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Pregnant For The Devil Episode 4

Pregnant For The Devil Episode 4



Written By; Amara Chy 💋

Genre; Dark Romance and Tragedy.

Tags: Brutal s3x, viol3nce, nud!ty, betrayal, tragedy, love.

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Laura waited until Miguel was back before rushing to his room to report Ariel to him. She hated the fact that Ariel was living with them and wanted to make sure that she received nothing but hatred and harshness from Miguel.

She entered the room and met Miguel smoking. He was going through some files but stopped when he saw her.

“What do you want Laura?” He asked.

“Didn't you tell your mistress not to leave her room?” She asked, grinning.

“I did. What happened?” Miguel was already getting angry, he had little patience and loses his cool quickly.

“She went out today, she even had the guts to attack me when I tried to confront her” Laura lied and Miguel frowned.

“She did what!?” He stood up and stormed out of the room.. Laura smirked and followed him out. He got to the women's floor and met Farouk. He instructed him to get Ariel immediately.

Farouk left and returned with Ariel shortly. Ariel saw how angry he was, she got scared immediately and started shivering. She saw Laura behind Miguel, smirking at her and immediately knew she was the one that reported her.

“How dare you!?” Miguel thundered.

“You were instructed never to leave your room so why did you leave?” He asked, glaring at her. Ariel wanted to say the truth but she remembered that Sally would get into trouble for helping her so she didn't say the truth.

“I'm sorry sir” Ariel muttered, shedding tears.

“That wasn't the answer to my question. You still had the guts to push Laura?” He asked and Ariel gasped, lifting her head in shock. She never pushed Laura, why would she lie against her like that?

“I didn't! Please spare me master” she went on her knees immediately, crying. Laura smiled in satisfaction.

“Listen carefully. You're nothing but a mistress, a toy! Don't ever think you can compare yourself to Laura. You owe her every respect! The next time you decide to disobey me, you'll have yourself to blame” Miguel yelled at her.

“Farouk” he called.

“Yes master”

“Take her away and let her be given sixty whips. It'll be her punishment” Miguel ordered and walked away. Laura grinned at Ariel before following Miguel out. She was satisfied, at least she made sure that Miguel despised Ariel.

Farouk dragged Ariel roughly by the hair, taking her back to her room. He stripped her and tied her up, then he brought out his whip and began beating her mercilessly.

Ariel screamed and cried for help but no one would help her. Her screams could be heard in echoes all over the mansion, everyone who heard it had pity on her, except Laura, who enjoyed her screams.

Farouk was done flogging her so he untied her and left. Ariel cried bitterly but ended up consoling herself because no one would do it. Her back was sore and bleeding, she went into the bathroom and attempted to clean her wounds but she barely got through half when she collapsed in the bathtub.


Later that evening, Laura sent out her men to go and spy on one of their rivals, Beta. He was threatening to expose their underground dealership and Miguel wanted him dead.

“Laura, you're still here? I thought you were leaving for the stakeout?” Miguel asked when he met her at the corridor.

“Yes sir. My men are already there, they'll inform me of any developments and I'll go with backup” Laura answered.

“Good. I want Beta's head if possible. Do a clean job” he said and walked away while Laura went to prepare to fight. Miguel called Xander to meet him in his room to discuss the shipment.

“You wanted to see me boss” Xander said, entering the room.

“Yes Xan. It's about the shipment to Italy. I heard the the security at the airport will be tight because of Beta. That fool wants to rat me out and we've got to stop him” Miguel explained, putting a cigarette stick in his mouth.

“So you want us to delay the shipment?” Xander asked.

“Yes. And I want you to go with Laura to put an end to that b@stard Beta” he replied and Xander nodded.

“Plus, get me a wh0re to f*ck” Miguel said.

“What about your mistress?” Xander smirked.

“I ordered her to be whipped because she disobeyed me so she's useless right now. You may leave” Miguel answered.

Xander was shocked but tried not to show it. He took a slight bow before leaving. He ordered one of the maids to go and please Miguel while he rushed down to Ariel's bedroom.

“Ariel?” He called, opening the door. He didn't find her on the bed so he went to check the bathroom. He found her unconscious in the bathtub and immediately got scared.

“Ariel!” He rushed to her and shook her but she wasn't responding. He winced and bit his lip when he saw the injuries and her bleeding back. He carried her gently into the bedroom and made her lie on the bed, her back facing up. He didn't mind that she was naked, he just desperately wanted to revive her.

Xander went out and got some warm water and a rag, and ointment as well, making sure that no one saw him doing it. He used the water to clean the wounds properly before applying the ointment. He did a good job, his mother was a nurse for Don, so he learnt a lot.

After he cleaned her, Ariel woke up and to her surprise, she was on the bed.

“What happened?” She groaned, trying to get up.

“Don't get up” she heard the voice and flinched. She was scared and surprised to see Xander in her room..

“You need to rest, please lie down” he smiled softly at her.

“What do you want? Does master want me again?” She had already started crying.

“Please spare me today. I'm in so much pain” she attempted to kneel down but Xander stopped her.

“It's okay Ariel, master is not asking for you, relax. I found you in the bathtub” he said.

“You… You cleaned me?” She asked with widened eyes. She couldn't believe that he would do that. He was one of the men that came to get her at her father's house, she never believed that he would be kind.

“Yes, and I'm kinda the reason why you got whipped in the first place. I told Sally to give you food and I'm sorry” Xander explained.

“You're the Xander she was talking about?” She asked and sighed.

“Thank you so much. But why are you doing this?”

“I don't know, honestly. I have to go now, take care of yourself, be strong” he said and left immediately. Ariel couldn't believe what just happened.


Xander and Laura arrived at the hotel building and we're informed by some of the men that Beta was there with his wife.

“I'm going to go there disguised as room service and finish them off. No one will ever know what happened to them” Laura smirked, packing her hair in a ponytail.

“Do what you must, but don't harm his wife” Xander said and Laura glared at him.


“Because she's innocent. She doesn't even know that her husband is a dealer, she just married him a few months ago according to my research. Don't kill her” Xander ordered and Laura scoffed..

“What's the matter with you Xander? You've gone soft. Since when did you start caring about who is innocent and who's not? You're acting like a pu$$y” Laura rolled her eyes.

“I'm in charge of you Laura, I'm your boss and you're to do what I say without questioning me” Xander growled.

“Fine, boss.. but you've gone soft” she said and put on the hotel's room service uniform that she bought off one of the workers.

Laura left and within twenty minutes, she was done with the job and came back out. They drove off immediately, making sure that their hacker deactivated all the security cameras to avoid any form of trace. Beta's wife was tied up in the closet, and Laura couldn't care less whether she survived or not.

“Xander, do you realize that your decision not to kill Beta's wife could compromise this entire mission? What exactly is your problem? First you give food to the slave, and now this?” Laura asked. Xander was shocked, he wondered how she got to know about giving Ariel food.

“I told you not to question me” he kept a straight face.

“You better know what you're doing, or else I'll be forced to tell master that you've been sneaking around with his mistress” she said and Xander grabbed her throat, almost choking her. She coughed and fought to release herself.

“Don't you ever dare try to threaten me again! Or I'm going to force my d!ck down your throat and watch you choke on it!!” He said in anger.

“I'm.. I'm.. sorry” Laura coughed. He let her go and entered the house to tell Miguel how the mission went.

Laura promised to keep a close eye on him and find out what he was up to.


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