either he dies by my hands or he kills me first.
” What are you thinking about dear ” mom jerked me outta my thoughts.
” Nothing mom an fine let's get on with the preparation” faked a smile.
” Finally dude you actually getting married , not just to any lady but a pretty one at that ” Steve my best man said.
” Oh tell me about it ” I said with my voice filled with sarcasm.
β€œCome on man think about it , she's far better than Kim and I suspect Kim to be lying to you but you won't ever believe anything when it comes to Kim . ” Jayred my brother chip in.
” Shut the fvck off guys . She's nothing like that stupid girl , me and Kim love ourselves so much . An getting married to this b*tch because of my family nothing more ” I cursed underneath .
I wore my tuxedo suit as I fixed the buttons carefully.
β€œThe truth is always bitter. That Kim girl is not what you think bro , forget about her and focus on your new wife before it becomes too late” Jeremy my younger brother added .
I was slowly getting angry but I controlled it.
β€œThis discussion is over , let's get dressed and go down to the church” I growled at them.
Kim can never cheat on me because I know she loves me so much and I love her too.
We got dressed and got into our various cars that drove us to the church that the wedding was gonna hold.
To be continued……


Artist Name; Married By Force, Romantic stories

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