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2nd December 2023

πŸ’ Married By Force πŸ’

{couple Madness}
Episode 7

Naijalanded writer βœοΈβœοΈπŸ’«

πŸ’˜ Jaylen πŸ’˜
Payback is sweet tho. The look on her face was that of terror.
I rubbed it all over her neatly done hair and her face too.
” How dare you *sshole” she growled at me.
β€œTtch!! Look who's calling me *sshole, d*ck face ” I rolled my eyes at her.
She used her slimy hands and rubbed it all over my face.
β€œYou look better now” she went back to her room and shot the door pretty loud.
Seriously feel like choking her to death .
I went back to my room angrily and took a shower again before putting on something else.
I Went downstairs to complete my movie.
I grabbed some milk and flakes .
She walked pass me and went to the kitchen level.
I shrugged and enjoyed my movie.
Soon she came out shortly with a tray of food.
Initially I thought she was gonna give it
To me but she went over to the end and sat down munching on her food .
Damn am sorry. I was I could get a bite .
She ate her food without asking me to come eat.
I got bored and placed an order from Pepsi.
Soon she was done .
She did the unexpected by taking the remote from me .
β€œHey hey watch it !!”
β€œWhat's your problem nigga β€œ, she changed the station and that increased my anger.
” Have heard enough of this stupid girl tryna play with me.
I grabbed hold of her hand and pinned it against her back. She wince in pain.
β€œStay away from me b*tch !” I pushed her to the couch and took the stairs up to my room.
I slumped on the bed .
I need to give Kim a call we haven't talked since I came here.
I dialed her number but unfortunately she wasn't answering.
I don't get why she wasn't answering tho ..
I gave up trying and relax.
To be continued…..


Artist Name; Married By Force, Romantic stories

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