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2nd December 2023

💖 Married By Force 💖

{Couple Madness}
Episode 11 & 12

Naijalanded writer ✍️✍️💫

💋 Skyler's POV 💋
“Are you sure about this ma'am?” One of the nurses asked again.
” Yes Carrie do it” I commanded her.
They drained me of blood and did a transfusion .
His system was becoming more stable.
He should be fine now.
I couldn't couldn't see clearly for I was becoming dizzy.
” You need to rest ma'am” the urge me but she should know better that I don't listen to anyone but myself.
I managed to get outta bed and held on to something for support.
“Where's here now?” I asked one of the nurse.
” He's outta the ICU now and should be up in few minutes ,you should get some rest we got this ” she said Calmly.
” His vitals ?” I asked ignoring her.
” He's fine and recovering fast , why don't you do the same and stay in bed for awhile” he reasoned but I paid less attention to her as I helped myself to the wheel chair in the ward.
I sat down on it since I won't be able to walk down there.
“Take me to his ward now!” I commanded.
She nodded and wheeled me outta the ward.
I managed to convince his family that he was gonna be okay as long as am here.
I took alot of talking before I could get them to leave the hospital.
She wheeled me into his ward and left us alone.
I helped myself outta the wheelchair and walked over to the monitor.
His heart beat rate seems normal , he's a fighter.
His blood pressure too seems okay.
I turned to him and examine his injuries.
All this while I was trying so hard not to collapse.
I want to be the one to attend to him and see to it that he pulled through.
It is my duty to protect and save lives.
I observed his palm checking his pulse and did other necessary things.
I was slowly drifting into unconsciousness as I tried to stay strong.
I couldn't hold on much longer and closed my eyes hopefully fall to the floor but someone caught me right before I could hit the hard floor.
💋 Skyler's POV 💋
I blink my eyes rapidly trying to adapt to the ray of light on my eyes.
I managed to open em but my vision wasn't cleared yet.
I blinked one more time and it became clear.
“She's awake” I heard someone say.
“Don't try to stand up sky you need to rest ” I heard dad say.
The last time I checked I was sure he went home with the rest of the family.
“What's your problem sky ? You always try to look out for others even when your life was at stake , there are other nurses around that could look after him . ” Dad cautioned.
I looked away weakly.
I feel so weak but still I need to work.
“But dad a doctor doesn't get tired ” I defended.
“I know but please dear you ain't strong enough yet try and rest, and let someone handle it. ” He said sternly.
“But Dad ….
“No buts sweetie, have placed securities infront of your ward room, you won't be let outta this room until you're strong enough. ” Same in between clenched teeth.
” That's like being sentence to being grounded ” I mumbled and rolled my eyes.
” Whatever baby . Meanwhile someone is here to see you” he said and gave way.
It was Jeremih , jaylen' s younger brother.
“Hello angel” he smiled out Dimple and brought out a flower and pass it on to me.
I don't get why his stupid bro can't sweet and not so d*ckhead like him.
“Thanks dear” I appreciated.
“Oh come on it's nothing serious just get well soon.” He said Calmly.
” I'll”
” How is he?” He asked.
” Yes fine now , he should be up in about ten minutes from now” I glanced at my wrist watch.” I said smartly.
” Thanks for caring for him, I saw what you did out there it was a bold move but you took it thanks once again” he said in a serious tone.
I guess he was the one that caught me half way from falling.
😎 Jeremih POV 😎
I remember someone once said angels can also disguise as human beings because I don't really know what to call Skyler.
She's a totally definition of angel.
When she had requested for a transfer to her hospital , I wanted to know what she was gonna do so I planted a bug in the hospital giving me access to all the CCTV cameras in the hospital.
You know she really wanted to finish off Jay this was actually the time to do so but she didn't instead she made sure the operation was a success.
She also donated her blood something I know his girlfriend can't ever do.
He needs to appreciating God for the blessing in disguise.
“I'll be on my way now take care okay?” I winked and walked away.
💋 Skyler's POV 💋
Jay was placed on a medical induced coma.
Had to place that order because am not sure if there was any damage done to his brain.
He was supposed to wake up yesterday but when I thought about it being too early.
I need to observe his brain function and see there's any casualties.
Yeah I feel stronger today.
I gave up all other work just to look after him.
I walked quietly to his room with a nurse trailing behind.
We're gonna wake him after doing the necessary check up .
I discovered he can now breath freely without the use of oxeygen mask.
His vitals seem okay.
We disconnected all the wires connected to him and slowly got outta coma.
” He's gonna wake up in one .. two.. three” I said as he flushed his eyes open and gasps for breath.
” Deep breath deep breath” I placed my hand on his chest tryna steady his breathing.
He slowly became calm and his eyes landed on mine.
“Where am I?” He whisper audibly.
“You're at the hospital Jay.” I responded.
He closed his eyes in pain like he was tryna remember something.
He groaned softly as the bandage on his head was becoming soaked with blood.
“Quickly morphine” I shouted at the nurse and she brought it to me.
I injected him on the arm and slowly he calmed down.
“Relax now and don't get stressed out in trying to remember anything.” I said professionally and he nodded as his eyes became glossy like he was gonna cry.
But why ??
“Do you feel pain anywhere?” I took his file reports and entered the necessary information.
” Yeah my head hurts pretty bad” he muttered dryly, his lips was dry and paled.
I nodded and scrambled something in his files.
“What about your legs ?” I asked as I picked up a needle and pierced his legs .
He winced in pain that's to show he can feel his legs.
Thanks goodness .
I adjusted the strap holding up his legs so he can be more comfortable.
To be continued….


Artist Name; Married By Force

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